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January 25, 2013 By Tricia 54 Comments I really could use some sunshine and sand right now. With a few supplies such as cardboard, hot glue, twine and pieces of driftwood, you can create your own sweet, little driftwood heart art.
If you don’t have access to driftwood, you can purchase a boxful from this shop on Etsy. When the heart was complete, I hot glued two rows of twine along the edges to hide the cardboard.
I had all intentions of making this just for Valentine’s Day, but the longer it stays on our bookcase, the more I think I want to keep it there after the holiday. Another idea for displaying your heart (WHICH by the way is PRECIOUS) is to put it on a plate stand like one you would get at Michael’s for vertical display on a table. That has to be the most beautiful collaboration with Nature I’ve seen in quite some time. I love the driftwood heart and just threw out some pieces of driftwood I picked up at the beach last year.
After sharing the whale shower yesterday, it’s only fair that we do a quick followup and show you how to make the driftwood mobile. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [11 Nov 02:00am GMT]. That particular size drift wood makes a great drawer pull to replace your store bought handles,,,on cabinets or bureaus, etc. In Denmark we hang these outside our beach houses because, traditionally, they ward of witches.

If you are not living close to the beach, making your own driftwood is a great alternative to bring this style of rustic decor to your home. You can make your own driftwood from many types of wood sticks that you can find along almost any waterway or even in your backyard. You simply chisel of the bark from your wood sticks then soak them in hot water with washing soda (like super washing soda from Arm & Hammer) for 24 hours (ratio 8 to 1).
You can find the step by step tutorial for making driftwood in the Book Coastal Crafts, and for more online tutorials, visit the sites below! To view a sea of ideas what you can make with driftwood, browse here and follow the links below!
I would LOVE to see this DIY but the blog is blocked (?) Is there a way to request permission from the blogger to view this tutorial? When you click on the download for the tutorial at the site simply fill in the two blanks and the tutorial will be sent to you. Would like to be invited to read your blog and see the tutorial on how to turn wood into driftwood….
The piece of bead board is optional, but this helps it sit upright and makes it easier to add a hook if you decide to hang it on the wall. I love using local finds :o) Was trying to make hearts out of red leaves here in Hong Kong yesterday.
I could have made a pinecone heart from all the ones in our backyard, but that probably wouldn’t have gone over so well.
Using a drill bit a little larger than the diameter of your rope, drill holes in the center of each piece of driftwood.

Alternate larger pieces and smaller pieces of driftwood until your entire mobile is complete. After the soak, scrub off any bark that has loosened during the soaking, then rinse and place on towel to dry in the sun.
Branches we got, driftwood not so much (we live on an inland lake) this little tutorial is just what the doctor ordered. Then push it through the center holes (I used a combo of pliers, a screwdriver and scissors for the pushing and pulling). Look along the peak swell lines where it is fullest in the early srping, and by summer there should be lots of dry-ish driftwood once the river has dropped.Also, as a child I used to pick driftwood along a quieter river that was mostly bounded by woods, in a non-urban setting. Even though it is great for Valentine’s Day, you could totally leave this out all year!
Alternately, this gem functions as the perfect garland for a whale themed baby shower (in my case, both!). I've been in the city shores of both of the aforementioned rivers, and no driftwood was visible. If you want to further lighten and whiten the wood, brush the pieces with some watered down white paint, using a foam brush. I think the key is rocky or sandy (not muddy) shores, and some woodland bordering it upsteam, and being out of the city and you'll find a cache.Good luck!

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