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The last video which is apparently actually a walk through on how to do a four day time lapse of a bunch of flowers. There isn't anything particularly notable about Gonçalo Campos' latest project, the "Curvas" dining chair, except that I hope it's as comfortable as it is handsome. 703 36 0 6 661 0 0 0 0 0It’s easy to get drawn in by adventure movies, especially if they involve a whole lot of treasure hunting. Innovator and wannabe treasure hunter Brian Grabski is one of the few people who actually creates real life secret compartments for a living. It is located at the very bottom of the dresser, and it only pulls out if you follow the steps necessary to unlock it from its holding. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. This will show you how to make a secret compartment that can be built into a bookcase, or some other piece of furniture. This is pretty simple, although drilling holes for the hinges into the surrounding shelf can be tricky with smaller hatches unless you have a right-angle drill. If you wanted to make it more concealed, you could make a few false doors beside the real one, to blend it in as a natural pattern. Im kind of late but I was looking aroung on the internet and i saw one where you unscrew an eletrical outlet and there is a sectet compartment further inside. I met someone once who built individually crafted doll's houses, and every one had a secret compartment for hiding jewelry, similar to this. Why did you not just put the entire shelf on two door hinges (concealed of course) and put the baby lock on the back of the shelf.
If the entire shelf is a hatch, then you must completely empty the shelf in order to access the compartment.

If you read hardy boys and nancy drew as a kid, you should know that the edges of secret doors should be disguised with something that would naturally be expected to have a seam. Sometimes there are simple construction tricks we can use, as with the first neat hidden compartment revealed in the video below:The video above is by Popular Woodworking, who revealed how to make the spice drawers above in an article from last year. France-based designer Julien Vidame has posted a link for his Extendable Table, which amazingly doubles its length (and halves its thickness) by an unspecified action that rotates each individual slat comprising the tabletop surface. Where most people see bookcases as a handy place to store tomes, the anonymous gentleman behind Q-Line Design sees prime hidden storage space for assault rifles, handguns, knives and ammunition. The dresser might look like a nicer antique dresser, but it holds far more ingenuity than what might meet the eye. Once turned, you push in the drawer again and the bottom secret compartment hidden under the dresser itself shoots out.
I used to hide stuff under the bottom of my desk cupboard - the board would just lift off and you put things right on the floor, but it worked. Take an existing bookcase or dresser, with an open bottom at least 2 inches high, you make a drawer the size of the case, add drawer rail supports on the sides of the drawer, and finally you add a push release lock with earth magnets.
I was glued to the seat in the theater and couldn’t believe all the cool secrets the movie had to offer. With his epic skills, he managed to create a dresser with a secret compartment that I am sure you couldn’t even spot even if you were a detective.
If you can keep from showing all your friends (I couldn't), this would actually be a useful place to store valuables. For best concealment, cut along a joint, (ex: in the corner) so the cut looks as natural as possible. The drawer will look like a decorative curtain across the bottom of the piece and a simple push will open the secret compartment.

The workings of this dresser are not what they seem, and only through certain steps can you access the secret compartment. By the looks of it, Brian used a whole lot more things than what could be purchased at IKEA to pull together this contraption.
You can really see that Brian spent quite some time coming up with this genius solution, and this is just one of his many genius contraptions.
Grabski and his buddy Mike Prom, who sells Autodesk products and is an expert at both AutoCAD and Inventor, had heard about a secret-compartment desk featured in the movie National Treasure 2. Hunting for secret compartments seems to be a lot of fun, especially if it they are hidden as well as they are in the movies. They all make for a great treasure hunting adventure for your grandchildren when they come over in about 40 years or so. I built my own, but virtually any sort of furniture will work: bookcases, china cabinets, dressers, whatever.
We skipped to the scene in that movie and paused it several times to see if we could get anything useful out of it, we didn't. Just be sure there is a clear amount of space underneath, and the surface for the hatch is at least half an inch thick.Magnetic Child LockConcealed HingesI know these pieces can be found at most hardware or home improvement stores as well. While there is a video dedicated to the piece here, the emphasis is on abstract, artsy presentation rather than clarity. If you do and are willing to video them with some clarity, be sure to drop me a line at [rain] *at* core77 -dot- com.

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