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Once inside, you can TURN OFF the switch against the apps that you don’t want to backup.
One of the easiest way to free up a few megabytes of space is to remove apps and games that you no longer need.
If you've had your phone for a while, then chances are that you've taken a bunch of pictures with it already.
The videos that you've taken occupy a lot of space as well so move them over to a computer, to the cloud, or upload them privately to YouTube. Take a look at your downloads directory and see if you've downloaded any exceptionally large files.
Your apps save chunks of data for later use - map information, graphics, sounds, temporary downloads, stuff like that. Bloatware is the collective name for all those useless apps that your phone manufacturer or carrier have preinstalled. Between Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and half a dozen other services, the sky is the limit on how much cloud storage you can get. Every cloud storage provider has a variety of changing promos that can give you extra storage space, so it’s always worthwhile to keep an ear to the ground. Dropbox probably offers more freebies than just about any other providers, which makes it excellent if you need to get some bonus storage. Invite a Friend (Up to 16GB): The most common way to get extra storage is to refer a friend.
Install Carousel (3GB): Dropbox used to have a bonus for enabling auto upload for your photos. Link your Facebook or Twitter accounts (125MB each): Pandering on social networks for extra space is a little taboo, but you can still eek out a little extra space by connecting your accounts. You can also check Dropbox’s Get More Space page here to find any other tasks you can complete to earn more space. You can check your storage settings here to see how much space you have free, how much comes from promotions, and which types of data are taking up space. Like Dropbox, Microsoft’s OneDrive offers several bonuses you can earn for your account.
OneDrive has become a formidable competitor to Dropbox, not the least of which because it’s integrated directly into the most-used desktop operating system in the world. If you’ve tried everything else on the list and still need more space, you can pad out your storage with BitTorrent Sync. The above services may be the biggest ones around, but the internet has no shortage of companies willing to loan out some space on a server.
Wuala: Another security-focused cloud storage provider, Wuala offers 5GB of space for free. I sent invites to most of the staff I work with after managing to convince the office to switch to dropbox.
If you have an iPhone, you’ll know pictures, podcasts, TV shows and 4K video can quickly hover up storage. If you need to extract more space on your iPhone, the first step is to get rid of any apps you might not be using. You’ll see a list of applications along with the space they’re taking up, and iOS usefully displays them from highest to lowest. Music is third on the list of our biggest apps, and while it’s worth deleting the songs you don’t regularly listen to, Apple Music means you can simply stream your library using Wi-Fi or 4G.
Step 1 bin the iphonestep 2 buy a phone with an sd card slotstep 3 buy a 128gb sd cardstep 4 ??????step 5 profit! The Leaf combines good range with an affordable price, and it’s the UK's most popular electric car. If you are using Nexus 5 from the time it was launched and have never reset your device there might be a lot of unwanted data present on your Nexus 5. Now, you may be thinking that clearing up some space in your smartphone will not have much of an impact on the functionality of your Nexus 5, but only like desktop computers, TLC and a maintenance is needed for cellular devices if you need them running at their finest. Among the largest offenders where storage space that is wasted is worried is the Downloads folder.
Let us be fair, we all have an inclination to download more programs than we want (or ever really use). Remember, any programs you’ve previously paid for can be downloaded so you are never actually losing out on anything you have purchased. If you are anything like me you might wind up with millions of pictures in your smartphone which don’t like saving to the cloud or your personal computer.
Other than hi resolution games, videos and songs are the other culprits which add to a lot of storage on your Nexus 5. These five tricks speed things up a bit and should score you rather lots of added space in your Nexus 5. If you are having any other tip which you are using and think can help us in saving space on Nexus 5 please share it with us using the comments section below. It doesn’t take long for a drive to be full of data, which can be a problem when you want to upgrade to Windows 10. If you’re already running Windows 10, but are finding yourself tight on storage space, we’ve delved into the features that the operating system offers to help you free up your drives and make room for the data you actually need. If you had a problem upgrading to Windows 10 due to lack of space or have your own tips to share to free up space, please let us know in the comments section.
