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Basement BuildoutThe concrete walls of the basement were sealed to prevent any dampness from moving through the concrete.
Wood StoveThe house is equipped with a highly rated Jotul wood stove which provides a supplemental source of heat during three seasons of the year. Wood ShedThere is a wood shed on the north side of the house which holds approximately three cords of stacked firewood. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
ANGELS CAMP, CA MAY 22: The exterior of Altaville Grammar School, a one room school house from circa 1858, on May 22, 2012 in Angels Camp, CA. Whether used for a quick “warm up” fire or weekend-long roar, the stove is well sized for the house. It features radiant heat on the first floor, hot water baseboard on the second floor, hot water wall unit in the basement family room and a water –to-water heat exchanger to heat domestic hot water. Architecture in Sirince reflects the characteristic texture of the region extending from Northern Greece to Anatolia in Turkey.

Full dormers were added on the front and back of the house and the entire roof structure was replaced. Each of the four zones is equipped with its own circulator and each is valved separately enabling circulators to be replaced without draining the system.
Door frames were substantially reinforced to prevent unlawful entry through horizontal “jacking” with a spreader device. It was installed by a master electrician with all of the requisite safety considerations on the South side of the house.
The main chimney was built with the original structure of the house and serves the oil-fired boiler. Soffit vents were installed and fiberglass insulation with vapor barriers were used throughout. All walls were covered with “DensArmor” wall board, which is similar to drywall, except that it is encased in fiberglass instead of paper which means that nothing in the basement wall structure will support the growth of mold like conventional drywall will. We mitigated this tendency by having Air and Water Quality of Freeport install an engineered water treatment system.

It serves the woodstove and is fully lined.Both chimneys are block construction with clay tile liners.
The design has been extremely effective in keeping runoff and rainwater away from the house and should be maintained by the new owner.In 2010, a major waterfront landscaping project was undertaken with a goal of reducing runoff into Pleasant Pond.
For convenience, the system was designed with a raised tank cleanout located in the front of the house. There are multiple cable outlets throughout the houseDuring the construction in 2006, we installed hardwired Cat5 ethernet cable and jacks throughout the second floor.

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