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Shortly after unpacking it from the box it came in, I was preparing to put it back, to return it for a refund.
Maybe my expectations are too high, but I think that regardless of the price, a finished retail product of this type should be usable immediately, and not require the better part of an hour to clean it up and make it work.
I found this to be ridiculous and thought that I could expend nearly this much effort in making my own, rather than finishing someone else's job.
I cut the threaded part, complete with the main screw, free with a zipcut blade on the grinder. I then did some on-the-fly planning, to get an idea on how it would go together and how big the parts needed to be.

I'll elaborate: The vise was completely coated with a thick, hard film, similar to urethane.
Even then, it would only close 90% of the way, and to fix this I had to file each side of the ways near the fixed jaw to clean up the rough casting. I'm using polyurethane construction adhesive, but any high strength glue that is suitable for bonding metal will do.
I used slow set epoxy to glue the pad in, and this will be more than strong enough - no other fastener is required.
To attach the pad of the mutilated clamp to the moving jaw, I drilled a shallow recess the same diameter as the pad.

The moving jaw was glued in place and I had to hit it with a hammer to free it enough to move.

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