If you lack adequate room, you’ll receive a message during installation that Windows needs more space.
Windows 10 is great in showing you how much storage space you have, breaking it down into sections, and offering quick steps to actually free up the disk. This screen will show you what storage devices you have attached, both internal and external, along with the default storage locations for things like new apps and documents.
You’ll be presented with a list of everything on your drive, broken down into specific categories. This window allows you to adjust how much of your drive space you want to allocate to the system restore function. Navigating back to the storage usage screen, the next category to select is Apps and games.
Typically, you’ll find that games will dominate the upper half of the list, simply because they pack in a lot more data than a program.
If there are any apps or games that you don’t use any more, you should remove them to free up space. If you want to see the more traditional presentation of this list, which in my opinion presents the information in an easier to read way, do a system search for programs and features and select the relevant result. It’s not up to Windows or this guide to dictate what personal data you should remove, but you could sort your folders by creation date to see if there’s anything old that you don’t use anymore.
The Temporary files section will let you clear out your temporary system files, your downloads folder, and your Recycle Bin. If you’re running Windows 10 and upgraded to it, rather than performing a fresh install, you might also see a section for Previous version of Windows. If you’re desperate for the space and are certain you won’t be returning to an older version of Windows, you can go ahead and click Delete previous versions to get rid of this folder. The final category to check out is Other, which contains the largest folders that Windows wasn’t able to categorize. The storage devices available on the market continue to grow in capacity as their prices drop, so if you’ve cleared out everything you can and still find yourself pushed for space, then it might be time to look into buying a new drive. You don’t have to be stuck with multiple hard drives if you don’t want to or if your system doesn’t support it. Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app.

This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Have you been waiting patiently since July 29 to receive your invitation to upgrade to Windows 10? The cloud storage scene has exploded recently, with dozens of providers offering you free storage for your files in the cloud. Clutter can be a big downer on productivity, whether it’s your workstation, your home, or your computer.
THIS simple trick is essential for any Apple iPhone or iPad owners with very little storage space left. While removing backups is definitely not a good option, you do have alternatives like iTunes backup which goes into your system instead of occupying space on your iCloud account. This shows up the backup data for your iPhone (you might have to tap on the name of your device if you’ve got more than one associated with the iCloud account). For instance, if you save your photos in Dropbox or elsewhere, you might want to TURN OFF the Camera app. Sooner or later, it runs out completely, and a dreadful notification lets us know that it is time to do some mandatory housekeeping.
These are probably hogging quite a lot of data space so moving them over to a computer's hard drive would be a good idea. Instead of storing your files locally, consider use Spotify or another music streaming service. Over time, these temporary files might pile up regardless of whether they'll ever be used or not. Usually, these cannot be removed, but if you are bold enough to root your Android phone, you'll be able to get rid of bloatware once and for all.
Some of the promotions we mention here may change over time, but they will also likely be replaced by something else. While that promo has been deprecated, you can still get 3GB by installing the Carousel app for Android or iOS.
Unfortunately, this one is only available for iOS, however logging in once gives you the space permanently. While they’re not always available, Dropbox has offered up to 48GB of space for two years when you log in on a new Samsung or HTC phone. There is also a link here to check your personal account settings to see which space you’ve already earned and which ones you can still complete. Google was already home to a lot of your data before it ever started syncing folders on your desktop. The company recently bumped its storage limit up to 50,000 tracks, all of which do not count towards your storage limit. As the How-To Geek points out, you can automatically convert documents you upload to Google Docs while uploading to make the process easier.
Like all of the others, you can pad that out with certain promotions — usually by installing the Box app on a specific phone or tablet. You can see which bonuses have already been applied to your account from your settings here.
Notably, Office 365 Home includes 1TB for up to five users, so if a friend or family member has the group plan, it may be worth asking if you can join up to get the space.
