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We all agree that XML's primary purpose is to facilitate the sharing of data across different systems. To explain this technique, I will use a simple example to generate HTML from XML and later on look at a more useful example where we will define business objects in XML format and then generate an object layer, a data access layer, a number of tables and Stored Procedures using SCG. Lets take this sample XML students.xml where student related data like id, name, courses etc. When we have already defined our XML that will serve as the metadata for the templates, the first task we have to do is to create XSD (XML schema) from that XML file. Once you are happy with your SCG templates you can point to any XML file that conforms to your defined xsd schema and generate output.
This is an article which will let you know how to place social media links and icons like Facebook, Google+, C#Corner, Twitter etc. Now a days virtually every website has social media integration to gain more traffic on every page they have. Visual Studio Community 2015 supports multi-platform apps development for Windows, iOS, Android and more by using single IDE. View is a handler of the application which contains the look and feel of the application or you can say displays of data. Controller is a handler and it is a part of the application that handles or catches user interactions and it catches all user interactions and sends data to the related model.
Generally we need to generate different kind of reports & need to save it in MS-Excel or Ms-word Document for future Reference, Or sending emails or sharing with others. Run the applcation by pressing F5, this will open the webpage having the Griview populated with data.
I work out of my home office for Microsoft as a Principal Program Manager, aiming to spread good information about developing software, usually on the Microsoft stack.

It also shows step-by-step instructions of how to generate strongly typed objects from XSD and use it in the templates to generate text based output.
This article is based on CTP 2.7 and tries to answer how to use SmartCodeGenerator to generate output depending on XML metadata. This may look like the following:Now we are ready to write our SCG Templates with full intellisense support of the XML object in Visual Studio. The sample that is available with this article uses the following template to generate html output.
This comes with some CodeSmith templates that generate an object layer, a data access layer, and related SQL from a schema defined in the XML. Or alternatively first load the xml into Visual Studio and then press create schema, it will give you the schema of your xml file. As per your development need it allows you to build and deploy multi-platform apps or cross-platform apps on any platform for free. The MVC parts or you can say that MVC separation helps you to manage complex applications because of focusing on  only one aspect at a time.
So to acheive here I create a code for achieve this task the first one is conversion data into Excel & second one is for Word Document. CodeSmith fans might be already familiar with XmlProperty and can be already seen in a variety of examples. I thought this will be a good and quick example to show that when the XML is converted for use with SCG, it produces the same output.
I have not touched XLinq in this article, which is a very interesting subject to look at too. To Build and Debug web and cloud modern apps with the use of a free code editor that runs on multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux or OS X.

The MVC separation simplifies the group of development with your application development team. In this article I am going to illustrate how to use XML as a metadata source for SCG templates. By combining these two technologies, we can generate meaningful input & output for a system which was very complex to achieve earlier. I also used the same, which demonstrates an alternative way of retrieving & using XML data in SCG templates. In the code generation world, XML is now highly used as a metadata source to generate business objects, data access layers and even user interfaces.
The only point of concern is if we code in this way it will not give intellisense support on our XML schema during development time that I described in my first example. VS2015 Community Edition has some great features included by Microsoft and if you like coding with DOT NET framework then upgrade your current development tool with VS2015.
The other practice is to generate different application layers based on database structure, but XML is becoming more popular as it provides more flexibility in integrating logic as a metadata source for templates. For example, in this example I defined the class name and its properties, and also specified to generate a UI with a gridview component and paging support.

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