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We believe that our customers deserve amazing service not only from our sales staff, but also from our delivery team. If you need your shed moved across your back yard, we would simply use the mule tractor to do the job. If you need your shed transported to another address, then we would load the shed onto our trailer for the transport. Our trailer is specially made to safely move portable sheds and storage buildings.Please review the pictures below to better understand the trailer design and the runner systems that we can and cannot accommodate. If you believe that your shed can be accommodated by our equipment, please take the measurements of your building – length, width, height, as well as the measurement between the runners. It never fails, you get your shed put up and filled with stuff and then out of the blue your wife comes along with a landscaper and wants to turn your backyard upside down with intricate gardens and paths. There are many, many ways to move a shed. The easiest way to move your backyard shed is by using a crane or a forklift. A forklift is a wonderful invention that can move portable buildings such as sheds from one site to another.
If you don’t have a crane or forklift, and need to move your shed by hand, that can easily be done as well. Hint: This post will also show you what not to do, like, don’t talk on the phone while moving a shed and make sure you have enough muscle!

You can also consider moving your shed with a pickup truck and some really bad country music. Other ways to move a backyard shed include lifting it up on a flatbed truck, for longer hauls, rather than across the yard. Our delivery system is comprised of our one ton dually truck, our specialized hydraulic shed trailer, and our mule tractor. You can email the pictures, along with the measurements, the pickup address and the delivery address.
Dragging a shed with chains would work with several different mechanical implements as long as you have a fairly smooth path or only a short distance to move your shed. With the right tools, most of the time moving a shed just takes a little ingenuity, creativity and patience and it’s a snap! With a very tight turning radius and the ability to lower the building close to the ground for clearance, our highly trained installation crew can maneuver most buildings into the tightest of places.The wheels on the mule have been specially designed with wide flotation tires for the protection of your yard. If the building has joists only with no runners, then we would likely tear your building apart if we tried to move it.
We can only transport a two runner system where the runners are spaced at least 46 inches but less than 74 inches.
The time clock begins when we leave our sales center and ends when we return to our sales center.

And finally, there is an item similar to a forklift, called a mule that can move sheds into place. It allows us to transport your garden shed , Garage, or Barn across your backyard with little or no damage to your grass.Click any image for a better view Listen to our customers describe the delivery processKenneth Miller – OwnerFollow Us! Sometimes runners can be built and attached, but that is a case by case scenario and would certainly increase the cost of the move.
The essentials of this method is that you will jack up your shed and roll it along tracks with the pipes and wooden tracks. If you bought your building from us, we would like to show you our appreciation by offering you a discounted rate.
While you’re at it, why not move other unsightly items in your neighbors lawn into the trash.

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