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The shed is about taking a bike and making it different, making it unique and most importantly making a statement, this Honda nx650 certainly ticks all of those boxes and more. I spent over an hour looking at this bike, my thoughts on it are all over the place, there are parts that I think are pure class and others that I think; why? The donor bike was sourced from Nomade Cycles in Madrid and after giving it a thorough inspection to certify it was in good shape, Ed started to strip it down, he knew he wanted to run with a twin exhaust system and that the bike was to be skinny and nimble to give Ruben a different riding style to his current steed. Continuing the Lambretta theme, the riders seat is a modified Lambretta perch whilst the pillion seat is handmade, although I don’t see any rear footpegs, so they will have to dangle their legs, or wrap them around the rider; perhaps the later is what Ruben is hoping for! The standard rims look to have been subjected to the same treatment most kids skateboards get; plastered with cool stickers from all your favourite brands, I personally love this touch, it adds more vibrancy and uniqueness to the bike… as if it needed it! Tyres are purposeful, ready for the city yet capable of taking the rider down some loose dirt tracks when the chance arises. The original subframe was ditched and Eduardo fabricated the slender tail unit you see here, it had to house the electrics, the seats and give the exhausts their high level location, it also has a splash guard to reduce incessant air filter cleaner! For me; my favourite bits have to be the spot lamp, the rims, the tank choice and its vibrant paint scheme. Huge thanks to Eduardo for sharing, to see more of his work check out the Russell Mecanica page within the shed where we have his last 2 builds. Share this post:0000Improving the security of your bike shed is essential for ensuring that no burglar walks away with your bicycle. Rigging a motion sensor to security lights should alert you whenever any untoward activity is taking place in your yard.
This placement has the added benefit of eliminating one of the main threats to your bike, which is scouting. When selecting a bike shed, it is always important to keep in mind the secondary uses this structure will have. So now you have a well-emplaced bike shed, whose main defense is the fact that you can be easily alerted. If you have purchased the housing structure, there is a good chance that it will come with a basic set of locks and hinges.
If you have windows on your shed, and you do not use the structure as a workshop, you should obscure the windows using either cardboard, or spray paint. I would love to keep the old patina on the tank, but I am not sure what to do about the finish on the seat. This coming Friday we will be looking to make a different in the world in some ways as we repair and tinker. 1 – The unit weights over 100kg, and so I was convinced that I was buying something, and it is solid. 2 – The jack does not quite raise the table enough to lock it in the highest position! Dave { Hi Phil, I have to apologise for not responding sooner, but have only now read your comment.
Phil de Groot { Hi, Just checked out the article "shed in Ryde" (24 May 2012) on the Desmo Clinic.
If you have a small home, chances are you have a small yard… and have extra stuff to store! Joseph Sandy created this amazing reclaimed wood DIY storage shed, and it has a great write up on Houzz. This next one is simply inspiration for your existing (or the one you’re building!) storage shed… I Love This Paint! Another Pinterest inspirational find, brought to my attention by A Cultivated Nest, (Great blog!)… Who would not want this? Finally, we end with a tutorial for this simple shed, with complete downloadable plans, photos and instructions from Popular Mechanics.
Me again- I would lone the one with all the glass but I think it is beyond my capabilities.
Does anyone have any advice on how to keep pegboard hooks from coming out of the holes when the item it’s holding is removed? If you have access to the backside of the pegboard, that makes the neatest looking application because you can hide the zip part of the tie.

