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Posted November 12, 2014 by Bruce Kieffer & filed under More Woodworking Projects, Plans and Projects, Woodworking Projects. Glue and nail the sides to the frame, fill the brad holes with putty, and then finish sand. Making picture frames is a great way to take advantage of your woodworking skills and, as you make them and give them away, your friends will love you for it. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Storage beds are popular these days as people are becoming more of a hoarder but still wish to conceal the mess that they own. Note: This pic actually shows a longer storage platform that I created out of 2 Ikea bookshelves but the idea is pretty much the same. STEP 2: Carefully lay your bookcase on its side (you might want to enlist some help with this).
STEP 3: This next step helps keep the wooden panels locked nicely in place instead of sliding around under you while you sleep. This is a perfect and inexpensive way to store seasonal items, like sweaters that aren't used in the crazy NYC summer months! STEP 4: After your velcro is all set, flip up the wooden panels fill up your new storage bed with items you want to store. Written permission is needed for resuse of logo or images where the original owner of the work has asserted their own copyright terms.

Looking for fab things for little ones?Sign up to our weekly email to see the best of what's out there. When it comes to storage space, most New Yorkers face the same problem - we don't have any. Your DIY storage bed will consist of 3 basic components – your Ikea bookcase lying on its side, a layer of plywood, and then your mattress on top. Sure a person could buy cheap cardboard alternatives to these, but these wooden magazine storage boxes are SO much nicer, and more durable too. The heavy board I have clamped to my worktable is there to absorb the recoil from the brad nailer.
Just think of the capabilities that this provides for projects such as a cabriole leg, duck decoy, spatula, etc.
If you’re looking to reap the benefits of having a bed that does double-duty to hold all of your stuff without having to pay an arm and a leg, why not make your own? Hence, to cover it all up under the bed with this horizontal bookshelf is definitely a very clever idea that costs close to nothing especially if you already own an existing shelf. After your plywood sheets are dry, place them on top of the bookcase so that they form a platform. With your configuration set up just the way you like it, look underneath the overhang of your plywood sheets and use a pencil to mark an outline of the bookshelf on the undersides of the panels.
However, I personally think that the retrieval of the items under the mattress would be difficult because you would need to lift up all the individual pieces of plywood before you can get anything out.

In other words, it's hard to stuff another shoebox full of stuff in your apartment when your apartment is the size of one.
But one area that bandsaws generally lack in is table size, with a typical bandsaw averaging less than 3-4 square foot of real estate. Plywoods are easily obtainable from furniture or hardware stores and they do not cost a fortune either. You'll also get first dibs on exclusive discounts and offers (including those from our very own shop!).
You could easily make one in less than an hour if you skip the wood putty, the finish, and the label holder. Width wise, they should overlap the bookcase by just a few inches so that there is a lip for your fingers to catch when you need to lift them up and access your stuff.
Adhere the velcro to the top edges of your bookcase in eight equally spread out locations and then peel off the sticky backs. Read on for our DIY tutorial showing you how, and don't forget the best part - when you outgrow your home made storage bed, just flip the bed base upright and it becomes a bookcase again.
If you do apply finish, then let that dry for at least a week before inserting magazines to avoid possibly staining the magazines.

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