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While it's great that so many games are available digitally nowadays, it also means that maintaining a console's storage space is more important than ever. The PlayStation 4 is similar to the Xbox One in a lot of ways, including how much storage space it comes with.
At this point, the Xbox 360 has an absolutely massive library of games, and most of them are available digitally. Nanowire-Based Battery With Off-The-Charts Charging Power: Is This The Future Of Electronics? You have the best video app in the universe, make videos around the clock, barely getting any sleep, but are having such a blast that it hardly matters.
You could go to the app store and leave a review, pleading for help, but you have a sneaking suspicion that no one can answer app reviews (and you are right). Before you delete the app, re-download it, and lose all of your precious work, let’s take a step back and review the situation.
Here’s a quick picture illustrating how to find out how much storage space you have used and how much of it is still available. That last screen can take a while to create the list of apps, especially if you have a bunch, but then you’ll be able to see how much storage space each app is using.
We’ve seen reviews on the app store of people making six videos the very first day they get the app, which could use as much as 1 GB depending on the length of the videos. A week of doing that and pretty soon your 8 GB iPod touch is running short on space … a sad situation for any aspiring video star!
If you are sending videos to YouTube or the Camera Roll, there’s something else to consider when freeing up space. OK, so this might sound like work and numbers, but trust us … managing the space on your iOS device is still easier and more fun than doing homework. Opening the Photos app in iOS will tell you how many total photos are within the different picture albums and Camera Roll, but how much space do the pictures actually take up? As you can see the data is basically presented the same, you’ll see a total space used by the pictures in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB).

Knowing how much total space photos are taking up on a device can be really useful information, since photos in particular can often be the culprit when running out of device storage.
You might also add that if the camera roll gets too full the camera will no longer function, only by deleting photos can the camera be restored. IMO ? the generic PHOTO Album on the iPhone 4 your photos is the WORST thing I’v? ever seen !! Storage space is often at a premium on our computing devices, and especially on our mobile devices.
Fortunately this is just as easy as seeing apps’ space usage, and you go to the same place to check on this.
Once you see these specific numbers it should help you decide where you may be able to do some trimming of photos on the iPad or where you may need to think about exporting photos to alternative storage. Of course, with games taking up so much space nowadays, it's a lot easier than one might think.
This will bring you to a list of everything on the console, split into two categories: Games and Apps.
Be warned: if you want delete multiple games, this will take far longer than the method described above. If you want to delete games, go to Games and Apps, if you want to delete videos, go to Videos, etc. To completely wipe all of the game's data from the system (including updates, patches and install data), head back to the Games section. With this guide, you should be able to keep your consoles running with plenty of extra space to spare! And then late one evening, your eyes a bit blurry from all of the dancing and jump cuts, you go to upload your masterpiece to YouTube and … it fails. Photo Library are photos synced with iPhoto on the desktop, in the screenshot example there is nothing there.
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The iPad is no exception and if you own one for long enough you’ll likely have at least one occasion where you need to look at managing and freeing up storage space. In the past I’ve posted on how to see how much space is being used by each of your iPad apps. Once you tap there it will take a little while for the iPad to refresh the page – then it will display the 10 apps currently using the most space on the iPad, as shown in the screenshot at the top of this post.
If not, you can tap on ‘Show all Apps’ at the bottom of that list to reveal the numbers for all apps and find the entry for Photos & Camera – which will show the amount of space it’s currently using. The good news is that, since the console's launch, Microsoft has made it a whole lot easier to clear unwanted games off of your console. Hitting the A Button will launch the game — if a game starts up, head back to the Home Screen and start over.
You can uninstall the game straight from the Games and Apps menu, but everything else will be left on the hard drive. This will bring up a list of all of the compatible memory devices currently running on the system — select whichever one you want to clear out. Find the Game Data Utility folder and repeat Steps 2 and 3 for any games you want to delete. We value your privacy and we will never sell or distribute your email or personal data to third party advertisers. Yet buried somewhere in all of those tech specs was a VERY important number for your music video career: storage space.
If you have a 3 minute, 130 MB video you will need to have more than 130 MB available on your device to send it to YouTube.
For many of us it can also be very handy to know how much space is being used by photos on the iPad.

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