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Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowWhen we asked readers to submit their coolest, craziest, most all-consuming DIY projects, we knew we'd see some off-the-chart innovation (with video, plans and more). Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. If you're looking for creative ideas about how to store more of your tools in your workshop, you'll find a dozen great ones here! If all your tools are stuffed in plastic buckets or jumbled together in a drawer, check out these simple yet clever tool storage tips. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. In the nursery I use the fence posts driven into the ground, then I just tape the stand pipe to fence post and it works great.
I’m wondering, do y’all know how to work with PVC pipe?  You know cutting the pipe, removing burrs and ruff edges, cleaning the PVC and gluing it?  Do you know how to do all of that?  Do you need a video about how to do that? When you are making the holes through the sides for the piping, you could also make another pair of holes a little further away and slide in an axle to take a pair of cheap wheels (Harbor Freight). Great posted information mike, when you film your plant potting area can you tell us a little about what type of plant is growing in your containers . Mike great info on the sprinkler heads and I love the home made stands and your honesty about how to make it better with the fence post. I think there a lot of women out there doing the nursery by themselves who with a little direction on the PVC from you could do it without hiring someone. Just posted on another thread but was wondering if anyone knew what the gpm (gallons per minute) are on the intermittent misting system if used the way Mike says. We have an older made Carport or Boat cover unit made from 1? metal angle that is 9? x 16? x 7? high with two wheels on one end so tahe it can be moved if needed. Just a word of caution, cover them or put them inside during the Winter, otherwise the exposed plastic may become brittle. I love the idea but I am afraid if I ran a sprinkler over my garden spot I would encourage the weeds on my home sweet weed farm. Goodman's Landscape offers a full range of drainage and erosion control services in the Phoenix and surrounding areas like Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Peoria, and Glendale. Please contact us to ask about other specialty services that may be particular to your landscape. From the start to the end of your project, Goodman's has the experience and expertise to get the job done right, the first time. Since 1984, Goodman's has been providing high quality landscaping services for the Phoenix and surrounding area neighborhoods. Goodman's Landscape has provided professional yard and lawn care services in Phoenix, AZ since 1984.
When I bought my house, the gardens attached to it had reticulation in them already, which was great. Controller board is an ethernet-based single board computer that serves up its own web pages.
Sprinklers are activated from entries in my crontab on my personal file server, which is populated from a schedule entered into Google Calendar. If there has been more than a certain ammount of rain in the last few days, as seen by the nearest Weather station, the reticulation is not turned on.
Ideally it would contain a rain sensor here that it collects data from, rather than viewing the rainfall at the nearest government weather station, which is just over 6 kilometres away, but this system works well enough. I actually used a PIC experimenters kit that I built quite a few years ago as the base for the project. The valves were existing, and I just cut the pipes at the appropriate spots and inserted the solenoids. Because of the master valve, you have to open one of the other valves first (to select what to water) and then open the master valve. As the solenoids were 24VAC, you can't just hook a pin from a PIC up to them and have it work (PICs are pretty good, but that's a little out of their range).
You can see in the photos up until this point that I just bolted a lump of aluminium to the 7809 regulator on the power supply in an attempt to keep it cool. Below are two photos of the setup, one before I siliconed up all the holes, and another after the job was complete. To get the cron entries from Google Calendar, I hacked together a python script to download an iCal (.ics) version of the relevant calendar, and then parse it, and create cron entries.
A quick python module to read and write the current users crontab allowed for relatively simple modifiation of the users crontab. To determine if there was enough rain, we look at the rain for the last few days at the nearest government weather station. So I simply screen-scrape the page, tally up the rain for the last few days, and if it is over a certain threshhold, the sprinklers dont get turned on. With the old serial controller it was much harder to toggle bits, because I had to open a TCP socket to the terminal server, and then write down a series of bytes (binary values) to tell it what outputs to turn on. The sprinkler-control script itself has no means to check if there has been too much rain - as it should be; because this should be able to be called by itself, to turn the sprinklers on manually. So, for that reason, a wrapper script was written to check how much rain there was, and then turn the sprinklers on, if relevant.

