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If you already have purchased a location then you can start with your log cabin floor plan. Once you have your location then either hire an architect or go online and purchase a log cabin floor plan. You will need quite a bit of materials and also a method to get it out to your remote location. It is very difficult to build a log cabin by yourself and getting some help will be a good idea.
Once the foundation sets you can now start building your log cabin by making the walls and roof carefully. The Log Home Builders Association is a non-profit educational association that teaches average men and women how to build their own house from scratch. Our founder, Skip Ellsworth told everyone to attend his class two years (if possible) before starting to build their house. If you have plenty of time in your pre-build schedule, you can pick and choose the best deals and the best prices.
In case you were still thinking about buying a kit, here are a few more warnings about what to expect and why you should consider building your own house from scratch instead. LHBA member Peter Andersen was diagnosed with a terminal disease half way through building his house. Want to talk to some smart, friendly people who are also interested in building for themselves? Before you learn how to build a log home, apply an adze to flatten the logs’ top side.

However, if you still need a location then you will have to find somewhere relatively inexpensive and way for urban areas. Carefully source all of your materials and plan for different issues that might arise in terms of storage, cost and transportation.
Talk to the local government agencies which cover your particular location and ask them to provide you will some assistance. If you have some friends or family members that are familiar with construction then ask them for some assistance.
This is to give you enough time to find the best deals on tools and supplies that you will need for building. On a tight schedule you will need to run out and buy items as you need them, which may not be the best deal. An old friend of mine from high school in Virginia took the class some time back, and I can see why he recommended it so highly! Constructing a log cabin from the ground up requires a decent plan and plenty of materials but once completed you will have a place that your family and friends can enjoy for many years. You will also want some modern amenities like running water and quite possibly electricity if it is available in that area.
As most log cabins are usually built in remote areas, try to find a decent piece of land that has electricity and water connections.
It is a kind of complex project that can't be completed by someone who has no knowledge in building a house. Don’t make the walls longer than the available logs and include the plans in the log cabin kit if you choose to use it.

If you want to build a log cabin yourself then there are a few basic guidelines that you might want to follow to make it easier. So, this is why most people prefer to start this project from log cabin kits which are easy to build without having to make a well prepared planning.Using small log cabin kits, you can easily build your own log cabin even if you don't have any skill in building a house. Make some preparation for the site by removing the trees, rocks and underbrush and save any suitable trees for the construction. It allows you to save more time for the installation and it is also easier to install since everything is well prepared. Cut and shape the end of the logs and prepare the right amount of logs depend on your plans. You get many advantages start from the specifications to the advice from the professional about the construction and the installation of the building.Another option you can choose from is prefabricated home kits which are designed specifically for log cabins.
Installing log cabin can be done by digging the post holes and install the logs to the holes. After that, you still need to set up the main floor beams and joists, make final preparation to create walls, set the loft supports, build the gables, frame out the roof, install other components and personalize the log cabin if necessary.

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