The service just launched its 2.0 software, which allows you to sync up to 10 folders between devices with no storage limit at all. The company emphasises security and promises end-to-end encryption, although as we’ve discussed, their encryption may not be bulletproof. Not only does it offer end-to-end encryption, but it also breaks your files into segments and stores them on different servers, so even the company itself can’t know which data belongs to what. I recently got it added to my account and received a confirmation email from Google about it. Hmmm not sure if it has been extended, but was happy to see the extra 2GB ontop of my existing 25GB already.
That's the magic of the differential, a seemingly complex meshing of various gears and splines that delivers separate power to each driven wheel.
All of those megabytes add up – download too many apps or take too many photos and, whether you've got a 16GB phone or even a 128GB model, you'll soon run out of space.
We often try different apps before settling on our favourite, so your first step is to remove any apps you don’t use anymore. There you’ll see a rundown of your local and iCloud storage use, so click Manage Storage under Storage to see just where your memory has gone.
The top culprit on the iPhone we’re using is Photos & Camera, followed by Podcasts, Music, Messages and iPlayer – so these are the first ones we’ll investigate.
To make sure they're gone for good, go to the Recently Deleted folder in your Photo and Videos app, and remove them from there too. After heading to the app, we deleted several of the podcasts we’ve already listened to, to help free up some extra space.
That way, you still have access to your entire music collection, but it doesn’t take up valuable space on your iPhone. As we all know that Nexus 5 lacks memory card and hence you have maximum of 32 GB storage space available on your device so you need to make sure that you are not having any unnecessary data present on your device. From the game you play and download on one train ride just to that never-ending set of individual programs which you won’t look to open a lot of these could be deleted to free up storage space. But if you are not using a program often it is likely not really needed to forever keep it in your mobile.
If you are not fond of cloud back-up then you definitely need to make an effort to make a routine picture dump to your storage location of option to maintain your treasured memories safe.
We like to watch videos in High Resolution and if the video is in high resolution it will be in bigger size. Take a look in here and see what is inhabiting space that is stored in your internal memory. Miscellaneous files or programs that are old, all those fresh and unneeded multimedia tend to slow things down, use up system resources and normally make your Nexus 5 a bit more weary than it must be.
We’re here to offer some advice on how you clean out your system to make room for Microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system.
Theoretically, you shouldn’t be offered the upgrade to Windows 10 if your system doesn’t have enough disk space, though there are methods to force the upgrade. If you’re always going to have the external drive attached to your system, this is a possible choice. To begin, press Windows key + I to launch Settings, then click System, and select Storage from the left menu.
Though it won’t initially free up space, it’s worth looking at the Save locations section if you have multiple drives. The icon with the Windows logo on it designates that your operating system is installed to that drive. Each category has has its own colored bar to show usage amount, which is then amalgamated into the bar at the top, giving you a quick glance at which sections are taking up the most amount of space.
Third on the list is Hibernation file, which takes up around 6GB of space (dependent on your system memory). This is a useful function that will rollback your system state in case of disaster, but we can edit its settings to make it more efficient with storage.
The file size of games continues to increase, with recent releases like Titanfall, Batman: Arkham Knight and Grand Theft Auto V all taking up around 50GB or more of hard drive space. Alternatively, you could consider archiving data to an external drive – that way you’re not removing it permanently, but it’s not clogging up your main drive. Make sure there’s nothing you want to keep in your downloads or Recycle Bin, but generally speaking it’s safe to clear up these three sections.

A month after you upgrade to Windows 10, you have the option to rollback to a previous version of Windows. Otherwise, wait a month from your Windows 10 installation date and the system will automatically remove it. All you need to do is buy a large capacity drive and then clone the old drive to the new one. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.
Unfortunately, you missed the Insider Preview and now it's taking a while until the upgrade will be rolled out to you.
Note that removing stuff from here will remove the same from all other iOS devices that are connected to this iCloud account.
The space occupied by each app is indicated under its name - that's the space you should be expecting to gain.
Another option is to back them up to the cloud (using services like Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, or Google+) so that you can access them at a later time if you ever need them. Or get an app like Disk Usage & Storage Analyzer to see what exactly is your storage space being occupied by. Cloud storage providers seem to like giving away space like candy if it means new customers. These offers pop up now and then on phones and tablets, so ask about them the next time you’re out shopping.
