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For quite some time I have been wondering where the tech plays of the next few years were coming.
This means that as the movement to the cloud has come into existence, many small and medium businesses are far from making their next storage purchase or moving towards the cloud.
So keep an eye on the online storage space, all fingers point to the space being hot in the next 24 months. DisclaimerThe information provided on this site is not financial advice and I am not a financial professional.
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Online storage graphic with a blue cloud shape and a modern smartphone, a great icon for synchronizing and sharing files online. The latest technology news and reviews, covering computing, best phone, home entertainment systems, gadgets and more, Tech new online is Online shopping paradise. Long Term Reliability of the Site: Will your files be there available a year from now, five years from now?
Ease of Use: The service should be menu driven and intuitive when selecting the files and folders to be backed up. IDrive's parent company IBackup has been in business since 1999 and therefore meets the long term reliability requirement. I dropped Skydrive's ranking from #1 to #2 because of its reduced storage space, no encryption and the annoying Skydrive folder you have to use. SpiderOak avails wide range of mobile apps, these apps integrates with Hive and let you manage to view files. SugarSync is a cloud service which synchronize files across  all devices connected through SugarSync. If you are the type of personality who has lots of data stored inside your PC or laptop, on USB drive, etc.
But before you get your hands on an online storage; you need to come up with a compilation of different online storage review.
You are buying an online storage as you want your data to be placed in a more protected place. One more thing is that you will be able to see how much does it cost you if you are going to purchase it. Finally, online storage reviews will give you some insights about other products and you can start comparing at a glance. Document management has always been an issue for teams, especially teams working in fields like design and IT. With online storage, the document can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection and from a variety of Internet-enabled devices; network storage requires you to be on the network and to access it via a compatible device. You can do the same kind of thing via email, of course, but you lose some of the flexibility. The graphic arts team puts together a general layout, saving the document to an online storage site. Each member of the graphic arts team works on the document in turn, as each person completes their part of the design work (e.g.
From there, the copywriter opens the document and inserts the appropriate text in the appropriate places.
The design team is able to then review the document, and make an adjustments based on text layout. The salesperson or customer liaison can access the document throughout this process, and offer input based on customer suggestions. The final product can even be provided to the client via online storage, which can be especially useful in the case of larger files.
This is a much more streamlined process than emailing the document back and forth until the team finally gets it right. If you need more advanced collaboration options, there are online storage services that offer that as well.

A team’s effectiveness can be limited by their choice of tools While the right tools don’t guarantee a team’s success, the right tools can greatly increase efficiency, saving you time, frustration, and even money. About the Author: Eric Greenwood is a technophile whose interests include all things cloud from software as a service to online storage.
This is not an article about presenting a comparison between the three big main offerings (DropBox, SkyDrive and Google Drive). However some have noted that it is difficult to download the desktop program for Google Drive direct from Google’s webpage. While there seems to be little news on an app for Linux, there is this tutorial on how to access your Google Drive on Nautilus in Ubuntu. Update: I found this nice post with pretty charts and pictures if you want to compare and see what is the best online storage solution for you.
My name is Stephanie Krishnan and I'm passionate about the way that open source software and its community can help small businesses and individuals with their productivity and lives.
Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. We had a product stage, we had a social media craze, we had a review site craze, a 3D printing craze and now we are going to have a storage craze.
A larger majority of you have no idea the real benefits of those products in the business environment. Take the small business I was at the other day, still using a decade old server to run multiple aspects of their business.
What is great about Google is their ability to create great products and experience for their users.
If the files you upload will not be encrypted, there's nothing to stop someone from looking at your files. It is built into Windows 8 and the service is expected to be around for a long time as it's provided by Microsoft. Use Skydrive for your photos and non critical documents like kids homework, your non-financial files, and family pictures.
SugarSync is available for wide range of devices.This service will automatically refresh and sync files. You want to make sure that you are entrusting your data a renown and trustworthy company who is offering online storage.
You will have a quick look as to which one is costly, cheap and which ones offer a lot of features and worth every buck you have expend.
Every time someone opens and re-saves a document, there is the potential for a divergent version of the file to exist. You have built-in change management and quality control, simply by choosing the online storage medium. Cloud storage is one way to tackle this, with the added option of synchronising files between different computers and devices. For those that are interested in downloading this, check out the alternate download site links below.
One of the biggest arguments I get from business owners, however, is lack of support options.
Sometimes, however, it is essential to find other means of storage, especially for backups and universal availability. Have you ever calculated the cost of building out the necessary networking infrastructure just to share files in the corporate environment? What is bad about Google (and Microsoft) is that no small or medium sized business is interested in placing all their tech needs in the hands of one technology giant. It’s the moment when the tech support guy tells you your hard drive has died and your data is lost. Your first line of defense should be an external hard drive to back up your hard drive or a jump drive for your documents.
If I have heard of the service before I became editor of this category or one of our readers makes a compelling argument, the site will be considered reliable.

This includes law enforcement officials who can serve papers from a judge requesting copies of your files.
It is not open to every one on the Internet but law enforcement could obtain copies of your files without your knowledge.
Load the desktop client or upload through the web interface and begin adding folders to the Dropbox folder.
The encryption capabilities provide some peace of mind to those looking for an Online Backup Solution but concerned about privacy. In this way, you will have a sight as to what company is the most expensive or the cheapest. There are many ways to work around this, of course; one of the newest approaches involves the use of online storage. Today we have the choice between purchasing an external hard drive (USB, SAN etc.) or storing files online. Do you know the cost benefits and ease of use capabilities of these online storage companies to small and medium sized businesses? Also, the files will have to be stored on the local drive and copied to the online service. Once in the folder, Dropbox synchs the file between the PC and the cloud and any other devices that you have enabled with Dropbox including mobile and tablets.
If you will unsuccessful to back up your data, you live with the constant risk to lose it forever.
While external hard drives are not that expensive any more, they only provide access to your data if they are physically available.
Most importantly unlike the consumer purchase cycle for technology, the business purchase cycle is elongated. Add the fact that the cloud is still foreign to many business owners even in the 21st century and you have an area ripe for growth over the next five years. Quick, light and in the background, Dropbox is a must try and is my preferred Online Backup Solution. Online data storage, also known as cloud storage, is quickly replacing the external hard drives as the primary means of storing your precious data. There are some companies which offering their products at an affordable rate that do have quality product. Further in a situation where your data get compromised, for whatever reason, having the backup drive under the same roof may not be the best option.Online storage does not face the same risk as the data get moved physically to a remote location. One drawback to Dropbox is a folder named "Dropbox" which has to be created, then all the folders and files have to be moved to the "Dropbox" folder.
Using an online storage is, compared to using a local disk, much slower and depend on Internet connection speed. This is to help you retrieve or get access to the information without all the hassle or getting freaked out. There is also an element of security involved as one will be sending files to a server hosted by a company. In most cases, however risk is minimal, unless one have files that are extraordinary sensitive or valuable. In this way, wherever you are in the globe you can get hold of important data in just a matter of seconds. In this article, we will provide some important criteria for selecting an online file storage and feature some of the best available to try out.

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