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This article features a huge amount of Photoshop web design tutorials, which will teach you simple effects which can be combined together in order to create a great stylish website design. If you are looking for some high quality Photoshop Tutorials you cand find here a great 24 collections selected from the best web design blogs! Great list here, its perfect for beginners, because thats how I started out with these tutorials. Interesting tutorials it is amazing what you can do with photoshop from professional to modern web design. Before we open our PSD grid template and begin drawing, we first need to define the structure of our site. Now pick the Rectangle Tool and draw in a rectangle the full canvas width and about 80px high. With the Rectangle tool selected, draw in a big box around 500px underneath the top rectangle.
Create a new layer, and with the Rectangle Tool, draw a 50px high rectangle in the top part of the canvas, just as shown in the image. Create a new layer above, set the Blend mode to Overlay and create the same effect described in the Step 5 using a smaller brush size this time.
So far we have a lot of layers and need to organize things a bit so we will create a new Layer folder and name it "search". Now create a new layer and draw a "Sign Up" button the same way we created the search field - just half the width. Our header looks a bit plain right now so we're going to add the same light effect everywhere else on the site. Pick a large soft brush 600px, color #ffffff and click a few times in the area under the navigation.
Now to make those two images stand out a bit, create a new layer and set the mode to Overlay. If you look at the final image preview, you can see that we have nice tabs in the content area. Set the color to black, pick a large soft brush, and start deleting parts of the rectangle. I thought this one should be huge; so I've put this in a big box right after the main section.
Next, draw a 10px high rectangle above the footer and add some subtle effect by adding two more lines on top and bottom like shown in the image. Follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to the NETTUTS RSS Feed for more daily web development tuts and articles. Design tutorials really help to understand the basic knowledge about web design, theses tutorials are perfect for first time Photoshop users because there short and sweet. The difference between these two are, as the name suggests, one is made with 12 columns and the other one with 16 columns. Choose the Rectangle tool again and draw in a thin dark grey rectangle, as shown in the image. Make it 575px high and give it a Linear Gradient overlay from #d2d2d0 to #ffffff, direction -90, Scale 100%.
We will be using this technique a lot; so next time I will just refer you to Step 5 for the effect.

With the Rounded Rectangle Tool, radius 5px, create a search box positioned on the right side of the grid layout and in the middle of the top gray stripe from Step 4. Furthermore, to gain more depth, we can switch the color to black and do the same thing just in the bottom part of the header.
Take two images of your choice, I used Safari screenshots of my two other templates, scale one down and place it behind the bigger one. In order to create these tabs we'll need to perform a few extra steps, but it's definitely worth it. I desaturated the other icons and reduced the opacity for the headings and text while keeping the first active tab colorful and bright. To do this first select the whole object and then subtract from the selection to get only the first tab selected. To do this, draw a white rectangle with a 1px light gray border, and a very subtle drop shadow effect.
Here is a collection of 37 layout design tutorials that will help you with designing a decent looking website. While browsing the web, I saw so many nice looking websites and wished I had the skills to create such designs. To explain it a bit more, if you have 3 boxes in your design you would choose the 12_col grid, because 12 is divisable by 3; or if you have 4 boxes in your design, you would choose either 12_col or 16_col grid because 12 and 16 are divisable by 4. Choose a 600px soft brush, set the color to white, and click a few times with the edge of the brush just a bit over the selection, as shown in the image. Later we're going to organize other content inside the folders so we have a nice organized layer palette.
Move all graphics from the top of the layout inside this folder (logo, tagline, search field, sign up button, navigation and backgrounds). Copy both layers, and with the Free Transform Tool, flip the first image and then the other one. Mask the layer again like described earlier and with a big soft brush delete the left and right end of the line. Please note that you may need to expand your canvas at this point so that all your graphics fit. Remember, with attention to detail you, will be able to design beautiful websites with just two or three Photoshop tools. Web DevelopmentImage credits: Adham DannawayMany people confuse web design and web development. Choose a 600px soft brush, set the color to white, and click a few times with the edge of the brush just a bit over the selection, like shown on the image. With the featured image layer selected click the Quick Mask icon on the bottom of our layer palette. If you need to do that, then go to Image > Canvas size and set the height to fit the entire layout.
Basically you can apply this border technique on every box in your design just with different colors.
Now make a selection from outside the bottom part to middle of the first flipped image with the Rectangular Marquee Tool. Learning Resources Used by Web DesignersIf you want to learn web designing, there are several resources that you could use to help you get up to speed with the required skills.

Through this tutorial, I will point out these tiny details which make a website design look beautiful. Click the vertical point and drag it down while holding the Shift key until it reaches the same level with the horizontal axis. You will find that there are many free software’s out there that are as good, if not better than some software’s that cost hundreds of dollars.3. Press the delete key a few times and you will create a nice faded reflection from the original image. What to StudyHTML should be where you begin your path (of course after getting through this information). You will need to master the language including the use of tags, inputs, IDs, classes and so on.Cascading style sheets, commonly known as CSS, usually go hand in hand with HTML. These skills will be essential if you want to build a large interactive website.Remember to pace your learning.
You don’t want to turn your excitement and enthusiasm for web design into a mundane and boring task.
How You Can Apply Your New SkillsOnce you have learned the skills, there is no better way to internalize your new talent than to actually put it to practice.
Below are the logical steps in the progression of projects you should take up in order to learn web design and be able to practically use it.Make that website you always wanted to make. See if your current skillset can get you close enough to your vision and go back to your tutorials to better understand how to implement your skills to create your vision.See if your family and friends need a website and help them create their vision and put it online. There are several online platforms that bring together people who want websites designed and web designers. They will actually pay you to do this work for them.After you do each project, put together the code that you used and turn it into a favorite’s collection.
Choose from a portfolio that you find appealing enough for current and future tasks.Choose from a vendor that provides good support for their pre-made templates and codes. Depending on the purpose of your website, you want to avoid having a website that takes too long to load. Here is where the CSS skills that you learned earlier will come in to help you manage the style of your website across all pages on your website from a single pages code.4. Flash, Pop-ups, java or frames will make your content impossible to view on a mobile device.Sometimes you may find that a mobile app will suit your needs better than a mobile website. Consider your options to better suite your needs and those of your audience.Most importantly, when borrowing from other designers work, or if you need to use content such as images, videos and articles from other content creators, be sure to observe copyright laws. Be ethical and stay on the right side of the law when putting out content that other people will view online.There are several websites that you can access content from for free and these sites have requirements and conditions that they will need you to meet to use their content. They will also give you guidelines under which you can use their content.Alternatively, you could use content that you create by yourself. This often is the best option for content creators who want to offer information that is personalized to what they require.Like it? Reply Stella Bryan May 8, 2015Thanks for sharing this post, I believe for beginner it is very important to decide that from where to start, these points are very helpful for any new web designer.

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