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In a world of Flickr, Instagram and easy-to-make portfolio sites, it’s not often we have a physical portfolio to show off when we meet other photographers, or even potential clients. There’s no denying that seeing a physical print of your work is much more exciting and rewarding than seeing it on even the greatest of displays.
This in mind, the creative minds over at Photojojo have made a little tutorial on how to create a little DIY Pocket Portfolio. If you’re feeling extremely adventurous, you could even create a couple dozen and use them as creative and informative business cards to hand out while out and about. SLR shooters have been dealing with autofocus misalignment issues for as long as autofocus itself has existed, but thanks to Nikon's new AF Fine Tune feature, what used to be a very annoying and difficult problem can now be fixed with a few button clicks. Noise reduction for night sky photos can be tricky, because the algorithms at play often reduce the sharpness of your stars while removing noise in the darkest parts of the sky. As a photographer I always get asked for advice on buying cameras and what is the least amount needs to be spent to achieve professional results. Recently I had the opportunity to shoot a young up-and-coming golfer named Taylor Pendrith for SCOREGolf magazine’s 2016 ‘Power’ issue. Camera technology has come a long way in the last two decades; heck, it's come a long way in the last 5 years.
Want to see what kind of work goes into turning a masterful photograph into an iconic print? Here's an update on photographer Dennis Manarchy's Vanishing Cultures project, which we featured at the beginning of the year.
Once this was the most glorious building of Romania but since 1990 it’s been abandoned and slowly but surely falling apart. I was honoured to wrap-up another bridal-inspired editorial shoot where I was paid for my expertise. When photographer Steve Arklay discovered his photo on someone else's Instagram account, posted without credit or permission, he didn't send a takedown request. In this article I will describe how to construct a simple reflectance transformation imaging (RTI) setup using an Arduino microprocessor and a 3D printer. Today is Earth Day, and while many will use the opportunity to share spectacular images of natural wonders still thriving, fine art photographer Joe Freeman is taking a darker tack. Remember the drone that a British Airways pilot said he hit in approach to London Heathrow airport earlier this week? The 42MP Sony a7R II has got to be one of the most anticipated camera systems in the history of cameras, and for good reason. Over the years, I’ve had the chance to play with all sorts of camera systems, from cheap point-and-shoots to $30,000 80-megapixel behemoths. This Nikon D750 Review by Ross Harvey was originally published on his blog, and is being reprinted in full with permission.
What this review is: a real world account in a professional environment from a gear lover with high standards. Edelkrone's tag line is simply "reinvent," and that's exactly what the company is doing with their new StandPLUS: they're reinventing the tripod. Note: Loose samples of work are acceptable but it is better to show them in conjunction with a mounted piece within the portfolio. The general preference now is to go for a PDF format which can either be printed out to create a hardcopy portfolio or used straight from the laptop.
The added benefit of this is that you can include photographs of your work in interesting environments to increase the user experience. Remember that portfolios tend to get left open whilst the interview concludes so it's a good idea to lead and finish with a strong piece where possible.
Generally it's best to stay seated on your side of the desk without entering your interviewers personal space. You generally only get one shot at this so take pride in your work and presentation without overdoing it.
Hi I am a Designer and I would like to know where can I find the A3 portfolio you display on your website? Chat and education about Linux, free and open source software, hardware and other related topics.

