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This is a Modified Hobbico Twinstar ARF with Magnum 30 4-Strokes and Hobbico mechanical retracts.
This was my fourth plane and first kit, a Great Planes F4U-4 Corsair with a Magnum 91 4-Stroke. This model was my second kit to build, a Top Flite DC-3 kit that I had done up as a EC-47N electronic warfare aircraft used in the Viet Nam war.
This is my 680mm MR1 Hexacopter which I custom built from carbon fiber, Delrin and fiberglass sheeting. This is a Global Kwik Fly II 60 size ARF sport plane that I use to practice formation flying with my friends.
I took a new ARF and stripped off the covering,  modified the tail to a twin tail and added the radar dome. The kit features Robart retracts, Ram landing and running lights, and two Magnum 61 4-Stroke engines. The MR1 is a multi-rotor VTOL aircraft that uses six counter-rotating propellers for propulsion. This model has four 1050 Kv motors linked to four 30 amp “Simon K” flashed ESC’s for power topped off with APC multi-rotor 10x4.5 props.
It is driven by a Astro Flight 803T brushless motor and is powered by a three cell 2100 mAh Li-Po pack. The GS-1 Project is an ongoing research collaboration between my good friend Rick Silz and myself in which we set out to explore using 3D printing in aeromodeling.

I built custom smoke headers for the Saito and they produce good smoke for a 4-Stroke engine. The jet uses a Toki .18 ducted fan power plant that barely gets it into the air but we had fun watching it lumber around. The red one is powered by the stock Super Tigre .27 CI nitro motor and the blue one has an Axial .32 racing engine which produces over three horsepower !!!
I had to move my building table into a portable shed to make room for my son in my old hobby room in the house.
On the fourth flight, I lost an engine on takeoff and fought to keep it airborne but to no avail-SMACK!!!!!
The B-25 uses two Saito FA-90T twin cylinder engines for power which add a realistic engine sound to the model. Unfortunately the Cap was destroyed when the engine quit on a low vertical climb ending it’s career.
It has a Futaba GY401 gyro, S9257 tail servo and three Hitec HS-65MG analog servos for the cyclic.
Rick and I have spent hundreds of hours designing and printing the GS-1 which is intended to be a modular FPV platform that can be duplicated on a 3D printer.
This plane is a refreshing alternative to my experience to the Cap 232 and flies like a monoplane to boot. My “old reliable” 8U radios have been my primary transmitters for years now and I still use them on the majority of aircraft in my fleet.

The shed is climate controlled and fully insulated which keeps my balsa models in top shape throughout the year.
98% of the plane’s structure is made from PLA (PolyLactic Acid) plastic which is a biodegradable thermoplastic making the GS-1 the “greenest” model I have in my collection.
The jet featured BVM Smooth Stop brakes, in-flight mixture, flaps, Oleo struts and used a total of 13 servos. The 6X is one of my very first radios to own and despite it’s limitations is still very useful for “worry free” use up on the glider hill.
The building table (center) features a one horsepower dust collection system which takes the balsa dust out of the shed, keeping a cleaner work environment.Status: Still Building !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The GS-1 is powered by two 400 watt electric motors which can propel the plane at speeds exceeding 50 miles per hour. See the Video !!!*** This model now has retractable landing gear, see the Airliner Retract Project article!!! I was able to get my AMA Turbine Waiver flying this jet and really look forward to attending future jet rallies.

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