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Photo provided by Johnny Arceneaux -- Adam Kimble, left, and Kenny Collins, of Slaughter and Jackson, respectively, work together on a milling machine during a machinist class they're taking at Baton Rouge Communiy College in Jackson.
Photo provided by Johnny Arceneaux -- Jason Shaw, of Walker, turns down a part on a tooling lathe while taking a machinist class at Baton Rouge Community College in Jackson. Jason Shaw, of Walker, is a mechanic by trade, but in January, he enrolled in a fast-track entry-level machinist course at Baton Rouge Community College in Jackson. The class is providing Shaw and other participants with mechanical lathe and mill training through a curriculum that includes blueprint reading, an introduction to machine tools and machine shop mathematics, bench work, drill press, basic lathe and basic mill instruction. He and his classmates have been learning to file, polish, knurl, bore, turn down tapers and cut threads on the lathe machine while on the milling machine, they’ve learned how to index, cut slots and perform pocket and angular milling. Johnny Arceneaux, administrator of the BRCC Jackson campus, said the course began in January and ends May 11.
Kenny Collins, a security officer, and Adam Kimble, a mechanic, are both residents of Jackson and say they’re looking forward to working as machinists in the Felicianas or Baton Rouge area after completion of the course, which is 75 percent shop work and 25 percent classroom instruction. Instructor Marvin Carter starts each day of the course with a focus on safety followed by the introduction of new information and techniques. Class projects are based on the same type of work done in machine shops in East and West Feliciana parishes and Baton Rouge, and students are responsible for taking a project from blueprint to finished product.
Arceneaux said BRCC likes to partner with business and industry in the Felicianas and Baton Rouge in order to provide entry-level machinists as well as train a company’s current employees. The building to the left is the original capitol building of Baton Rouge, I was expecting it have the more traditional look as other capitals do throughout the states. Above are two pictures from Baton Rouge, an oak covered street on the left and a more upscale house located inside the city.

Only two more photos here from Baton Rouge, one of the main streets in the downtown part of the city on the left, and a bar with my name on it farther out in the city limits.
After the city of New Orleans, the next best think that Louisiana has to offer is its wilderness. Advocate staff photo by HILARY SCHEINUK -- LSU shortstop Kramer Robertson (3) scoops up the ball after missing the catch hit by Grambling right fielder Diamyn Hall in the third inning, Wednesday, April 13, 2016, at LSU's Alex Box Stadium, Skip Bertman Field in Baton Rouge, La.
Francisville, works on a lathe in the machinist class he's presently taking at Baton Rouge Community College in Jackson. Francisville, sets up a metal cutting band saw to cut the stock for one of his machinist class projects at Baton Rouge Commiunity College in Jackson. Kimble works part-time as a mechanic and Collins as a security officer while taking the class.
Shaw has been able to work part-time as a mechanic while taking the class, and he'll graduate in May. Francisville, recently cut the stock for one of his projects, moving on to a drill press, mill or lathe and began machining the stock. I wasn’t expecting it to look like I castle, but it was actually once called Louisiana Castle!
Baton Rouge seems to be a relatively quiet city, especially when compared to its bigger brother New Orleans in the southeast. Parts of Baton Rouge have plenty of locally owns businesses such as Zeeland Street Market, which is a great place to get some southern soul food. He recently learned how to turn down a piece of stock on a lathe to make a pin for a bushing and pin project.

At 450 feet, it is the tallest capitol building in the United States, and the tallest building in Baton Rouge. Before the civil war, New Orleans located in southeast Louisiana was the country’s 4th largest city, and many feared that New Orleans would have a monopoly of power over the state, so the capital was moved to Baton Rouge in 1847, at the time it had only a population of 2,000 people, the total population of my high school! Outside the downtown areas, it seemed like Baton Rouge was mostly made up of chain restaurants. Even though Louisiana is in the subtropics, most trees lose all their leaves and you get the nasty dead brown forest look. These photos above were taken in December, when going through the swamps wouldn’t be so interesting. While this guy is able to swim during the winter time his cousins are hibernating through subzero temperatures in Canada.
The governor at the time when I visited was Bobby Jindal, the first governor of Indian decent in America. Below is a species of duck that I have never seen before and a large group of egrets on the lower right.
The unique roots above were along the edge of a swamp and these guys definitely deserved to have their picture taken.

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