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It's only been a few days since i started with gimp and i already feel pretty comfortable with it, so i decide to create a website tutorial using Gimp. Use the Rectangle select tool and Drag across the full width which is 780x and a height of 125x use the Ruler as guides.
Now drag from bottom to top several time to fad-out the bottom part of the reflection logo text. Use the rectangle tool and draw a rectangle 105px wide and 8px high again use the Ruler for guidance. Now use the Gradient fill using th same colors as the nav bar,0276cf for FG and BG to 82c9ff. Now time to create the left bar, it's going to besimple clean sidebar that works well with CSS Based sites, we will place it to the left side of the layout. Add some light Gradient effect to the background first Create a new layer name it 'gradient effect' then draw a 205px rectangle and fill it from bottom to top with the colour #ededed for FG and #ffffff for BF. Create another layer and do the same for the bottom part of the body but this time draw from top to bottom. Again grab the text tool add a few paragraphs and place it in the centre of the the empty space make sure all sides have equal space to get it perfectly aligned.
That's it you have a full template All done with Gimp :) It will work with the right website hosting.
I changed the text logo to suite the site more, its always good to experiment different fonts to get that perfect look.
Stuck on something or need help leave a message here and ill reply to it :) feedback really appreciated.
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Learn how easy it can be to create your own online photography portal from start to finish, as Peter Travels explains how to design and build a website for your photography.
As editor of PhotoPlus: The Canon Magazine, I’ve looked at thousands of photographer’s websites over the years.
I knew when I was building my photography website I wanted it to be clean and simple, easy to navigate – and also easy to design, populate and update. Right at the start you’ll also need to pick and pay for a domain name and web host (where your site lives on the internet) for your site. The big benefit of web hosting companies is the ability to design your own site, instead of paying a web designer vast amounts to design your site – then paying them every time you need something changed or improved. I’m no designer – although I know my way around magazine design – but found with the dashboard and templates I could design my own website and look, using the templates as a starting point, then tweaking the layout to suit my needs. I was struggling to pick a website design template as I didn’t really like some of the photographic styles on some of the templates, so I couldn’t really picture how it would look for me and my photography. So I highly recommend starting the free trials with your chosen template, and uploading 20-30 of your own images right at the start to see how it looks then. Font choice can certainly play a part in the look of your site, and fonts which were fashionable one year aren’t the next, so choose wisely. Many sites have drop-down menus – so you click on, say, PORTFOLIO, then you have several choices in a drop-down list to click on. This makes so much sense to me – as it’s a photo website it makes it much nicer to have photos to choose from and click on, rather than words in a list. My website is dedicated to my new part-time freelance venture, as a contemporary portrait photographer, so I need my portfolio and galleries to reflect this.
There’s also nothing worse than a photo website overwhelmed with every type of photography. You can always amend and improve your galleries as you go, but start with the strongest possible selection as you build up your portfolio. Resize your JPG images in Photoshop to make it a) quicker to upload to your site, and b) quicker for people to view online.

