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Lots of people get the idea to build a storm shelter or bunker by burying a shipping container – it’s fast, relatively inexpensive, and durable, right? Note from PJ:  I really would like to thank Ryan for giving me the permission to post this information up. I built the house so there was weight on the walls and the vibration from the bulldozer backfilling the walls caused them to crack. Ground water is going to rot that out very quickly, and fill the container, no matter how much sealant you squeeze into gaps.
This may look like a simple solution for creating an underground bunker, but the reality is that these shipping containers are not designed to be buried. The drawing below shows how the parapet wall meets with the sloped roof, note that the flashing extends up the parapet wall a minimum of 8a€?.
The second example was designed for a rainscreen application and was used on the Medina Residence (above). If you want to get the job done in a professional manner from the very beginning, we recommend you to take accurate measurements and to use quality materials. If you really want to enhance the look of the shed, we also recommend you to attach 1×4 trims to the corners of the shed.
Smart Tip: Apply several coats of exterior paint to the wooden components, if you want to protect them from decay and to enhance the look of your backyard shed. Thank you for reading our project about how to make a shed door and we recommend you to check out the rest of the projects. Whether it’s a crow, a rose, a moth, or a revolver, Malta based Custom Lids are offering some of the most distinctive and striking helmet designs currently available off the shelf. Jeff takes standard Biltwell lids and uses them as blank canvases for local artists to create stunning one-off designs. Several different designs are available for sale on their website both in the open face Bonanza and full face Gringo styles, and individual commissions are taken on request. Jeff and Rebecca will be exhibiting a selection of their helmets at the the Bike Shed III event on May 24th and 25th. Pike Brothers have built the aptly named 1935 Mechanic Bib, and these are the finest pair of dungarees I’ve owned by a long way. These are tough, and are up to the job in the garage, able to cope with the inevitable abuse. Pike Brothers have an unwavering commitment to style without ever losing sight of functionality, and this is clearly demonstrated in the 1935 Mechanics Bib. Whether it’s dirt-tracking in the Galician badlands, or bombing up Dalston Lane, the Rascal leather pants from El Solitario are the business. David Borras and Valeria Libano, the founders of the magnificently maverick El Solitario, describe their motorcycle builds as “Eclectic, one of a kind, bold and anthromorphic”, words that could be accurately applied to the Rascals.
Inspired by the cut of vintage motocross pants, these are functional, tough, durable but  supple, using Top Grain goat Nappa leather tanned in Italy. Lined in cotton plaid and reinforced at the hips, they feature knee pockets for protection if so desired. The Rascals are a welcome contrast from the generic mass produced leather bike pants, and look terrific on a tracker, a bobber, a crosser, a brat, and of course on their stunning creation The Impostor. In keeping with the lone-wolf genius of El Solitario’s bikes, the Rascals embody David and Valeria’s commitment to bold design, exquisite craftsmanship and unwavering attention to detail. A strong, durable backpack is key if you ride a bike for anything more than a Sunday blast. The bags are built in Carlisle, using traditional hand crafted manufacturing skills, including hand cutting from original patterns, hand machining and finishing and traditional saddlery work. A traditional unfussy design gives it a heritage feel, and it’s refreshingly free of flappy straps and shiny bits that populate your average backpack. The Original Brass Number 1 is built to the highest specifications from professional tool grade components. As for the helmets, their very nice but I say support your local artists and painters, theres plenty of them. There can be other justifiable reasons for carrying but you may find yourself before a magistrate trying to show what they are in relation to riding a motorcycle, is it a tool? Yeah, the law is an ass and why should we all suffer because of the idiocy of the minority? H, I’d rather take my chances with a small locking knife that cut myself to ribbons with a swiss army knife or some other novelty knife when trying to use it for something more than opening an envelope. They’re relatively inexpensive, and you can invite your friends over for a rock gathering party. I know of 1 wall that caved in after the house was built and then the walls were backfilled.