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In this selection of promotional booklets are for a wide range of organizations and individuals, from artists to fashion to real estate.
People are probably less likely to toss out a business card when it’s a little booklet filled with your best work. I wasn't going to write a post like this but things have reached a certain point where I don't feel I can take anything on any further, so for now a little social media post will have to suffice in lieu of actual justice. Balance, a film by Tim Sessler, is a dizzying, disorienting display of drone cinematography that may just leave you slack jawed. In this video tutorial, photographer Dave Morrow shows you how to avoid this issue altogether using a simple, effective editing technique.
It usually happens when I'm photographing a wedding, which also means I rarely have time to properly address the question. The creative team at SCOREGolf wanted to show Taylor in his swing, hitting the ball, displaying the incredible power this young man is becoming known for.
But sometimes even decades old tech can keep up, like the Nikon F3H SLR and its burst mode that maxed out at a blazing fast 13fps in 1996!
The Sony World Photography Awards 2016 winners have been announced, and we've compiled some of our favorite 1st place winners below for you to draw inspiration from.
Pablo Inirio, the master darkroom printer who works at Magnum Photos' New York headquarters, has personally worked on some of the cooperative's best-known images. Manarchy has just released the new video above that sheds some light on how the idea came about and how everything came together.
The building is now listed as a historic monument by the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs of Romania. Having been a wedding photographer for 5+ years, I can say with certainty that it has taken 2+ years of hustling to be welcomed into the inner circle of a few select Sydney florists, stylists, hair stylists and makeup artists. Instead, he started a dialogue with the photo thief, trying to buy a print of his own photograph. The Pixelstick from Bitbanger Labs, which may just be one of the coolest ways to express your creative side after the sun sets.
I’ve observed as the DSLR video revolution spread across the world, and watched as the lines between photography and videography started to blur as video cameras started to shoot stills and still cameras started to shoot video.
It's not intended to be a catch-all review, it's specifically tailored for my own needs and shooting style.
Or rather, they're throwing the tripod out altogether in favor of a different sort of camera holder.
It is just a formality and the interviewer would much prefer to be getting on with their day job.
You already do this on behalf of your clients whether your core skills lie in graphic design, marketing or advertising so why wouldn't you do it for your own work? However, you do need to consider some important points and tailor your presentation accordingly. Your interviewer will be expecting more work in addition to that which you have already sent as well as a fresh approach in terms of presentation.
Make sure you hold the portfolio (the right way up for them) and take control of what you want to present. Use the table as a frame, placing each piece neatly in the centre of the table (creating a dead space around it), removing it from the table before presenting the next piece.

There is nothing worse for an interviewer than seeing somebody with two or three bulging portfolios coming through the door.
The small amount of time that you spend now on perfecting your portfolio could really be worth your while. To make it easier for you to connect with these consumers and promote your products on Google, Shopping campaigns are being introduced. Prabhat’s expertise lies in identifying business needs and guide them through unique digital pathway to success. In this new series of events we will be looking at the stories from the people who make things happen. How do create emotional connections to customers with brands that are so technology focused? Each are fairly exceptional with a amazing selection of format, colors, printing format, and more. It's also the first drone film we know of to use the famous "vertigo effect," AKA dolly zoom.
A number of his marked-up darkroom prints have appeared online, revealing the enormous amount of attention Inirio gives photos in the darkroom. After building the world's biggest film camera, Manarchy has been using the "largest-format camera" to document 50 different cultures all across the United States in an epic 20,000-mile road trip.
Being invited to shoot an editorial campaign is one thing, being paid for the privilege is another.
It is so important to get it right first time or you could miss out on a great opportunity. This can be costly but if you search around on the web you don't have to pay anymore than you would for the above binder.
If your physical portfolio and your digital portfolio look the same, it makes it look much more professional. It also makes it easier to create an edited teaser version of your book to send out with your initial CV and application. However, I have heard of interviews lasting as little as 15 minutes which ultimately seems pointless and doesn't sell the company particularly well.
Concisely explain the brief behind the work and how you solved it without running into a full day seminar. If you aren't happy with a piece of work because it was mundane, put a positive slant of the piece by saying you've included it to show you have done and are happy to do the 'bread and butter' jobs as well as the more challenging projects. Remember dead space focuses the eye, too many work samples at one time means the viewer is continuously flicking from one piece to another without really taking each piece in.
Google Shopping campaigns streamline how you manage your listed products and pay per click ads, report on your performance, and find opportunities to increase traffic to your website. But all have one aspect in common they do an fantastic job of attracting the eye and making us want to quit for a time to take pleasure in the interesting printed design.
I've seen some fantastic hand built portfolios from polished sheet metal with press studs to hand crafted card boxes.
A common portfolio technique which works well is one or two large images on a clean white page accompanied by some thumbnails, a line of descriptive underneath and even your own branding. If you get the chance, you could politely ask how long you will have as the interview commences. Remember to be clear on what your involvement was on that job (team or solely) and at what point in your career you did it. Ultimately, if you include too much work, you run the risk of not getting your best bits seen. Leave out that proud snap of the family cat just because you thought it was a good piece of photography. If necessary, pre-interview, pick out your best portfolio pieces to go through if you find your time is limited.

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