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I’ve written several blogs on how new mobile technologies, Big Data and the emerging Internet of Things are changing how we work, and today I’d like to discuss three specific challenges faced by the warehousing and self-storage industry. The rise of mobile-first computing provides an array of opportunities to engage with the customer both more frequently and in a more relevant fashion, but also allows the customer’s experience to be made simpler and easier; all of which increase the chances of repeat business. With more commerce taking place over the internet and increasingly via mobile, it’s vital to have mobile or web apps that make purchasing simple, and which provide a native user experience across device ecosystems, such as iOS or Android, and between channels such as smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs. When a customer purchases storage space effective back-end integration should seamlessly deliver their invoice, and arrange for their item to be couriered to storage if required. I mentioned that customer engagement is enhanced through multi-channel apps, but this doesn’t simply mean resizing a smartphone app such that it looks nice on a larger screen; instead true multi-channel support means taking the user’s context into account. I can predict which one you will use in a certain location, for example you are more likely to use the PC at a desk at work or the smartphone when rushing between meetings; and this means that I can also predict what kind of user experience you will want on each device. Therefore the ability to provide access to the full processes through a simpler user experience that fits whether they are using a finger and thumb, multiple fingers or a mouse and keyboard helps increase customer engagement. Big Data is more than just the latest hype, and there are real, practical ways to use it to help your business today. This success was achieved by a global shipping and airport ground handling company I worked with after they integrated their back-office systems to better keep track of items. The ultimate goal of the Internet of Things in warehousing is the “automated warehouse” concept, but even without going that far clever use of Augmented Reality tags can provide relevant information based on the role of the person reading the tag.
The courier would scan the barcode, automatically informing the back-office that the package had been picked up and by whom.
The most obvious use of Big Data is using the increasingly vast amounts of data generated by your customers’ devices to learn about their activities and preferences, in turn allowing you to start a conversation with them around their needs and tailor your products and advertising to them. The rise of mobile and Big Data aren’t changing the face of businesses in a vacuum: the changes are a direct consequence of emerging behaviours by staff and customers who want to take advantage of new technologies. It’s always hard to predict what form these behaviours will take, since the most interesting developments tend to be the uses people find that were never envisioned by the technology’s creators. Moving beyond a “rent-a-container” model to more of a “cloud” model wherein warehousing would be used as an off-site storage provider that can be remotely managed means short-term storage becomes a possibility, as well as potentially operating as a drop-off and pick-up point for courier services, as in the Amazon boxes that are starting to appear in large cities. Having an approved location means courier deliveries can be grouped for efficiency and helps end customers who don’t have to be available and hope the courier will be on time.
Another recent phenomenon is the rise of group buying, which in the warehousing industry would allow groups of consumers or small businesses to jointly purchase storage space with the warehouse acting as the honest broker and ensuring the security and integrity of individual stored items. It’s clear that the rise of mobile, Big Data and the Internet of Things are opening a range of new opportunities in the warehousing and self-storage business.
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We deliver your portable storage unit to your door , You pack or we pack your portable storage unit We take it away same day and store it in a high security CCT monitored storage facility in Kirrawee. The Premium pack Service $35+gst per week no contracts, minimum 4 weeks, Free Protective moving blankets for your personal items. For the month of October we have a limited offer for the first 10 customers Free packing tape Free Moving cartonsNo Lifts, No stairs ,No Stress and No fuss! We sell moving cartons, wrapping paper, sticky tape, bubble wrap, matress protectors, Stretch wrap and lots more! NHS England has shared the data from NHS trustsa€™ digital maturity self-assessments, which aim to gauge their readiness for a paperless NHS. In November 2015, NHS England asked all secondary care providers to self-assess their digital maturity using a range of criteria based around meaningful use. The figures a€“ published on the myNHS website, which is still in beta a€“ describe the digital maturity at NHS trusts in England, based on their infrastructure, readiness and capabilities. At the time, NHS Englanda€™s director of digital technology, Beverley Bryant, told Computer Weekly the capabilities category would be the most difficult one to rate, as it measures clinical processes, where people rate themselves against meaningful use of the system. According to the data, Liverpool Womena€™s NHS Foundation Trust, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are among the top performers. Joining Devon in the bottom three are London Ambulance Service NHS Trust and Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation trust.

