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Outdoor furnitures, barbeques, storage buildings, rattan furnitures, lay-z-spas, garden hammocks, garden arches, table tennis tables, trampolines, etc. All “Untested Returns” sold by us are sold on the condition that the merchandise will either be repaired, reworked or recycled by the purchaser to allow future resale to an end user, or alternatively will be resold as second hand in the same condition that it is purchased from us. Please note these items are all raw customer returns that have NOT been checked or tested for faults. Although the goods have been categorised, you may find a small quantity of items that do not match the main category. The experience and feedback from our customers is that 50% of the products can be sold immediately.
Our experience proves that these kinds of stocks are the best choose if you want to buy customer returns. To find a product online, just copy the name of the chosen product from the attached list and copy it to google, then click “Images.

Our price does not contain the VAT but the customers who have international VAT number can be served without VAT!
Outdoor furnitures, barbeques, garden dining sets, rattan furnitures, wooden playhouses, outdoor pools, daybeds, swings, etc. To find a product online, just copy the name of the chosen product from the attached list and copy it to google, then click “Images". Storage Shed may only look like half of a building, but it provides all you need for solving storage problems. This product is sold on the understanding that it will not be resold as ‘new’ and that any electrical products will be tested by a qualified electrician before resale.
Made from plastic with steel reinforcement for added durability, this storage shed has a distinctive front-sloping roof design so that it can be placed directly against your home or a fence in the yard.
Model changes could have occurred which may mean you receive a similar or same specification item.

It offers a skylight for added visibility, and provides space for optional shelves and tool hangers. Plus, the shed is weather-resistant and maintenance-free, so whatever's inside will remain safe and sound for as long as you need it. Keter's product range reaches a consumer base across the world, focusing on outdoor furniture and storage with a commitment to the environment.

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