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Truth be told, I don’t know why anyone would use any other search engine besides Google.
Here is our guide on how to make Google your default search engine so you can stop looking at Bing, Yahoo!, or worse, Babylon. Step 1: Open the Settings panel — Launch Google Chrome and navigate to the main Settings panel by clicking the Chrome menu button (the icon depicts three stacked bars) and selecting Settings near the bottom of the resulting drop-down menu.
Step 2: Change your search engine to Google — Select Google as your default search engine from the drop-down menu within the Search section, on the far left-hand side of the page.
Step 2: Change your search engine to Google — Assuming you have the Google search engine installed, select Google and drag the search engine to the top of the list of search engines. Click the gray OK button in the bottom-right corner when finished, followed by the down arrow in the address bar before selecting Google from the list of available search engines. Step 1: Open the Preferences panel — Launch Safari and navigate to the Preferences panel by clicking Safari in the Mac OS X taskbar and selecting Preferences near the top of the resulting drop-down menu. Step 2: Change your search engine to Google — Select Google as your default search engine from the drop-down menu located to the right of Default search engine within the General tab. January 22, 2014 By Bibhuti Patnaik Leave a Comment In this tutorial you can learn How to make Google my default search engine in chrome.
Step 1: Click on Customize and control Google Chrome(present at the top right hand side, below the close button). Have you ever wondered how exactly search engine marketing works or how search engine optimization can help your business?
Search engine marketing uses search engine optimized content to make your website easier for the spiders to find and for people who are searching the web to find. If you want your website to show up higher on the search engine results page then you use to use search engine marketing and search engine optimization techniques in order to get the spiders to notice your site and put your site higher on the search engine results page. The number one rule to remember when you are planning out search engine marketing strategies or trying to figure out how use search engine optimization effectively on your website is that your website should have 100% original content.
Search engine optimization and search engine marketing is more than just taking one word or phrase and repeating it a certain number of times. Google Instant search launched by Google four days back which shows search results as you type, according to Google,Google Instant search will not only save keystrokes but also few seconds.Some users liked Google Instant some don’t we covered how to turn off Google Instant search also, here is for those who are looking to make Google Instant as default search engine in Firefox,Google Chrome and in Internet Explorer.

Google Instant feature is not yet rolled out to all users worldwide its being rolling steadily and will take weeks to complete.Google Instant works only on latest versions of Firefox, Chrome , Safari and Internet explorer.
3.Now Firefox shows “Add engine to search Bar” dialog box enter Name as “Google Instant”, keyword “Google” and click Ok . 3.Click Ok to save  and select Google Instant search engine created and click “Make default”.
2.In the URL paste Google Instant URL (right click on this link and copy link location and paste in URL entry), for Name type “Google Instant” and click “Install Search Provider”. 3.Now in Add search provider dialog box select” Make this my default search provider”   and click “Add”. If you want to choose a different search provider, or revert back to Bing, simply follow the steps above and choose a different provider from the Internet Explorer Add-on Gallery list.
And although your efforts may get derailed again in the future, at least you’ll know what to do when the time comes.
If Google is unavailable for whatever reason, click the Manage Search engines button, select it from the list of other search engines or fill out the necessary fields at the bottom of the window to add Google. Unlike most popular Web browsers, Safari only gives you three options: Google, Bing, and Yahoo! A search engine uses thousands of little bots called spiders to index the millions of web pages that are on the Internet. People who are using a search engine to look for websites will rarely click to the second search engine results page. The spiders will place your site higher on the search engine results page if the content that is on your site is original.
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Next, open Internet Explorer in Desktop mode (you’ll find it in your Desktop Taskbar by default) and head to the Internet Explorer Add-on Gallery. While Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox automatically set Google as your search engine by default, we know pesky add-ons or malware have a knack for hijacking said search engine and offering up a few of their own (we’re looking at you Babylon Search Toolbar). So every time you want to do a Google search you can just type it in the address bar and hit enter.

Search engine optimization makes it possible for a search engine’s spider to find your web page and add it to the search engine results page whenever someone does a search for a word or phrase that shows up on your website. These spiders start at the most well known websites and work backwards following links and searching for common words and phrases.
It’s crucial that your site be on the first page of the search engine results page or people will probably not find your site. When websites duplicate copy the spiders pick up on the repeated phrases and language and will sometimes not index a site at all if the spider determines that the content is too similar to the content on another site. While it’s easy to change the default search engine on the x86 desktop versions of Windows, the process is not clear on the Surface or other ARM-based Windows 8 tablets. When you re-launch it, head to the unified search and address bar and type in a search phrase. Thankfully, setting Google as your default search engine can be done in less than a minute with minimal effort and a quick trip to your browser preferences. Every page that the spiders come across with those particular words on them is indexed and saved. Note that Google is hidden from the featured items, so you’ll need to search for it to find it.
You’ll find that your new search engine (Google in our example) now displays your search results instead of Bing. Those pages are the ones that show up in the search engine results page when someone uses Google or another search engine to look for websites on a particular topic. The place where each site shows up in the search engine results page ranking is based on the content of the site, how many times particular words and phrases appear on the site and the relevance of the site to those search times.

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