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We've got everything you need to keep your garden picture perfect all year through, from hand tools to mowers and everything in between - where there's a Wilko there's a way to make your outdoor space amazing. Our great range of pet & animal care products has everything you need to keep your furry & feathered friends happy! Let your creative side out with our stationery & crafting ranges, and get organised with our files & folders. Protecting your favorite dishware can sometimes be a challenge if space is a problem in your home. Sometimes called dinnerware cases, there are plate storage boxes which look like square hatboxes with dividers in them. For a more protective take on the plate storage boxes mentioned above are the canvas quilted plate storage boxes. If you want to store your plates but need to use them on a relatively consistent basis, consider a dish storage design that will give you both accessibility, protection and looks. Lastly, if you use your prized dinnerware rather frequently but need better storage options then the kitchen cabinet, perhaps a wooden buffet table with storage capability would fit the bill.

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Plate storage means figuring out where you would like to store your dishware and what kinds of protective elements will be used to keep them safe.
These boxes provide even more protection for your prized dishes because the canvas on the outside (and sometimes inside) of the box are quilted fabric. A faux leather plate storage chest that has stackable elements provides a very protective environment for your plates but also, looks great in most any decor. The buffet would allow you to protect the dishes from every day usage but also be accessible for those special dinner occasions when you enjoy entertaining.
Place the item in an enclosed storage hutch or buffet and you will not need to purchase a whole set of plate storage boxes. This type of plate storage may have a plastic window on one side of the box so you can see what has been stored inside.

However, oftentimes, these storage devices are round and may not be as stackable as the boxes.
Perhaps they can be stacked in a corner of the dining or living room on the floor or on a low table.
This is an optimal plate storage alternative when space is limited as the boxes can be stacked. A buffet can functionally serve as a storage device but also, as a place to display food for your guests or family.

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