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The HTC One M9 might not be perfect, but it's still a remarkable phone made by a company with a vision. To get to know your HTC One M9 and what it can do to make your life all the more fantastic, take a stroll through this selection of 30 tips and tricks, which covers interesting personalization, camera and miscellaneous functionality.
To automatically answer an incoming call, lift the phone and look at the screen first to see who's calling before you hold it to your ear. If your phone is laying on a surface facing up, and a call comes in, you can turnthe phone over on its back to mute the call. The "Pocket mode" feature makes the HTC One M9 recognize when it's in your bag or pocket, and raise the ring volume to help you hear it in noisy environments. Smart Folders are folders in the your HTC Sense Home widget that contain dynamically changing shortcuts to your most often accessed apps. The Motion Launch feature lets you launch specific events upon turning on the smartphone from sleep - lockscreen, unlocking, going to the Home widget panel or BlinkFeed, launching the camera, or making a call with a quick call. Choosing a screen lock pattern, numeric PIN, or other means of security on the HTC One M9 doesn't happen much different than on other Android smartphones. From time to time, you'll see HTC BlinkFeed notifications, such as a suggestion for a nearby restaurant or a recommended article. HTC lets you explore and download pre-made themes that make it easy for you to personalize your HTC One M9. In addition to downloading readily available themes, You can create and customize your own theme and even share it for others to download.
You can change the font style and size of the display font, or you can even download new fonts! On the Home screen, slide two fingers together, or hold your fingers on an empty space and tap "Manage home screens". In the Camera app, you can set the volume buttons to function as the shutter release or zoom controls. Use Bokeh mode to focus on any object that you see on the Viewfinder screen and blur its background. The "Voice Selfie" feature lets you easily take photo or video selfies using voice control commands. Want to have expert command of your camera settings for different environments or lighting conditions? The camera app lets you wave a scene or your custom settings as a new capture mode so you can conveniently use it any time you need it. You can pick a song from your Music library and set it as your ringtone, or as a ringtone for a favorite contact. You can set the One M9 to show the percentage of remaining battery power right on the status bar. The Power saver modes help increase battery life by reducing the usage of phone features that drain the battery. Use the built-in storage saving feature to free up space in the storage by uninstalling apps and deleting files you no longer want to keep. Use the Kid Mode feature to let your kids use the phone without them accessing anything they shouldn't. One of the easiest way to free up a few megabytes of space is to remove apps and games that you no longer need. If you've had your phone for a while, then chances are that you've taken a bunch of pictures with it already.
The videos that you've taken occupy a lot of space as well so move them over to a computer, to the cloud, or upload them privately to YouTube.
Take a look at your downloads directory and see if you've downloaded any exceptionally large files.
Your apps save chunks of data for later use - map information, graphics, sounds, temporary downloads, stuff like that. Bloatware is the collective name for all those useless apps that your phone manufacturer or carrier have preinstalled.
Once inside, you can TURN OFF the switch against the apps that you don’t want to backup. By clearing the cache that some applications use, you can reclaim quite a few megabytes, at least temporarily. To check if an application has a cache, select it in the list and it will be stated on the resulting screen. A couple of apps that may have a cache of several MB are Maps, Market, Internet and Gallery (called Photos on some devices). Do you use homescreen replacements such as LauncherPro or ADW Launcher and have no intention of going back to Sense or the vanilla launcher?
An app that automatically will list all apps that have a cache is Quick App Clean Cache ($0.76). This goes without saying, but ita€™s naturally a good idea to go through your software arsenal from time to time and uninstall apps you seldom use. A few weeks ago we did a tutorial on how to let Android install apps to the SD by default on Froyo.
If your device is running Froyo and you have told Android to install apps to the SD, make sure that all apps that can and should be moved to the memory card actually have been moved. I’ve done everything all of you have suggested and still I occasionally get the message that my Internal Storage is getting low. Is there any way to free the memory that has been used up by the “half-downloaded apps” ?? If you have an iPhone, you’ll know pictures, podcasts, TV shows and 4K video can quickly hover up storage. If you need to extract more space on your iPhone, the first step is to get rid of any apps you might not be using.
You’ll see a list of applications along with the space they’re taking up, and iOS usefully displays them from highest to lowest. Music is third on the list of our biggest apps, and while it’s worth deleting the songs you don’t regularly listen to, Apple Music means you can simply stream your library using Wi-Fi or 4G. Step 1 bin the iphonestep 2 buy a phone with an sd card slotstep 3 buy a 128gb sd cardstep 4 ??????step 5 profit!