I love the use of recycled palettes in construction, a resource that seems to be gaining traction.
Building a bike shed out of palletsDH and I are building a bike shed out of pallets and thought you might like to have a look. The roof was made out of two huge pallets that we knocked the bottom supports off to create two squares that were made of lots of planks nailed into a support of flat planks.
We then lifted up the top layer of felt and painted on a thick strip of tar felt adhesive stuff. After the felt had been tarred, we used 'lead' flashing to bridge the gap between the roof of the shed and the house to stop water from running down the back of the shed.
All that's left now is to build the doors, to install a wall anchor to secure the bikes against and to paint it.
I use a load of pallet wood to build stuff, its great, just made a garden gate this week to keep little un in, all my raised beds are old pallets and i made some moveable planters too.
This build by Eduardo of Russell Mecanica has drawn me in; it has got me thinking not just about the bike before me but also the owner.
In addition to the paint, the skateboard… head board also wears a pair of trucks with wheels, these are being uniquely utilised to house the front indicators. In order to prevent numerous false-positive detections, both the shed and the perimeter lights could be placed in your backyard, away from the main street passing in front of your house. Thieves regularly patrol various city sectors, including suburbs, looking for easy targets. For example, if you do not plan to use it as a workshop, you can choose one that has no windows.
However, you are not always at home, and sometimes a well-deserved vacation just needs to remain stress-free. You do not want to add too many of these, since a burglar can tell the value of what is being concealed by the number of hasps they see. There are two main things that you need to do: install a basic alarm system inside, and obscure the windows (if you have any). The latter is the cheapest approach, and guarantees that no one will be able to scan the inside of the shed.
There are other things you can do to prevent theft, such as installing ground anchors inside the shed itself, and bolting the entire structure to the ground. I started working on the seat ages ago when I was making up seats from old tanks for a couple of other bikes. There is a part of me that wants to see the seat all finished in beautiful shiny new paint. It still needs some more welding and of course one day, when i decide on a Shed colour scheme it might get painted! So, the plan is to make a bench that houses the two toolboxes and incorporates the ironbark top. There is a rod that locks the table at two different heights, and I think when locked it would probably hold a good 300kgs. This will lift higher that the hydraulic one supplied, and will also be more trustworthy if you want to have the table at a height different to the two options available with the locking rod. On the whole I am happy with how solid it is and it was certainly easier than trying to make my own! Worth a look to find out a bit more about mens depression, and if you need it, to seek help. Finding a small storage shed that doesn’t look like it ate your little slice of paradise is a chore. If not, you may wish to put the zip part off to the side rather than in the way right at the hook. No need for permission to pin or to feature 1 or 2 pictures with full watermarks intact that link back to the original project.
Misdemeanour did lots of tedious measuring, tying of string between poles, working out right angles at the corners and constant use of a spirit rule to create a perfectly level, square base. We removed some of the planks and jiggled them about a bit to fill in the gaps and to make it so one plank would go across the gap in the middle of the 2 pallets.

We folded it on over the roof, leaving an overhand of about 6 inches round the back that we tacked into the pallet roof using thos little flat headed nails whose name I have conveniently forgotten. Some of these factors should be taken into account before you start building your shed, or before you purchase it.
The reason for this is that burglars have been known to use specialized tools to remove either entire sections of the shed’s walls, or to punch a hole through the roof to get to your bike.Therefore, placing the structure correctly becomes the main deterrent. It stands to reason that not giving them a target to look at is the best approach to safeguarding your possessions.
Then, even if a burglar somehow finds their way into your garden or yard, they will have nothing to look at. There are some things you can do to ensure that you’ll find your bike safe when you return home. One thing you can do if you’re handy with a drilling machine is remove the original screws, widen the holes, and then use nuts and bolts to keep everything in place.
Therefore, a single, bolted hasp should be sufficient, especially if it’s outfitted with a durable padlock.
A simple alarm will have a motion sensor, installed so that it covers both the door and the windows, and a door trigger. Additionally, this type of paint can be removed with warm water, if you want to restore the windows to their former glory.
Hopefully the result looks good, is very functional, and gets rid of a work bench that was not very useful, giving me more space in the Shed. But there are solutions that fit in a small yard, and some of these storage shed ideas have DIY tutorials as a bonus… you know, for when all those other DIY projects are done? We used 2 pieces of scaffold plank to make the bottoms of the side panels and buried them in the ground until they were level with each other. We just kept going till we'd done both sides then went over it with a jigsaw to straighten.
A nifty idea is to place it near the driveway to your home, in such a way that parking a car prevents the doors of the shed from opening at all. The walls of your shed will be solid, and provide no way for the thieves to inspect its contents.
The first thing you have to do after you finish installing your shed is to identify its main weaknesses. If your bike shed is in the back yard, you can add another padlock, but any more after that would be a waste.
The latter will set off the alarm when the door is opened without the correct signal being sent first from your remote control.
We then got stuck into the go-kart which saw a tank attached, some of the frame welded, and more work on the front steering. So, I collected some steel from the side of the road before the scrappers could get their hands on it, and started by welding up the ends of the bench. Now to see instructions for the one shown- so I don’t use all my growing space to house building. Then we hammered in 2"x2" poles into the fronts and screwed thick bits of wood into the wall using rawl plugs and screws.
Combining this approach with a number of security lights is very effective at preventing burglars from eyeing your bicycle for theft. We then screwed in a plank across the front to stop the poles from moving and provisionally nailed in planks of wood at the top of the sides for the same reason.
The poles, after being bashed 1.5 feet into the ground, were screwed into the scaffold planks. This one is a kit, which is a good option if you don’t want to go entirely DIY, but do want to save some cash.

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