Foundation walls were used a LOT and I saw builders try to build foundation walls in the winter time quite a bit, every now and then they would cement the walls during a freeze and they would always have to redo it completely.
Naturally, there are many different types of parapets for all the different situations, materials, construction methods and climates out there. It is used at a single-ply roof membrane sloped A?a€? per foot to a gutter like on the Bainbridge Residence that we designed and built (above).
The parapet wall needs to be tall enough for both the base flashing and the cap flashing to work together and provide the required venting. Ita€™s similar to the applied siding detail in the first example, with a couple of important differences.
The Davidson Residence (above) uses a built-up a€?flata€? roof deck at the center portion of the house (the portion with the guardrails).
Building a plywood door for your shed can be done by any person with basic skills, if the main techniques and professional tools are used.
Therefore, you make the shed door using the piece of plywood that was cut out when installing the siding to the front face of the shed and 1×4 lumber. After you check if the door opens properly, you should install the hinges, as well as a strong latch. If you want to get a professional result, we recommend you to attach 1×4 jambs around the door opening and lock the components into place with screws. As you can see in the image, you just need to secure a 1×2 piece of lumber to the door header. As you probably know, the best idea is to make the door using the piece of plywood you have cut out from the front panel.
Make sure you align the trims properly before locking them into place with finishing nails and waterproof nails. Don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE our projects with your friends, by using the social media widgets. So they’re not just gallery pieces, they provide practical and handsome protection for your head.
Durable, roomy and comfortable, they spare the world from the spectacle of the mechanic’s crack (the biker version of builder’s bum) and provide numerous pockets for stashing tools and bits. I also like riding with them, as they eliminate that drafty gap between the hem of your leather jacket and the waist of your jeans.
Initially a tailor shop, during the Second World War they specialized in the production of uniforms for the US Armed Forces, combining European craftsmanship with the unmistakable profile of sturdy American menswear.  This is a tradition they carry today. Like anything made of raw selvedge denim, these just get better the more they’re worn and the harder they’re worked. Not content with creating jaw-dropping builds, they’ve turned their hands to equally stunning gear. These top quality hides are hand cut and sewn by a small local family leather-works in very limited runs.
You want to secure your kit close to your back and not have it wobbling all over the place, especially when you’re filtering in the wet on the Euston Road in rush hour.  Finding one that fits well and is up to the inevitable battering is no easy task.
Chapman use waterproof and multilayered cotton canvas, traditional Scottish tweed, military specification cotton webbing (originally used for WW2 parachutes), solid brass fittings and British made leather. The combination of traditional manufacturing skills and high quality, natural materials produces a unique finish quite unlike mass produced items. Mine has many years life left in it, and like a good leather jacket it gets better with age.
Littleton, the ‘Purveyor Of Fine Accouterments In The Americana Tradition’, was founded in 1987, from the Colonel’s personal desire to make traditionally inspired handcrafted products that can be personalized and passed down in families. If people started all going abroad to have their bikes built then we’d see a lot of small business crumble here in the UK. As you can see from the pictures below, the weight of the ground caused the curb side walls of the container to buckle in (no idea of how the road side walls looks).
Also need to build foundation footings under the foundation walls using at minimum 1 foot deep trench with rebar meshed inside and then filled with cement. I think this may have worked IF the walls had been reinforced with braces & a concrete block wall was built around it first. But the thing is, flat roofs dona€™t work very well unless theya€™re detailed correctly a€“especially here in the rainy Pacific Northwest.
For todaya€™s post wea€™re going to give you the skinny on 3 parapet designs wea€™ve found to be successful on our designs here in the northwest.
At the highest point of the sloped roof, the parapet is about 10a€? tall, at the lowest point, the parapet is about 14a€? tall. Since the rainscreen system uses a waterproof membrane behind the siding, the cap flashing at the parapet wall doesna€™t need to cover the rainscreen panels at the face.

You can adjust the design of the door by adding diagonal trims to the plywood panel, especially if you want to create a traditional barn style shed.
Work with attention and with great attention, if you want to get the job done as a professional and to prevent costly mistakes.
They produce authentic outdoor and workwear from the early to mid 20th Century using traditional manufacturing methods using premium materials to rigorous standards. Fitted at the waist via adjustable leather straps and held up with cowhide suspenders, these slim fit pants are low cut with two front zipped pockets. The straps are thick so they don’t bite, and stay taught.  It’s a perfect size, holding a 15in Macbook Pro snugly with room to fit plenty more without being too bulky.
With its origins in making rugged fishing and game bags, Chapman use the highest quality materials, sourced wherever possible in Britain. Now that can sometimes lead to problems with the peelers as a lock knife is technically not exactly legal here in the UK (and in some other parts of the world).
This knife is tiny, but unlike most little knives, it’s really tough and sharp, so very reliable. The corner posts appear to still be straight, but it’s hard to tell without getting inside and looking around. Furthermore, foundation walls cannot be used with good effect in areas like coastal plains where water tables are high because the soil is unstable and your foundation will shift causing stress cracks and eventual collapse. This is a nice detail because it keeps a crisp, clean edge profile at the top of the parapet wall. Last but not least, apply a few coats of exterior paint to enhance the look of the shed and to protect the components from decay.
Like all of Pike Brothers gear, these are premium quality and authentic to traditional designs. Pike Brothers  have close affinity to hotrods and motorcycles, and their gear embodies the vintage and custom ethos.
A knife that doesn’t lock is a liability, and a sure-fire way to cut the end of your digit off when trying to fix your ride on the side of the street. They manufacture an eclectic array of products, including luggage, shaving kits, belts, home goods and of course knives. This is a small knife, and as I said, only the most tedious of coppers would even comment on having such a thing in your ticket pocket. The knives all lock and it’s probably a lot easier to explain away to the rossers than a plain knife.
I don’t like riding about with alot of stuff on me if I can help it, so this little fella lives in my pocket and is there when I need it. The assembly is straight-forward but what complicates matters is that the roof needs to be vented. It was important for this design to be as clean and minimal as possible a€“even a 2 or 3 inch flashing return at the top would have looked visually intrusive.A  As long as the cap flashing is sloped to the roof, the additional water that gets behind the rainscreen panels is negligible.
It’s small enough to fit comfortably in the ticket pocket of your jeans, and even the most boorish of cops would have a hard time convincing anybody it was an offensive weapon.
Shut yourself in the container during daylight & squeeze ample amounts of silicone into any places you see light. The trouble with these low slopes is that the angle isna€™t enough to look intentional (like the deliberate look of a shed roof) but ita€™s too much to appear flat a€“ita€™s just sloped enough to looka€¦ well, crooked.
We wanted the look of an unencumbered simple box at the exterior, which we achieved a€“but therea€™s a lot going on behind the scenes.
It’s diminutive size has the added advantage of allowing you to navigate through the nooks and crannies of your bike. Normally you would find the venting at the soffit (the underside of the roof overhang) but thata€™s not possible with the parapet. One of the advantages of using a rainscreen at this location is that the vertical downspouts can reside behind the rainscreen panels but outside of the waterproof membrane. Instead the air is vented through the roof to the parapet walls a€“the parapet then incorporates a continuous strip vent beneath the cap flashing. The cap flashing requires a gap between the siding large enough to allow for air movement to and from the vent. The decking on top also acts much like a rainscreen in that it allows water to pass through the reveals between boards; the water is then directed to a system of gutters and downspouts. While ita€™s a circuitous route, the air is working 24-7 and wea€™ve found it to be a good system so long as the parapet walls dona€™t get too tall.

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