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I saw this idea over on the fabulous blog Restoration Beauty and was immediately inspired to try it on my own kitchen drawers! You guys, this was so easy, cost less than $10 to do, and I am SO THRILLED with how much better my kitchen drawers look!! I knew it had potential, and I kept thinking someday I’d get a drawer organizer for it. I saw this idea one afternoon and had my own custom wooden drawer organizer the very same day! First I removed the drawer, took everything out, and sorted everything in the drawer by type: scoops, whisks, spatulas, cutters, etc.
Lastly, we slid the organizer into the drawer and replaced the utensils in their newly organized slots. Also, I should mention, since we had the drawer out anyway, we installed full extension drawer slides, which are an absolute must for getting the most real estate out of your drawers. UPDATE June 12, 2014: Since many of you have asked how these organizers are holding up, check out comment #46 in the comments section below for photos and an update on how these drawer organizers are holding up 8 months later.
I literally was at Marshalls on Saturday trying to figure out with type of drawer organizer I wanted to get for our kitchen!
Old comment, but if someone else finds them in this position, for about $15 you can buy a hand saw and clamping miter box. Turning unused items into usable pieces of furniture is a great way to save money and create some really good-looking pieces for your room.
I was looking for cheap wooden crates for awhile and had no luck, so I decided to make my own! Now the finishing…I tried staining it with a homemade tea stain which consisted of vinegar, tea bags, and steel wool. I have spent the better half of my day looking to buy wood crates without breaking my wallet with no luck. And I’m not a big DIYer, so I’m telling you, if I have the patience to do this, I promise you can do it too!!

The problem with premade drawer organizers is that the slots are never big enough and never where I want them to be.
Then I placed everything back in the drawer, arranging it like a puzzle so they would all fit. At first I was going to use masking tape, but Kevin suggested I use Jenga blocks, and I am never one to argue with board games. I’m showing you this one because I forgot to take a photo of this step for the other drawer!
Using the drawer as a guide helped hold the shape of the dividers and keep the pieces lined up so we knew we were still on track.
We would not have been able to use that back storage slot (with the funnel and pizza cutter) without full extension drawer slides. We had to generously spray the new slides with WD-40 and open and shut the drawer about 100 times to get it opening and closing smoothly again.
I have a few kitchen drawers that are causing me much frustration – and I could not find a standard organizer that would fit everything. I’ll have to make sure I get my measures exactly right, because the store will have to do the cutting for me. The table is the Benchwright Extending Pedestal Dining Table from Pottery Barn and the chairs are the Madeleine Side Chairs from Restoration Hardware.
To make this, unscrewed all of the wooden panels (top and bottom), placed them all together, and then screwed them back in reusing those same nails. Instead of buying one of the many wood stains from the hardware store, he poured coffee on the table everyday for an entire month. It costs really low and if we overlook the problems, pallet furniture is really great choice.
Making your own platform wood bed frames are not only economical, but also allows you to add a personal touch whether you want a modern look or use an antique door to add vintage flair. I was constantly digging through junk and could never find what I was looking for in the tangle of whisks and tongs and spatulas.

And custom drawer organizers are expensive and can take awhile to come in if you custom order them.
It was okay, but you can see my knives and some of the other utensils were too big and hung over the edge of those cheap plastic trays. It’s beautiful and it makes the drawer a thousand times more functional since everything is organized and easy to reach! I like lining my drawers and being able to take this divider out will make it extremely simple! I went to Home Depot today to get the materials and they wouldn’t cut the boards for me! However, users should also be precautions because htese apllets can be a source of bacteria and this might put their family at risk. We lined the drawer with newspaper so we wouldn’t drip glue on the inside of the drawer, then glued the dividers together, using the drawer as our guide. But if we ever wanted to take them out for any reason (like to clean the drawer) they just lift right out.
We have a tiny kitchen in our apt with tiny drawers, so hopefully I’ll be able to make things fit better. We smoothed out the glue along the seams (like you would do caulk) and it dried totally clear. I can redo that part, but wondering if there might be a better glue out there or if maybe i did t f that part well enoigh.

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