While the company offers some promos that can give you extra space beyond the default 15GB, there are a lot more tricks that you can use to upload data that doesn’t count against your storage limit.
Google also offers similar promotions to Dropbox when you purchase certain devices, or complete tasks such as the Security Checkup promo they ran last month. Unlike the others, Box has a handy page here that will tell you all the devices that will currently net you extra space. You can disable it after that, if you don’t want to actually backup your photos, and the space will stay.
While the folder workaround is a little obnoxious, you can easily use this to sync your largest files, while leaving services like Dropbox to handle the rest. This pre-World War II video produced by General Motors is actually an incredibly straightforward and informative look at what goes on underneath your car to make it move. If you’ve reached the limits of your iPhone’s storage space, this quick tutorial will show you how to free up some extra gigabytes on your smartphone. There are times when you download stuff on your device and forget to check it or don’t even bother to open it once. If you are not using any app regularly on your Nexus 5 it is advised that you delete it permanently. Then sign up to a service in the event you do not mind the thought of the cloud and back-up your pictures to the cloud without needing to save them permanently on your telephone so you can always get them.
If you have watched the video saved in your device you can simply delete it to save some storage space on your device. It could not be something unnecessary, like offline maps files, or it could be something totally unneeded you could quickly delete to free up some space. Attempt Disk Usage in case you would like a cool program that will help you track your memory use in future. The first is to Use Disk Cleanup to free up space, which will launch the native windows tool to free up space.
But it’s wiser to install Windows 10 on an internal drive to guarantee that you always have access to the operating system, because you won’t be able to run your system without it.
Check out our guide on how to free up disk space or how to maximize your space on a tablet. For example, if you’ve got an external drive with loads of available space, then you might want to consider storing new music and videos to it – use the drop-down menus on each section to make the change. If this is your first time accessing the Storage usage breakdown for the drive, then you might have to wait a short period while it calculates everything.
However, neither of these options are particularly advisable, unless you have another recovery solution in place. By default, the list will be sorted by size, but you can use the dropdown to sort by name or installation date instead. You can also click Manage optional features at the top, where you can uninstall things like additional language packs. Clicking into these sections will then let you navigate to the folder on your system where the relevant data is stored. Just click on the corresponding button to begin the process or navigate to the folder containing the data.
This is made possible by a folder that sits on your system called Windows.old, which we can remove to clear space.
Note that system and pre-loaded applications cannot be removed, or at least not without any serious hacking. Alternatively, use an app like AVG Image Shrink to reduce the resolution and size of your images, but don't forget to save a copy of your full-resolution images before that. Used storage is visualized in graphs so you can easily spot whatever large files and folders there might be left.
Unfortunately, Box doesn’t offer any bonuses for referrals, but keep an eye out for install-our-app promotions. After you’ve picked through your Photo Library, head to the next memory-hogging application on your iPhone.
You can go to Downloads Folder and delete all the un-necessary things which are present on your device.
You can even clear Cached Information from this menu, but it means your programs will have to be started from scratch next time you open them, meaning you get some added space in the expense of a little performance, while it’s going to clear up some space. It’s going to reveal to you a large block of memory balls in your Nexus 5 so it is possible to see what files are taking up the most space and act appropriately. This will guide you through removing things like temporary Internet files, temporary folders, and your Recycle Bin.
To do so, do a system search for cmd, then right-click the result and Run as administrator. This will open up a window that shows you all available drives and whether the system restore is enabled on each. Adjust the slider to change the percentage of your drive that you want to allocate to system restore.
My list showed system and driver folders, both which are necessary for my computer to function.
Delete ones left over by apps that you know you've uninstalled, but don't touch the ones that you aren't sure what app they belong to.
Well, the good news is that freeing up storage space on an Android phone or tablet is a fairly simple task. Just follow the 8 steps below to clean up as much room as possible. Is there anything we've missed? Awesome workaround!" another added.One iPhone user posted about their success with the quick tip, commenting: "Wow!

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