The Leaf combines good range with an affordable price, and it’s the UK's most popular electric car. Under the Documents & Data section tap on an app you'd like to view what documents are being stored in iCloud.
Tap on the Delete button to the left of the item to delete it and then tap again on the right to delete it. Alternately, you can tap the Edit button and scroll to the very bottom and choose Delete All to remove all files stored by a specific app. THIS simple trick is essential for any Apple iPhone or iPad owners with very little storage space left.
Premium build and top shelf hardware aside, the HTC flagship is blessed with a most wonderful user experience - HTC Sense 7. We think you'll have a blast making themes, using the Photo Editor to pull off photography tricks, and exploring camera modes! Tap the pen & paper icon, then press and hold on a tab to move it around to your liking. Feel free to add a fourth to make it easier to turn the display off, toggle auto-rotate, or customize the buttons' placement!
Go to Settings, tap 'Sound & notification', and thenselect or clear "Quiet ring on pickup". To turn this feature on or off, go to Settings, tap 'Sound & notification', and select or clear 'Pocket mode'.
But in case you don't want this functionality, scroll to the BlinkFeed panel, tap the three dots menu, and hit Settings. You can manually adjust the values for settings like white balance, exposure, ISO, and more. On the Camera app's Viewfinder screen, tap the three squares icon to show the camera options. It works on photos taken in Burst shot mode, which activates itself when you hold the camera shutter button down while taking a photo.
From the app drawer, launch Kid Mode, and follow the on-screen instructions to set a child lock. Sooner or later, it runs out completely, and a dreadful notification lets us know that it is time to do some mandatory housekeeping. These are probably hogging quite a lot of data space so moving them over to a computer's hard drive would be a good idea. Instead of storing your files locally, consider use Spotify or another music streaming service.
Over time, these temporary files might pile up regardless of whether they'll ever be used or not. Usually, these cannot be removed, but if you are bold enough to root your Android phone, you'll be able to get rid of bloatware once and for all. While removing backups is definitely not a good option, you do have alternatives like iTunes backup which goes into your system instead of occupying space on your iCloud account.
This shows up the backup data for your iPhone (you might have to tap on the name of your device if you’ve got more than one associated with the iCloud account). For instance, if you save your photos in Dropbox or elsewhere, you might want to TURN OFF the Camera app. One could think that the problem would be a thing of the past with Android 2.2a€™s apps2SD support, but many people running Froyo are still unable to install all the apps and games they want and need to prioritize. I initially thought that this tweak merely would make Android install apps to the SD right away, so you wouldna€™t have to move them manually. Apps that probably shouldna€™t be transferred to the SD are widgets, apps with bundled widgets, live wallpapers and apps that run in the background and integrate with the system. So, I followed each step that this site said and I came across a button above the clear cache button that said move to SD card. All of those megabytes add up – download too many apps or take too many photos and, whether you've got a 16GB phone or even a 128GB model, you'll soon run out of space.
We often try different apps before settling on our favourite, so your first step is to remove any apps you don’t use anymore. There you’ll see a rundown of your local and iCloud storage use, so click Manage Storage under Storage to see just where your memory has gone.
The top culprit on the iPhone we’re using is Photos & Camera, followed by Podcasts, Music, Messages and iPlayer – so these are the first ones we’ll investigate. To make sure they're gone for good, go to the Recently Deleted folder in your Photo and Videos app, and remove them from there too.
After heading to the app, we deleted several of the podcasts we’ve already listened to, to help free up some extra space.
That way, you still have access to your entire music collection, but it doesn’t take up valuable space on your iPhone. Since Apple only provides a paltry 5GB for free, and only 50GB maximum, it pays to clean it out as often and as well as you can. Were you able to clear out a significant amount of your iCloud storage you didn't know was being used? This handy adapter will solve those problems as it allows you to use the micro USB cable and turns it into a Lightning cable to charge your iPhone and iPad. A major reason for sluggish sales is due to the cost of the handset, which is higher than the price of a 16GB iPhone 6. Department of Justice has elected to drop its efforts to secure Apple's assistance in unlocking an iPhone at the center of a New York drug case. Tap "Flip to mute", and you can set your phone to mute only one call, or keep muting calls while facing down. Then use the "Choose highlight topics" and "Notification on lockscreen" settings to choose notifications.
Tap "Font style" and choose one of the built-in fonts, or tap "Download new fonts" to get some more. Play the song that you want to set as a ringtone, then tap the three squares menu, and tap "Set as ringtone". The space occupied by each app is indicated under its name - that's the space you should be expecting to gain.

