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After working with my internal IT department, they've determined that the simple reason I cannot get to the Lync server from my home computer is because it is not a member of the domain.
As a developer, this looks like a different version of the SSL errors I get when I visit a website that's using a misnamed certificate. You may want to check with your IT Department to see if you need to install a Cert to talk to your exchange server. If the latter, you can't just install the certificate that the Lync server is sending you, you also need to install the entire certificate chain that goes with it into your local cert repository.
Unfortunately, the answer I ended up receiving from the IT folks was "we can't figure out why it doesn't work and have no plans to further look into the issue, so use one of the two proposed approaches or don't use Lync".
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Cloud-computing is without doubt one of the big buzz words of the modern world’s technology arena. With these applications available, companies now face alternatives to on-premise and, in many cases, more resource intensive solutions. Microsoft’s flagship of cloud-based business applications is Office 365 – a comprehensive suite of business tools targeted at organizations of all sizes. Lync online is an enterprise-level IM and conferencing tool that allows users to communicate in real time using instant messages, video and audio sharing. You can invite meeting attendees from your Outlook address book or by typing in email addresses. Office Web Apps is a browser based application that allows users to view and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote directly from the browser (supported in Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox).

Office Web Apps can either be purchased with SharePoint online as a standalone solution or as part of a of an Office 365 plan (SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud based file hosting service provides Office Web Apps for consumers and small-business users). SharePoint Online is a comprehensive cloud-based web application for document management, resource sharing, collaboration and internal and external communication. In a recent blog series, FMT Consultants’ Senior SharePoint Consultant Josh Jackson exemplified how SharePoint can help organizations improve business processes within the areas of Finance, Operations, Sales and Human Resources.
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Enter your name and email address to receive monthly updates about our latest news, events and free technology resources for your business! Type the designated search term (shown above) in the Search Catalog box in the upper right corner and click Go. For technical support, contact the Enterprise Service Desk (ESD): Submit a ticket online or call 358-HELP (4357). With that thinking, I went ahead and VPNed in, grabbed the certificate it presented me with and accepted it.
Are you coming in from the internet via your home internet connection, or have you taken your computer with you to the office and plugged it into the network there? Or are they trying to just use the Front End server and making it's interfaces publically available over the internet? We went with option #2, stopped using Lync entirely, and switched our department over to Slack.
While cloud-based applications and services targeted personal users and small businesses have been around for decades (e.g. ERP, accounting and CRM systems, email and storage hosting solutions, document management applications and conferencing tools are just a few examples of the business tools now available in the cloud.

An extensive browser- based client grants users access to emails, calendar and contacts from PCs, tablets and phones. With Lync Online you can make voice calls through your computer to other Lync users within or outside of your organization, and Lync makes it easy to set up and manage meetings – either from the Lync IM Client or directly from Outlook. Additionally, Lync Online allows non-Lync users to attend meeting which makes the application suitable for company presentations, demos or other sales and marketing related webcasts. Alternatively, you can share the auto generated meeting URL via intranets, websites, social media sites, email newsletters etc.
As such, all it takes to access and edit your documents is a computer with internet connection. Users of Office Professional Plus can install the suite on up to five devices and are guaranteed to have access to the latest version of its applications. The former isn't really an option, and the latter is a solution I can make work (only connect when I really need to talk to someone; running all my traffic through the VPN is downright miserable). Hotmail, Dropbox, Google Docs), the most recent years have seen the proliferation of more complex, enterprise level applications and management tools hosted in the cloud. Exchange Online integrates seamlessly with Outlook, and easy to use and free migration tools help make the transition to Exchange Online smooth. In addition, most modern smartphones allow users to view Word, Excel and PowerPoint files using Office Web Apps.

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