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Spectrum Studios Website Clearpage launches a new website for Spectrum Studios in Columbia. We no longer live in a day and age where the bulk of your customers wander in blindly off the streets. Spring is here and we are highlighting a new website for Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee. Helping such an impressive Catholic institution to shine in our age of interactive marketing is the kind of challenge we are always looking for. Paul Downey, the Aquinas College project leader, offered this about working with USDP: ?We picked US Digital Partners after a search both locally and nationally. If you want to work on a small team where your voice is heard, your skills are respected, and your problem-solving merit badge is required, fill out our career form, bring your A-game and hustle.
We built a new website for Bethlehem College to replace their old website, which had become sprawling and unwieldy.
Another key requirement was to ensure that Bethlehem staff could easily manage the content on the website without relying on us to make changes for them.
We have also incorporated an intranet for Bethlehem College staff, starting with a staff calendar which is only available to staff members after they log into the site. The website was built using Drupal, Ubercart (a shopping cart for Drupal) and CiviCRM (a not-for-profit constituent management application). Website Results designs and develops innovative web solutions that deliver exceptional business results for our customers. Website Results is a division of Logistic Information Systems Limited, better known as Logis. Website Results is based at 78 First Avenue, Tauranga 3110, New Zealand, but we do what we do across New Zealand and the world. So, Mr Cutts has said for the “next few years” backlinks aren’t going away and will still be used by Google to help determine organic search results. I hope this info and the above video helped, feel free to post any questions of your thoughts on the future of backlinks below. Back in 2007 Tidy Design started work on a website for Portsmouth Language College, several years later and so much has changed!!
Working with TEG (Tompkins Education Group) is pretty cool, they are one of many clients we have seen grow from strength to strength over the years. This entry was posted in Google, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Mobile Web, Responsive Web Design, Southsea, Tidy News, Web Design Portsmouth, Web Design Southampton, Web Design Winchester on April 8, 2014 by Tidy Design.
If you have any comments related to this post then please do add them below; we would love to hear from you. This entry was posted in Business, Google, Mobile Web, Responsive Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Design Tips, Web Marketing on March 13, 2014 by Tidy Design.
Reaching global audiences has never been easier thanks to the increasing rise of technology and social media.
First of all, as with any great campaign, you will need to examine all your resources and set clear objectives as to who your target audience is. Next identify what it is that you wish to share with them and how you would like them to respond by way of return. Strategically targeting potentially profitable markets from the outset of your International SEO campaign will enable you to test and engage with specific audiences appropriately.
Take time to research your competitors closely, in relation to which content works best with which audience groups.