The script will choose a random time period, between 1 to 3 minutes, and then choose one of the sprinkler areas to turn on (either the lawn or the back garden, the two locations where people were picking through for eggs).
This actually occured with version 1 of my sprinkler controller, but it would work with no changes in the current version of the hardware.
Since putting the system together, I've had no failures - it has always worked if it was supposed to work. After all, when it comes to welding, building, modding and wiring brainstorms into reality, who does it better than Popular Mechanics readers? The concept is all about balance: Lange positioned the batteries below the chassis's center of gravity so, like a sailboat skeg, they prevent the car from tipping over.
They'll help you organize your tools and your shop so you can find exactly what you need, when you need it.
Then all you would need to do once you have disconnected the water, is to tip the bucket onto the wheel using the fence post and wheel it to the new location. Just drive a piece of steel rebar part way into the ground and tape the upright pvc pipe to it. I knew I overlooked it.Nice sprinkler stands and I agree with you that a post next to the pipe would add strength. I just attach a small platform to the top of an 8 foot $2.00 treated post and attach a small based oscillating sprinkler to it with a hose attached, which i can extend with additional hose lenghths.
Whether you are at the beginning stage of planning your landscape or have a mature landscape, we can provide drainage system design, installation, repair and maintenance. During your consultation, we will provide you with the most efficient and cost effective drainage and erosion control solution for your landscape. Contact us today to experience the Goodman's difference for Phoenix landscape drainage and erosion control. The lawn was not reticulated, but it turns out that an appropriate hose had been placed near the lawn, but never hooked up to sprinklers. You turned on the valve that you wanted, and then the tap, and then the garden got watered. In Perth we have some serious (and much needed) water restrictions relating to the watering of gardens.
You'd have to turn them on, time them for a few minutes, and then switch to another station. You can directly view the status of the device and manually turn on stations from a web browser. The controller was a small PIC16F series microcontroller, with a simple program I found on the net. I connected the serial output to my terminal server, so that I could ethernet-enable this sprinkler controller (I have an ancient Lantronix ETS16P terminal server - it was a cheapy on Ebay).
Originally I just had the three solenoids - but I quickly found out that it was impossible to prevent the supply side from leaking, no matter what I did to it.
I had some relays sitting in my cupboard that I had pulled out of some other piece of equipment a long time ago. So I dug up a few NPN transistors, a few resistors (all spares in my cupboard), a bit of veroboard, and created the monstrosity that is my relay board. It is a neat little board - comes with a PIC18F452, a 32k serial EEPROM, RTL8019 ethernet controller.
I stuffed all the electronics into a weatherproof box, so it could be mounted outside, near the solenoids that it controls.
However, at idle, the plate still got quite hot to the touch - hot enough that I couldn't hold it with my fingers for more than a few seconds. I chose to move the capacitors into the stack too, but the ends were covered with heatshink before they were placed into the tube, to prevent any shorts.
Both cables run back to the rack in my storeroom - one was terminated at both ends with RJ45 jacks and hooked up to the ethernet switch. These pages are really simple - they just provide buttons to toggle each sector, and also a button to turn all outputs off. I was hoping to get away without having to flash the controller, but I was unable to do so. It didn't respond to the BIN command, which meant that UNIX ftp clients tried to upload the files in ASCII mode, which resulted in a broken web pages image.
The entries are in their own comment-delimited section at the bottom of the users crontab, leaving other existing entries untouched.
The Australian federal government kindly puts the last few days of observations (direct from the weather station) onto the web. As you can see, there are lots of hardcoded things in the script - bad idea - and also, all it does is write a file, whose contents is the amount of rain for the last few days, if it is over the built in threshold of 5mm. If you want to use it (in Australia, at least) you can just find your nearest weather station and replace the URL in the script with that one.
