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I am in the process of building my 3rd shed with a barn style roof (don't know the proper name) and never take the time to make a template for constructing the roof trusses to ensure they a consistent shape.
I purchased a simple tin shed to construct for a place to store my motor bike and escape the rigures of being the only male in the house. I work in construction so thought that building a shed would be a straight forward operation, I mean sheds are a lot smaller than office buildings, right? Well my problem was that I got my sequencing wrong.
Designed at just under 200 square feet including the 5' by 5' tower this little timber frame falls below most counties permit thresholds, but be sure to check. The conversion can be as affordable as you like and hardly adds any weight to your RV (by RV I mean your truck).

You could add to these tried and tested sayings; If you build a shed you will encounter problems.
The site is not very level and I'm having trouble leveling the blocks using the 8 foot 2x4 and level method. Starting from zero knowledge, learning about the task they are about to undertake and finally ending up with a serviceable storage building.
Especially if you plan to park in campgrounds where bathroom and shower facilities are available.What do you think, would a similar setup work for you while out and about exploring?Want to get great tiny-house related stories like this sent directly to your inbox?
During the course of the project you will inevitably encounter problems as part of the learning process.

He just wants to make sure that he's supporting properly so hat he wont have to disassemble it. 2 months ago Kairi Gainsborough I never considered converting a track shell into a living space before.

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