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Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Good attic ventilation lowers cooling bills, extends shingle life and reduces winter ice dams.
Adequate roof ventilation reduces cooling bills, extends shingle life, and prevents roof rot and ice dams in winter. Warm air that escapes living space also carries moisture that will condense on rafters or roof sheathing. Mark the roof vent locations from the attic, where you can see the rafters and avoid placing vents over them.
Staple baffles into the spaces between rafters so air flowing in through the vents can flow past the insulation.
Plan to place an equal number of soffit vents on both sides of the house, evenly spaced along the soffits. If your attic is well insulated, the insulation might be plugging the spaces between rafters just above exterior walls. Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration. We get lots of terrific tips, mods and upgrades shared over in the RV Happy Hour community.
If you would like to see a some more mods and upgrades Eddie has made to his fifth wheel, head over to his photo gallery on RV Happy Hour and you will be amazed at the projects he has tackled.
Ridge and roof vents are easier to install just prior to a roofing job, but they can also be retrofitted onto an existing roof. To install a roof vent onto existing roofing, drill a locator hole from the inside of the attic to ensure that you will not cut through a joist. As we can see that 2 most common problems caused by poor roof ventilation are due to two factors, heat and moisture.
Making these dreams come true is simpler than you thought -- print these instructions to begin!
His professional employees are very tidy and give an excellent impression and works professionally.

Roofs that have a scenic landscape of rolling hills and valleys probably have no or at the very least inadequate venting in your attic. A hot ceiling tells you that the attic is acting like a solar oven, raising your cooling bills and cooking the shingles. Look for nails and seams in the soffit that indicate framing locations, and avoid placing vents over the framing. These metal brackets support a plank that keeps you and your tools from sliding down the roof. However, this kind of vent offers a better air circulation as opposed to turbine or garble vents. I particularly liked this quick and fairly easy upgrade to the RV ventilation recently posted by RVHH member Eddie. Just installed two “mushroom” RV attic roof vents on our fiver for ventilation and keeping the moisture down in the winter. At the end I put some silicone adhesive on the top screw and one edge to keep top from popping off down the road. Some are very remarkable DIY undertakings, like for instance totally rebuilding a slide out! Measure the thickness of your attic floor insulation (or wall and ceiling insulation, if the attic is finished) and ask your building department or a home center whether you should add more. That's good to know, I was worried it might take some prepping that would stretch over a few days. So A well ventilated house roof makes the house last longer, improves energy efficiency and protects the health of the people living within it.
Eaves or little gable vents are insufficient for the amount of heat and moisture retention that your roof has to contend with all year round. If your roof peak runs parallel to the street, put them on the backside, where they'll be less prominent.
As you may be aware, these vents play a major factor in keeping your house cooler and more comfortable. Consider These Facts Before BuyingSeptember 30th, 2012Buying hvac systems online does have its benefits.

Eddie and his family live full time in their fifth wheel and have spent winters in Wyoming during extreme cold conditions. Your roof may have a ridge vent, which is a low profile, continuous vent running along the peak of the roof.
We chose rectangular, hooded roof vents and rectangular soffit vents because they're easy to install. Space vents evenly and mark the locations by driving nails up through the shingles (Photo 1). To help reduce the moisture in the attic he has installed a pair of attic vents to let the hot air out.
In the winter, your furnace is pumping hot air all day and all night, generating the same results.The reason why your roof develops lumps and bumps is because of the heat and moisture build up under your roof that cannot escape.
Wear a dust mask while working in the attic and lay planks or plywood across rafters so you don't step though the drywall ceiling below. If your house doesn't have soffits, one solution is to install roof vents near the lower edge of the roof.
The trusses and roofing material expand and contract with the changes of temperature creating a mini-rainforest atmosphere with the condensation that results out of hot air cooling inside an enclosed environment.
For better looking solutions, call a roofing supplier (look under “Roofing Materials” in the Yellow Pages). In an older home, you might also find wood blocking between rafters that needs to be cut, pried or drilled out in order to open an air passage. A natural vector current is formed that keeps air circling in your attic and allows all that hot air and moisture to escape, keeping your roof much cooler and lengthening the life expectancy significantly as well as drastically cutting your energy bills. Homeowners reap major benefits and avoid unnecessary roof repair from a professional installing a continuous ridge vent. The building code lets you reduce that by half under some conditions, but more ventilation is usually better.

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