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Pronghorns are the fastest land animal in North America and are next in line to cheetahs worldwide.
Even though many tourists visit the area because of the scenery and unique hydrothermal features, I find it astonishing how many wild animals you see when out there. In the scientific world we call this mutualism if both species benefits (birds with food, bison with free parasite removal) or commensalism if it benefits one species (birds) but not the other (bison). Back east we have a close relative called the woodchuck or ground hog; but I believe eastern marmot would be a more appropriate name.

However, red foxes in Yellowstone are native to the area and evolved in high elevations unlike many red foxes from agricultural regions that came from England. Heck, on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where I live most of the time, I rarely even see white-tailed deer.
This is because hunting is allowed even in most of the parks on Cape Cod and all the animals are in fairly low abundance and are very wary of humans.
In Yellowstone, there are eight types of ungulates, or hoofed animals, like bison, deer, and elk – and it is just about impossible not to see them when spending just a few days (or maybe even hours) in the park.

With the return of the gray wolf in 1995, Yellowstone now has all of the species that it originally had back when the early explorers first saw this region a couple hundred years ago, including the awe-inspiring grizzly bear.

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