Many companies now enable you to drag and drop images from folders straight into the dashboard, making it really quick to update. People need to know who you are, what sort of photography you offer, and why you’re qualified to be a X, Y or Z photographer, so ensure you have an ABOUT ME or similar page with a brief biography and relevant career highlights. If you’ve been published, mention it here, and including magazine, book or website details.
The internet is a prime place too, unfortunately, for people to steal your photos and to use them for free, or worse, pass them off as their own.
Many webites offer direct link ups with pro print labs – where you can add links to external sites and offer fully automated print services with companies like ShootProof or SmugMug both of which, as well as offering ways to display online galleries to people, are fully integrated with many leading print labs so your customers can place orders directly. Pixelright’s design is fully mobile and tablet-friendly, so when people view my site on their iPad or tablet, the design adapts whether viewed in landscape or portrait. As most people look on the web on their tablets and phones these days, it’s essential your site has this adaptability.
Every modern photographer worth their salt has social media pages that they keep up to date and constantly post new images – it’s a brilliant marketing tool.
It can take weeks or months to design your website, depending on how complex and how many images you need to post, and how complex.
Top ▲Future is AOP & PPA Digital How to Design Your Website for Visually Impaired Users? You have undoubtedly heard about designing your website for your users (UX design), conversions (conversion optimization), and search engines (SEO), but what about Analytics?
Below are a number of considerations to ensure your website data is as easy as possible to track in Google Analytics. Build out the pages in your architecture based on relevant and useful classifications for your business and use the Content Drilldown report to view performance based on those classifications. For example, if you have multiple audiences for your website based on skill level and it’s important to get insights based on user identification, ask users to self-identify as a “hobbyist” or “professional” and provide pages relevant to them under the appropriately designated folders. If you’re running a site that’s primary purpose is content delivery (blog, recipes, etc.) do this with content categories to determine which content is most popular.
Blog posts usually inbound prospects early in the funnel, during the information gathering phase.
That might indicate that there should be an increased emphasis on generating top-of-funnel blog content and distribution strategies to increase engagement at that step in the funnel. Long, scrolling pages may be en vogue, but they certainly make gathering clickstream data difficult when there’s nowhere to click!
Sure, you can setup a heatmap tool relatively inexpensively (and you should probably do this anyway), but make sure each each page includes several potential user interactions such as: form submissions, linked calls to action, videos or content to download. You can track page views (like the thank you page from a form submission) with the default Google Analytics setup by configuring a destination URL goal. If you use Gravity forms in WordPress, the default setting for the confirmation message is an in-line notification. Users’ search queries can be gathered in an analytics report but only if you have site search functionality on your website. Enabling Google’s demographics and interests reports can provide more insights into your users, however, in order to access this data and be in compliance with Google, you must include a privacy policy on your website with information about cookies.
Click the “download” button below and print or email these steps to yourself or your favorite website developer or designer!
We are professional web designers in developing a dynamic web for your business and other interests , We design your dream website and make your all dreams come true. About MeI create fresh, vibrant images and websites that capture the essence of my subjects, from portraits and landscapes to still life and abstracts.My WorkWhether you're looking for a simple portrait or need help with a larger project, I would love to work with you.
ApproachI approach my work with a unique perspective that takes into account your needs and your individual style. It’s quite technical doing these backend setups, and all too easy to mess it up, so ask your website company or domain name provider for assistance.

It’s the best way to visualize how your site could look, and if you like the layout, when it’s populated with your own pictures.
What I like about the Pixelrights design is that when you click on GALLERIES (as I’ve called it on my site) you’re taken to page with all your different photo albums. You might prefer to add a Contact Form for people to fill in and contact you – this will combat spam web-bots finding your email address and sending you junk mail – but I think most people prefer an email addresses as a point of contact, and option to telephone you too. So as well as attracting people with your stunning photos, backed up with solid credentials, you may also need to consider including other relevant info like your photography day rate or pricing structure for prints, framed prints and canvas.
If you’re selling items directly from your site, offering direct payments systems like PayPal to accept card payments will suit most customers.
On an iPhone or smartphone, the design gets stripped right back to make it easier to view images and access menus. If you don’t people are likely to get frustrated or will give up trying to zoom in to read your site.
A blog or new work section is ideal as it’s a place you can quickly post new photos throughout the month. The good news is that most of these tips and tricks are already best practices for user experience, SEO or conversion optimization anyway! It’s easy to get erroneous data because of bad referrers especially when your business spans multiple subdomains or domains.
Is it more useful for you to group your recipes by meal, ingredient or season to gain actionable insights?
From the image shown here we can see that the blog folder only gets 5.29% of the pageviews.
Google Analytics can’t track that, so make sure to create a unique thank you page for each lead generation form and set these up as destination goals in Analytics. Search query information can be very helpful in identifying the needs and intentions of the visitors on your website.
It takes around 15 minutes to create a privacy policy using any number of free online tools. I am happy to come to you, or invite you to visit my conveniently located studio.I also sell web-designing videos at an affordable price ranging from 100 rs to 500 rs Feel free to look through my portfolio for a sample of my work.
They offer contemporary website templates designed by photographers for photographers, it’s a joy to use, and at an affordable price. I can edit each individual album, picking which images should be the album covers and so on. If you’re, for instance, a garden photographer, you might want a softer look such as flowery script in lowercase. It’s far better to have a site with only ten really strong images, than 50 weak images.
I set up a quick Action for vertical and horizontal images so images were always at least 2000 pixels on their longest side.
My platform offers built-in icons for social media, so I have links at the bottom of each web page to my four main social media pages. Tracking a single domain per property is the simplest implementation and results in the most accurate data. Event tracking requires some custom javascript implementation, so you’ll want to work with a developer to do this.
This can help you identify what information you should add to your website based on what people think should be there.

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