This is the first time NHS England has been able to get a full picture of how far every trust has got in terms of going digital. The number of healthcare practices using digital records is rising, yet thousands of patients are still unable to access their data.
The maturity assessments will be fed into NHS Englanda€™s Digital Maturity Index, which measures the digital maturity of NHS providers.
Together with the roadmaps and the sustainability and transformation plans, which must be completed by health and care organisations by June 2016, the digital maturity assessments will form a picture of how far organisations have to go to be paper-free at the point of care by 2020.
By March 2018, the Digital Maturity Index will become part of the Care Quality Commissiona€™s inspection regime. Two weeks into a new CIO job at a global bank, Harvey Koeppel was faced with a cybersecurity threat halfway across the globe. In today's threat landscape, proactive risk management is needed to stay on top of a surge of network and security alerts. A new view on hybrid data architectures, in which data lakes and warehouses coexist, emerged at EDW 2016. Simple Self Storage is now offering a very simple solution to storage including collection & delivery. We sell furniture blankets which you wrap your furniture with to prevent scratches and scuffs whilst in transit.
We offer convenient and flexible personal, business and student Edinburgh storage solutions, operating in a 25 mile radius of our storage centre in Newbridge on the west side of the city. Using traditional self storage services means that you have to hire a van or a removal company to get your things to the storage centre.
Your things will be stored in a sealed vault the entire time, reducing the risk of damage significantly. We understand that students in Edinburgh might not have enough things to fill up a whole vault, so instead we charge per box – at only ?1 per box per week*. We deliver packing supplies, either with your vault or, if you prefer, in advance so you can have everything packed and ready to load when the vault arrives.
Click on the blue button below to get a free storage quote. You can also use our enquiry form to send us a message. Our Edinburgh store is located only 10 minutes from the City Centre and less than 2 minutes from Edinburgh Airport. Flexistore, the self storage provider, and Tinto Architecturehave teamed up to provide you with excellent tips for renovating your home, many of which are often forgotten about during what can be a busy time!
Edinburgh has many good universities and schools to choose from, but just the city in itself and what it has to offer is already an excellent reason to choose to spend your uni years here. Simply Store London have just recently added a new mobile self storage trailer to its fleet. The trailer’s weatherproof metal construction is specifically designed to carry a 35 square foot Storage Unit so it can be delivered to your home or business for you to load your belongings in to. Mobile Storage is the latest form of Self Storage that has swept through the USA and is now rapidly expanding throughout the UK, and Simply Store London are proud to be part of this exciting new industry. If you would like a quotation today on our mobile self storage service then why not click for a Quick Quote now!
Likewise, when the customer needs to update their account details or pick up an item or have it returned, this information should be propagated through the system to where it is needed, whether this is to a courier, a warehouse manager’s inventory dashboard or back-office staff’s instructions on what to do with a particular package. Imagine if you have three devices: a laptop PC, a tablet, and a smartphone, and that you have no particular preference as to which one to use.
We are finding that consumers and business users always want a lot of functionality and deride cut-down “mobile sites” because these don’t allow them to carry out the processes they want.
Where Big Data can really help the warehousing and self-storage industry is by using data to reduce costs in areas that you may never have imagined: such as up to 90% reductions in insurance premiums from reducing losses and thefts in storage and shipments. Big Data analytics and smart, connected devices in the emerging Internet of Things make that success easier to realise for a wider range of companies. An example of this would be a barcode which is linked though an integration platform to the customer’s data in various back-end systems and a courier company.

As the courier drives to the warehouse, their GPS would allow the warehouse to know exactly where the item is and when they will arrive; so on arrival the courier can be met by a member of the warehouse staff who can again scan the item, informing the back office and the customer that it has arrived safely, as well as providing the warehouse worker with information from the inventory management system about where it has to be stored. However, while this is appealing when targeting consumers and encouraging their buying impulses, it’s less relevant to business customers and in areas where impulse buying is less likely.
That said there are a few key behaviours that could prove very useful for the warehousing and self-storage business, mostly centred around using warehousing space as highly flexible “burst capacity”. With Amazon shifting towards selling everyday items and even groceries, demand for this model is likely to increase in the near future.
The advantages are firstly the ability to offer services and hence sales to people who might not individually be big enough to be worthwhile, and also allows customers the benefits of a higher-tier service with lower entry costs. Although this is still early days for the disruption of this industry there are significant rewards to be had for early adopters, and it will be fascinating to watch this evolve. David is a successful executive manager with a proven track record as a general manager with a strong background in sales, marketing, business development and operations. It provides knowledge sharing and networking opportunities to help business technology leaders be more effective in communicating analysis and insight on information technology trends, to help the understanding of IT's role in achieving business goals.
Some have a readiness score of close to 100%, while the lowest score for readiness, given to Devon Partnership NHS Trust, is 28%. If you reside outside of the United States, you consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States.
We will then send out the driver to collect the storage pod and store it in our fully alarmed warehouse. Hiring a van means you have to produce licence documents, pay the expensive hire premiums, on top of that pay an extremely high deposit, you have to get insured and you have to top up the diesel.
We can still pick up your boxes and deliver them back to you, just like we do with the vaults. If you prefer to speak to someone, don’t hesitate to give our Edinburgh storage office a call on 0845 430 9333.
From Edinburgh - follow the A8 dual carriageway past the Airport and Ingleston show ground. Please provide us with your phone number in the field below and select when you would like to be contacted, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
You therefore no longer need to transport your goods yourself, or keep re-handling your effects over and over as you would with a traditional storage facility. By using Simply Store London’s mobile self storage service it will cut down the handling of your goods by 200%, and it will also save you an awful lot of effort. Therefore, the customer would print the barcode with the shipping label, fix it to their item, and hand it to the courier for shipment. Past experience in technology and service delivery include both UK and European responsibilities. Also you have the worry of getting a scratch on the van as the hefty deposit you paid will be lost. If you need access to your things whilst in storage, just let us know and we’ll organise it.
Notify your insurance This is all too often a forgotten step when you embark on a home renovation project.
Simply Store London will then collect your ‘Mobile Storage Unit’ or MSU and take it away to a local storage centre for safekeeping.
Taking your goods to a conventional self storage centre can also be so time consuming, but with mobile self storage you can save time and money by allowing the storage centre to come to you.
You can then load your belongings in half the time giving you the rest of the day to relax and enjoy yourself; and it will also save you having to borrow or hire in a van with all the implications of licenses, fuel and insurance costs to worry about.

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