Another option is to back them up to the cloud (using services like Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, or Google+) so that you can access them at a later time if you ever need them. Or get an app like Disk Usage & Storage Analyzer to see what exactly is your storage space being occupied by. Note that removing stuff from here will remove the same from all other iOS devices that are connected to this iCloud account. Since private user data never is stored on an external storage, apps installed to the SD card will nonetheless take up space on the internal memory.
But after a hard reset, I discovered that it actually enables some apps to be installed to the SD card which otherwise would be locked to the internal storage. There are several apps that make the moving process easier, and the best ones so far are Apps 2 SD and SDMove.
When I got my Droid Bionic in November I thought I wouldn’t have that issue especially with a 16GB external memory card. If you’ve reached the limits of your iPhone’s storage space, this quick tutorial will show you how to free up some extra gigabytes on your smartphone. Luckily you can delete documents and data stored in any app right from your iPhone or iPad, even if you saved it in a Mac app.
Then, on the Viewfinder screen, tap the camera icon, then tap the M-icon, and you'll get camera options. Then, on the Viewfinder screen, tap your newly created capture mode whenever you want to use it.
So, when you have a burst shot at hand, fire up Photo Editor, open the burst photo, and tap Effects, GIF creator. You can also tap on the arrow in the grey rectangle above the nav keys to access additional options, such as drawing an animation path to apply the effect only to a selected area.
Then tap "Phone ringtone" or "Contact ringtone".If you select "Contact ringtone", proceed to choose the contacts you want to associate the ringtone with. Extreme power saving mode is more power-efficient, but at the cost of letting you use only the most basic functions, such as phone calls, text messaging, and email. Unfortunately, the feature is yet to be unlocked by HTC via an update from the Google Play store, and we can't show it to you right now. Note that system and pre-loaded applications cannot be removed, or at least not without any serious hacking. Alternatively, use an app like AVG Image Shrink to reduce the resolution and size of your images, but don't forget to save a copy of your full-resolution images before that. Used storage is visualized in graphs so you can easily spot whatever large files and folders there might be left. And some software, like widgets, live wallpapers and system apps may not function properly if they are installed on the SD card. With that in mind, ita€™s highly recommended that you give this tweak a try if you want to avoid the a€?phone storage is getting lowa€? message. After you’ve picked through your Photo Library, head to the next memory-hogging application on your iPhone. See, HTC really considers its smartphone as the ultimate lifestyle gadget, so it's not surprising that Sense is focused on personalization and entertainment. Tap a fourth navigation button to add one, or don't select any of the fourth button options if you don't want more than three.
Tap "Display & gestures", then tap "Motion Launch gestures" and select the Motion Launch gestures you want. Tap the small image thumbnail to open the photo you've just taken in Gallery, and see the bokeh effect. You'll see an animation of the frames and two trim sliders you can drag to choose the parts where you want the gif to begin and end.
Delete ones left over by apps that you know you've uninstalled, but don't touch the ones that you aren't sure what app they belong to. But there are luckily ways to free up some precious MB of internal storage if youa€™re starting to get desperate. It forced my Gallery app to locate all my pictures again, but the associated data for Media Storage was still much smaller in size than before I cleared it. The only downside is that you occasionally have to manually move some apps from the SD to the internal storage, such as widgets.
I have all my music on Google Play so I could store everything on my external SD and supposedly not have an Internal Storage problem.
You will find many a features from third-party apps - ones you may have previously used to edit photos, chop ringtones, save battery life, or make themes - built right there in the HTC user experience. Tap an item to see details about it, tap "Download" to get it, and hit "Apply" to make it your skin. On the subsequent screens, you can choose the direction you want the animation to play, set thespeed of the animation, choose which frames you want to include, and more stuff to mingle with. Also, press and hold an area with two fingers, and drag your fingers in a circular motion to rotate the animation. Well, the good news is that freeing up storage space on an Android phone or tablet is a fairly simple task.
If your theme has custom sounds, all of your ringtones and alert tones will also change, so be prepared to do some additional tweaking.
Just follow the 8 steps below to clean up as much room as possible. Is there anything we've missed?
Awesome workaround!" another added.One iPhone user posted about their success with the quick tip, commenting: "Wow! Tap Next to save your theme, or customize it further by tapping Edit and toying around with the settings. Also, is there a phone cache that needs to be emptied and what about the browser cache, cookies etc.

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