As you can see, it's pretty ugly, and uses a file to let itself know it is already turned on.
It turns out I was the one who went and hid all the eggs in my backyard, and then let everyone loose to go and find them. If the sprinklers came on, they would only be on for 5 seconds (enough to dampen people caught in it, but not waste too much water).

I actually found out afterwards that it had a bug - only the lawn sprinklers ever turned on. This year's winning inventions range from a submarine to a beer dispenser to a jet-powered go-kart, but they all have one thing in common. Turn on both 2-hp motors and the headlights, which once served as aircraft landing lights.2. Just like his electric dragster, a 2007 winner, the car is assembled from recycled parts: The front and rear differentials came from 1975-76 Pintos, the brakes are from a Yamaha motorcycle, and the steering gear is a helicopter-tail-rotor gearbox. It is very comforting to have you make the mistakes so’s we can follow on and not do the same thing. Drive the steel post in the ground, attach the hose to the coupling and fit on the top of the steel post. I only have a 165 gallon irrigation system so I need to figure out how many gallons per day I would be using. Would you drip line those, or is this new thinking which means its ok to use these stands and overhead water the entire vegetable garden? I have old muck buckets where I stick the pole after nailing in 4 nails at the bottom for grab, dump the ready mix, add water and let it harden, while keeping the pole strait with a couple of boards set against the top edge of the muck bucket. You can only water your garden two days a week, on a roster based on the last digit on your house number. So I then added the master valve, and kept whatever was on the supply side of that as tight as possible. However, I have a weakness for fairy lights - and as such have quite a number of sets of fairy lights.
The other cable had a DC power connector soldered on to it at the rack end - to prevent me trying to plug it into a RJ45 socket - and then had the transformer plugged into that.
Before I made this change, the outputs would randomly be on or off when the power was applied to the system - obviously unacceptable, as you could easily have the sprinklers turn on, and the system wouldn't realise! In the end I found one that would parse an iCal file, and then be able to answer the query, "are there any events X days from now". Fortunately, with the new ethernet controller, this is no longer a problem - all the outputs can actually be toggled with just a shell script - with the help of wget. Originally, when choosing the fireCircuit value, the range was 1,2 - which meant that it would only ever return 1.
No doubt there will be a day when it fails to work, but I'll deal with that when it happens. They deftly address a challenge—even if it's only how to get from here to there, very fast.
The steering wheel controls how much the car leans, and that determines the turning radius. This might do well for the ladies who are alone and don’t have the heft to lift a bucket of concrete.
This also keeps the transformer inside and away from the weather (it was an 'indoor only' transformer anyway).
So I do this from tomorrow up to seven days from now, and parse those events into appropriate crontab entries - absolute entries, with the date in them.
A suitable relay board can actually be purchased from Modtronix - although the board takes a SBC65 series SBC. He turned an old fire extinguisher into the casing of the combustion chamber, for example, and the outer casing of a Mitsubishi Galant catalytic converter into the flame tube inside the chamber.
The other restriction is that you have to water before 9AM, or after 6PM - and only in one of those two intervals for that day (ie, you can't water Sunday morning and Sunday night too).
I had one such set of lights where 60% of the lights stopped working (and yes, I did go through and replace globes to no avail) - so I chucked them. After installation, the system survived a 44°C day, so I figure the cooling is adequate. It still worked ok, because my lawn was very unruly at this point, so they kept finding eggs in it until they stopped looking.
In fact, another person used a SBC65 and an IOR5E board from Modtronix into a sprinkler controller of their own which is much neater than my solution. If it draws up to 1 amp of current (as it is designed to do at peak), it has to dissipate 19W of heat.
He also modified the firmware on the device to make the device enforce the on-time of the relays. At idle (say 100mA) it only dissipates 1.9W of heat - still enough to require some better heatsinking.
Still, the nearly 500-pound go-kart accelerates briskly, zooming from 0 to 60 in about 8 seconds.

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