Be friendly and helpful, alerting your readers to more suitable versions of content, rather than simply setting automatic redirects. Employing a native translator can be a wise move, enabling you to tailor bespoke content to your readers’ needs, rather than simply utilising Google Translate. Undertaking keyword research with the countries and languages you have selected by identifying local search volumes for relevant keywords in each county and language via the most used search engine of that country – Google’s Keyword Tool will stand you in good stead. As with any great SEO campaign, offering fresh compelling content that adds value to your readership, inspires, informs and assists them, will greatly increase the likelihood that they will remember your company, recommend you to others and return to use your products and services time and again. This entry was posted in Branding, Business, Google, Link Baiting, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Marketing on October 21, 2013 by Tidy Design. Google’s free Webmaster Tools have provided approximately 100,000 backlinks in recent years when you click “Download links”. Google have subsequently improved this selection process, giving sites a greater overall picture of their backlink profile.
This entry was posted in General, Google, Search Engine Optimisation, Tidy News, Web Design Tips, Web Marketing on October 1, 2013 by Tidy Design. Google search is inclining steadily towards simpler methods of data retrieval, merging personalised searches and social searches in their results pages. As expected, the changes are having a major impact on traditional online marketing techniques. Finally, why not make the most of any existing social networking site you have that already have a following – including Twitter and Facebook.
This entry was posted in Branding, Business, Google, Page Authority, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Marketing on September 24, 2013 by Tidy Design. If you select “Filters” you can view by “Location” which will show you the trend of search queries in certain countries… You can also view other data such as impressions, clicks, change, your average position and the CTR (Click Through Rate) … Interesting data for SEO and marketing folk to digest. This entry was posted in Business, Google, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Design Portsmouth, Web Design Southampton, Web Design Tips, Web Design Winchester, Web Marketing on August 25, 2013 by Tidy Design. Attention Tidy Blog readers, we have created some FREE Google Plus icons for you to download and use on both commercial and non-commercial projects! If you like these icons and decide to use them as part of a project, please be awesome and share a link to this page. This entry was posted in Free Icons, FREE stuff, General, Google, Tidy News, Web Design Portsmouth, Web Design Southampton on June 12, 2013 by Tidy Design. Today is the age of the modern consumer, with unlimited information at their fingertips and thousands of advertising messages bombarding them every day… They have options. The four-year Catholic liberal arts program needed a fresh look and feel, a means for more timely content, and an online platform that appeals to today?s graduating high school mindset: mobile.
We were happy to provide the college with the right tools so they can effectively tell their own story.
The site also features a fresh look, intuitive navigation, integrated news and calendaring that prospective students can enjoy once they begin attending.
They came out on top not only in their knowledge of the technology we needed, but also in knowledge of our industry and particular mission. There is a large amount of information on the website targeted at a number of distinct audiences so our primary goal was to ensure that content was organised and accessible in a logical structure.
Now, content management has been delegated to a number of different staff, each of whom can manage the section of the website that is applicable to them.
There is also a public calendar which has been broken down into different categories to make it easier to navigate.

Based in Tauranga, New Zealand, we offer our website design, search engine optimisation, and website optimisation services to companies in New Zealand and around the world. Logis has been delivering customer-centric software solutions to its customers for over ten years.
Call us to find out more about what we do or for a no-obligation chat about your web project or website.
If web pages are incomplete, broken or neglected then this can impact organic search results. We can all look to improve our sites, the user experience, fine tune or freshen up old content, delivering the best possible results to our future visitors. So when it comes to utilising SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – to raise awareness of your company internationally, what methods can you best employ to achieve success? Explore ways to ensure this process is creative, enjoyable and measurable and you have the beginnings of a great SEO campaign.
Adjusting to language and cultural preferences, remember to consider the differences in international web structure as you proceed. It will help you to connect more readily with your potential customers as your international SEO campaign progresses. Billions of searches take place worldwide daily, so building your company’s brand up via Google+ is essential to your continued success. Choosing to be proactive and building a presence on Google+ involves increasing the number of people you have in your circles in addition to re-shares and +1’s of website content.
Including the rel=”author” tag and reciprocating it with your Google+ profile, this is a highly effective way to increase a page ranking. We have today created yet another tidy freebie for you to download, edit and use on both commercial and non-commercial projects… Enjoy!
Be a tidy dude and link back to this post or FREE Stuff page via twitter, your site or blog! Also, it is not permitted for you to resell or distribute these FREE Google+ icons via any third party sites, help support Tidy Design and the creation of more FREE Stuff by linking to this page! And in an ever-changing educational landscape, where small private schools are beginning to trade in their books for tablets, US Digital Partners knew that a responsive site was a must.
With other companies we looked at, we felt like we were being sold a bill of goods rather than entering in upon a collaborative process. If the answer is “yes” then think “content”, “quality” and “usability”… Ok, backlinks are not extinct just yet however will backlinks be your best return on investment?? You will also need to allow for differing behaviours, attitudes and seasonal variations in each country you are seeking to connect with. They always picked up the phone when we called them and responded to issues almost immediately. This means that site owners will obtain a better overview, enabling them to work on clearing up any bad link practices while more effectively employing their existing resources for the future.
From corporate identity to traditional advertising and interactive website design, Clearpage can create a clear marketing plan backed with innovative ideas that bring that elusive modern consumer within your reach.

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