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In 1990 Dennis Amodeo, a carpenter from Long Island, won a rather amazing VH1 giveaway: A collection of 36 Corvettes, one from each year from the model's birth in 1953 up to the then-recent 1989.
You probably remember Richard Branson's April Fool's joke about Virgin producing glass-bottomed planes. In order to best process your order, we require information such as your name, email or contact number, delivery address and payment details. Some of you may choose to store you motorbike over winter, when the cold weather and dangerous surface conditions make riding impossible.
Clean the battery and connect it to a battery tender for when you bring you bike out again in spring.
Storing a bike means preparing well and finding the right storage solution, which Asgard have made easy with their extensive range of cycle sheds, locks and garages. You don’t want moisture or condensation to collect on your bike and potentially cause rust.
Whether you want to store your Harley Davidson to protect it from the elements or store your dirt bike because you don’t have the room, we treat all motorcycles stored with the same care and respect you do.

For garageless riders, a host of companies have designed a variety of solutions to keep bikes dry, ranging from flimsy to whimsy. Cities like Tokyo and Kyoto were reportedly designed to confuse invaders with twisting, irrational angles. I wanted a shed to store my gardening equipment and decided to build my own from plan. No matter how good your storage solution is, rust will form if you allow your bike to stand for months in damp conditions. Our affordable monthly indoor motorcycle storage is the ideal service to give you the peace of mind you deserve.
However choosing the right shed or garage will go a long way towards helping you combat this problem.
When we saw it, we had one of those "why did not I think of that time." It's simple, easy, motorcycle still looks and works. Due to the close proximity from the rider’s legs to the actual exhaust, accidental melts away do occur very often.

Asgard motorcycle sheds are versatile and secure – great news for anyone looking to store their bike over the winter months. Our $69 per month indoor motorcycle storage is unbeatable, and is the best long-term and short-term indoor storage solution out there. Let's take this very basic Cervocav model from Germany, for instance:That would be neat to have in front of your building in NYC. Heavy metal floors and 5 point locking systems will ensure that your bike remains out of sight and safe from the elements, and Asgard also supplies a range of sturdy locks and chains to give you that extra security when storing your bike for winter.
Their sheds even come with optional built in electrical mounting plates for anyone requiring a well lit storage solution. By choosing an Asgard chain, lock, shed or garage, you’ll be choosing peace of mind for you and your bike this winter.

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