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You could make a suitable base by digging down a little and laying some grit sand and then bedding some concrete flags on top of the sand, then you can point between the gaps using mortar. You could also use railway sleepers- they will last for ever almost, and usually available at fence and shed suppliers!
Would it be an idea to build the base up in a similar way to the concreting with a frame filled with earth and grit topped with flags?
I think a concrete base means you should pay rates on it, sleepers or flags and its no charge. Surely the point is that the shed has a concrete base that it sits on and is not permanently fixed? I don't think any temporary building in a garden (such as a shed or conservatory) are taken into account when determining the ratable value of a property.
I would guess that this would apply to any building that did not require planning permission to erect. We erected a shed that was on a concrete base and sited it over 1 metre away from a boundary fence to allow access to the fence and trees for pruning. I have managed to do a small bit of work on the opposite side of the same level as the shed. Peaceful, natural and soothing a€“ are all common words used in association with garden ponds. First stage in making the shed was to lays some foundations – pics posted of the pads I made previously. Whilst I liked the choice of wood I would in future make the top a lot thinner (and perhaps save the chunky look for the edges only). Having marked out I used some sleepers as giant fence posts, burying a 3rd of their length in the ground. I’ve left a gap of a couple of feet which will be planted with hedging in due course.
Reputation is everything in the building game and MD Driveways & Landscaping place a€?customer satisfactiona€™ right at the top of a long list of a€?customer-focuseda€™ values.Being proud members of both a€?Checkatradea€™ and 'Trustatrader', we are more than happy to be judged on our previous work and have former clients speak freely about their experiences with our company.

Very fortunately the timber supplier had done a good job of squaring this up so the edges all sat together with no gaps.
We have a wealth of experience when it comes to garden fencing, turfing, building shed bases and flower beds (to mention a few of our many areas of expertise) - so take no chances and give us a call today for a free quotation a€“ we think youa€™ll be pleasantly surprised. Having cut all the lengths of 25mm stock (Z) into 3 I was left with 18 pieces from which to make the legs. For the remaining mortices I had to hunt around for the screw first, dig around it and then cut of the end with a hacksaw blade . With my straight edge in place I started to make a pass with the router only to find breakout occurring on the cut. More shed styles are to be made they will all use the same image file as this shed, this is why there is still lots of blank space left to fill with extra textures. According to a regulation that I read somewhere, if a shed is erected nearer than 1 metre to a fence then it has to be dry lined or made of fire proof materials. The more observant out there will have wondered how the shed walls I built were going to stay up. Having looked around at the sheds available from the large DIY stores I decided to make my own. As part of each of the sleeper walls I have been building there are some steps also made from sleepers. 4inch screws into the base might hold the bottom but would soon fail if nothing was done at the top. A new tarmac driveway, a block paved patio or a brand new garden pond represents a sizeable investment to most people, and we make sure that not only the job gets done on time and to budget, but also, that your property looks improved and better for that investment. I got a very good price from one of our local timber merchants (perhaps they couldn’t believe how many we needed!!). Our clients appear to be very happy with their new Tarmac or Block Paved driveways which is great news as we do try very hard to please … we are can now add these new jobs to our ever-growing portfolio. The wall retaining this level is the same as for the back and upper level – made from sleepers.

Eventually I ended up with a couple of motices on each leg, 30mm wide, 50mm tall and 50mm deep. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I started each wall by building the frame on the shed base which I know is flat and level – makes checking for square etc much easier.
So, needed to make something to stop little monkeys practising their mountaneering on the stairs. It will probably cost about the same money and won’t blow away with the first gust of wind. I did eventually get all the posts up and you can see I’ve started fixing other sleepers to the front with coach bolts. Fortuitously when we removed the wet room we salvaged a number of pieces of 3×2 which I reused to make some stairgates to fit our stairs.
I was very careful to make sure I added the extra length needed for the tennons at either end of these rails. The utilisation of railway sleepers in a garden for borders or as steps or containment barriers is common practice. After knocking a couple of rooms together we were left with a very large kitchen breakfast room. The last step in completing the rails was to make a few small motices in the inside face of the rails to accept some cleats for hold on the top. The length of the top was supposed to be 1800mm at this stage but due to my problems with router breakout it ended up a couple of mm short of this. I next made the shoulder cuts and also trimmed the tennon down a bit as it looked too large (and would also mean that I would need to make a mortice 100mm deep in the breadboards!

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