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Replace the standard shopping cart wheels with the heavy-duty rubber ones, and assemble brakes. Use caution when operating the shopping cart go-cart, as it's center of balance is high and can tip over. Kids of all ages like go karts because the karts basically let kids drive in little vehicles without a license. Now you can explore terrestrial and social environments from within cleverly disguised solar powered go-kart. Designed to make genuine race car performance accessible to kart racing enthusiasts at a modest cost. I’m very excited to try this for a baby shower gift but there is one part I’m confused about!
The parts are easy to come by, and when crafted together can make a shopping cart attain quick speeds in seconds. This will involve removing the stock wheels and welding in hubs, or using an axle that has wheels attached and spins freely.
Some more powerful carts will have the possibility of driving a strong alternator, which could power any number of entertaining devices for as long as there is fuel. Cut both pieces of fabric approximately 42 x 42 inches in size and round the edges as shown. Find the center of the fabric from the top front of the cover on the fleece and measure about 12-14 inches below the front of the fleece piece. Now, use the fleece leg openings as a template, pin together, and cut them out of the top layer fabric. Fold the edges of each leg inside on both layers, pin, and then topstitch all the way around. For the side buckles, I used approximately 1 yd of webbing and just threaded it through the buttonholes and the fastening pieces for either side of the 3-point harness, and it fit tightly with the fold over threaded back through.
To me, they seem to have the deepest cart seats over the grocery stores and Walmart, and it fits great.

I have seen other patterns that do, and I just find it unnecessary, especially when you can use something soft and thick like polar fleece. A riding lawnmower is an excellent vehicle to harvest parts from, as the steering assembly can be hard to fabricate from scratch. A small engine, over one horsepower but less than ten, will drive a side-mounted chain to the rear axle or drive wheel sprocket, depending on the design. Space the leg openings 1 inch spaced on either side of this, so that there will be a 2 inch space between the leg openings as shown. With the fleece layer on top, use it as a pattern to round the edges of the woven fabric and cut off any excess to make them exactly the same. If that is confusing, simply measure a total of 20.5 inches from the top front of the cover directly centered back from the leg openings. I just pull one strap end out of the buttonhole, insert it around a back hole or part of the high chair to secure it, and rethread it back through the button hole and fasten her into the cover. With the strap, I pull it out of one buttonhole, thread it through a few of the metal bars in the seat and rethread it back through the buttonhole before I securely fasten her in. The stock mount points can be used for the rear wheel axle mount, if bicycle parts are used such as wheels, brakes, and frame sections. Having twin sprocket-driven rear wheels without an axle will enable the use of two motors, one on each wheel, linked to the same accelerator cable. With bias tape, you will sew it to one side, then fold it over and sew all around the catch everything together. Insert the strap into the bottom of the 3 point buckle and fold over approximately 1.5 inches and tack it very tightly with a “X” and box stitch around the “X”. Most complete axles manufactured for riding power equipment will have a braking system attached or available.
Imagination is key when deciding how to attach the wheels and guide the steering, as these can be arranged in numerous ways that will affect handling and braking. Therefore, from the front of the cover, the top of the leg opening will be 13 inches from it and the end will be 18 inches from the top.

The printed patterns were not my style, so I settled on this luscious chocolate made by Polartec with plenty of heft. Extreme wheelies can be possible, and the speed and power should be taken into consideration.
As long as the engine can withstand the forces of driving the axle sprocket and stay in place, then it will function well. I ironed it into a double fold self bias strip and sewed it shut along the edge, adding hook and loop tape (Velcro) to the end so that you can attach a toy, fold it over to the hook and loop and it stays securely attached.
I figured that once Sawyer was inserted, his baby cuteness compensates for the plain color. Most lawnmower engines will include a length of cable that can be positioned within reach of the cart operator, and some of those will have a "dead-man" switch for stopping the motor. When I cut my leg holes, for example, I realized I mis-measured so I trimmed a little more so it wouldn’t be lopsided. Since it is symmetrical, you can face the fabric in either direction.After cutting the easiest shopping cart cover on the block, it took me about 50 more minutes to cut and tie the fringe.
As far as I can tell, the fringe is purely decorative so I would just skip that step next time (or do it just in the front and back).
I remember spending too much money on one of these, and it was impossible to set up quickly in the cart.
Erin saysSeptember 26, 2012 at 6:53 pmI found your tutorial on pinterest and made this for my little man.

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