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Is storage a problem at your house?  Do you want to put your cars in the garage and move the lawn mower, snow blower and bikes into its own home?  Look no further then The Carriage Sheds Green Garden Collection.  These Amish made structures bring style and grace to your storage. For the last month or so I’ve spent the majority of my time outside of work working on our new shed.
I got the barn door hung last night, and today I built the ramp and added some window trim. I took a lot of pictures during the construction process; some of the better ones are at this web page. Once you receive your new building begin by unpacking the pre-cut framing, doors and hardware.
Best Barns wood shed kit components fit easily into place with no special tools or skills required!
The siding is made from wood strands, pressed into a resin saturated substrate, superior to plywood. Our trusses are engineered to handle severe snow load of 40 psf (pounds per square foot) and 120 mph wind loads. For extra strength metal hurricane truss hangers are supplied to secure trusses to the exterior walls. The deluxe floor includes 4×4 treated runners which gives support for the floor joists and allows you to set the foundation directly on grass. I could do with a good couple of days down there but we had a phone call that our new shed was going to be delivered on Thursday.
We considered trying to repair the main shed but the whole base was going and we couldn’t figure what to put on the side in place of the lean-to, which had a very low roof anyway. Better still, the price included erection and with my building skills, that’s a real bonus. Having moved most of the stuff out, the next job was to disconnect the electrics, take the shelves down etc. Well the demolition took far longer than expected, especially since the lean-to was falling down.

The sheds did manage top have their revenge, I stepped on a nail that went into my big toe, straight through my trainers.
Larry had agreed to come and give a hand when the shed arrived at 6pm and my neighbour whose garden it was coming in via was about so we had the manpower. Once the base was levelled, the sides went up joined by coach bolts and nails which just left the roof. The total care stuff doesn’t seem to sink into the wood like the normal Cuprinol, so the inside of the walls and the floor will get treated with that.
Managed to make a start on the inside but the light was going so tomorrow’s job will be to finish treating the inside, paying special attention to the floor and to get the electrics back in. We’re going to fit up a dividing partition so the potatoes will be in a dark spot and I may pop some vents in as well to help with temperature control. You can make a small electric heater to just keep the frost away by fixing a light bulb in an old tin with holes in it.
I’m also going to fix an outside weatherproof socket via an RCD so I can plug in the lawn mower without running a cable through the shed. allows unlimited copying, distributing and displaying of the images of public domain artworks solely. Just the right size for any backyard and big enough for storing your tools and household items and still have room for lawn and garden equipment. If you notice any damage, make sure the driver indicates this on the delivery slip before you sign it.
This was in two sections, each 12 feet long so they weighed a ton but we managed to heave them up and then the shed chap was on the roof fixing the ridge etc.
A couple of ibuprofen with my morning tea and a hot shower restored some mobility so the outside got two good coats of Cuprinol. I know it’s a lot of fuss, not to mention a fair bit of cost, but I want this shed to last. The ideal temperature for storing potatoes is 5 degrees and you certainly don’t want them to freeze.

Images of that type of artworks are prohibited for copying, printing, or any kind of reproducing and communicating to public since these activities may be considered copyright infringement. Luckily there were no left over Cybermen or Daleks hanging around in the dark corners but there were huge numbers of Alzarian spiders. He’d never even been out of the house in his eight years of life before coming to us, so streetwise he is not.
Some parts of the main shed will become shelves in the new one and some will have another life as new compost bins. Lucky for me, my tetanus is up to date so having washed my toe and covered it in antiseptic there is a fair chance I’ll live to carry on for a while longer. We duly humped the parts in and laid the base down on bricks to give an airspace under the shed. I wouldn’t like to stand on the cheap chipboard type roofs, but this shed should survive a small nuclear weapon. It’s there total care stuff, guaranteed to keep its colour (red cedar) for five years.
Controllable vents will help and I can, if we get really cold weather, heat the small storage area.
The main shed was in better order but the floor was rotting and the side was rotting as well. Apparently allowing a good airflow underneath prevents rot and the reason the main shed’s base had rotted was lack of airflow under and the carpet on top holding in damp. Although the exterior had been treated, we wanted to match the colour in and give the shed as long a life as possible. I noticed the DIY cathedrals are all trying to flog paint sprayers but we had an old paintbrush, seemed to do the job even if it takes a little longer.

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