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For a computer gaming fix, check out ABC3's Games and join Club3 Spawn in rating, ranking and playing your way to leaderboard supremacy! Designed for maximum fun and entertainment, ABC3 online brings together all your favourite ABC3 TV shows with heaps of other online goodness. Studio 3 is the hub for everything that happens on ABC3 - the place where it all comes together. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. First, you should make your building space, by breaking the blocks in the ground in whatever shape you want your house, as big as you want it. Now, you want to make the walls, by making layers on top of each other, but DON'T fill the inside.
To make the iron door open, just place a pressure plate in front of it or a lever to the side.
Now that you have chosen a design we will be discussing what we will use to build said house.
To start building a house is very simple once you've carved out your area and decided what you want to build. Try to model a real roller coaster, so you know how tall to make the hills and make it look good. This one can also go for the coaster above: Put the roller coaster in the middle of an amusement park, a wonder of nature, or even the middle of nowhere.
Please, don't make the coaster go really fast out of the station unless you're modeling it after a LIM coaster. I Might make another instructable with how to make the door open, or just add it to this one. Get started by choosing landscape that fits your style and choose how big you want it to be.
A I use small houses for looks, all my storage and stuff will usually be in a basement of sorts, or in some other location. Make it like literally every other coaster besides an LIM in the world; IT MUST HAVE A SLOW LIFT HILL.
Trees will suffice, and even adding elements that add a theme to a roller coaster work REALLY well. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.

I probably just make separate one on how to make an openable door, then put the link in this one.
Do not use a texture pack when building because not everyone will see the same thing you do. Of course, we're all able to connect rails and plop a minecart on it, but that's not a roller coaster, per say.
I made the sucky castle, and the mansion, and I gave proper credit to Sjin to the epic castle.
Click the Request Reactivation link to agree that you will no longer abuse the update logs. This could be a pool, maybe a small spleef arena type of place, an imaginary movie theater, or something like that.
Either way, I encourage you to build a roller coaster, it's very fun, not only to build, but to ride!
Did you know that Notch, the creator of minecraft, programed Minecraft from scratch in Java? Try to make your house as unique as possible, so that people want to visit your house more. And if you ever feel sad, then just go to the balcony, so that you can see the beautiful landscape that's in front of your house :).
FEEL FREE TO SKIP ANY OTHER STEP BUT THIS ONE MUST STICK AROUND FOR EVERY ROLLER COASTER IN EXISTENCE EVERRRRAnd, there ya have it! Remember, wool has many different colors allowing many possibilities, such as flags or statues. If you take about 10 minute out of your day to think about what you want your house to look like, you can start visualizing it in minecraft.
Finally, after everything else is done, I would put in the finishing touches and then you have your house! For example, you start with nothing so there’s your first mission; gather some basic resources and build yourself a shelter.
The pictures show you where different materials are shown, and i have labled them in the video, so they are very obvious and instructing.
If you're looking for a good story or don't care about being creative then it isn’t for you. Which I’m sure is partly responsible for why the Spawnlings ask so many questions about it.

It’s simply impossible to figure out everything on your own.HEXBut you did a bit of a guide on how to get started when we first reviewed it didn’t you DARREN?DARRENAffirmative Hex, I’d strongly advise any Spawnling who wants some basic tips to watch it on our website in the "Reviews" section under M for Minecraft. Video streaming websites also have guides.BAJOThey have added in achievements tho which act a bit like a tutorial. They start by encouraging you to harvest some wood, then build a crafting table and so on until eventually you’ve done just about everything. But they don’t tell you how to do anything, only that you should do it.HEXI actually think that’s a part of what makes Minecraft so addictive tho. DARRENAffirmative, as you learn how elements of the world interact you realise it's possible to create some ingenious contraptions. It spawns mobs, forces them into a death trap, then lets their loot flow down a river for us to safely collect. Genius!HEXYeah, it gets under your skin and you find yourself thinking up all sorts of structures while you’re not playing.BAJOYou can also gain experience points and levels from killing mobs now.
DARRENYes, you can now enchant armour, weapons and tools to give them all sorts of bonuses. And pro-tip spawnlings, if you build a ring of bookcases around an enchantment table like so you’ll create more powerful enchantments.HEXBut it’s annoying that there’s no way to tell what enchantment you’re about to put on your gear. You’re simply offered three random enchantments, described by some pointless symbols and how many levels worth of experience they cost. But once again there’s no way to figure out how to do it unless you go off and read some tutorials. DARRENOther recent additions include the ability to sprint which is very handy for crossing those infinite planes.
Maybe they could have sold me some items or even handed out some fetch quests or something.
It just gives such freedom to be creative in so many ways, there’s almost nothing else like it out there. So I'm giving it 9.BAJOI still feel like I’m just messing around on the beach building sandcastles, but it is the best virtual beach out there so I’m giving it 9 too.

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