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Garden sheds as you may know are excellent for storage of garden equipment; however, there are also other surprising uses of these constructions. Garden sheds are rather simple constructions, however, they can be as complex as you want them to be.
As mentioned earlier garden sheds are needed for storage of garden appliances, however, they also can be used for other purposes.
To emphasize the importance of garden sheds as construction and to fit into the context of your outdoors, you can construct a simple pathway from paving stones.
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Using garden sheds in landscaping needs basically means incorporating the architectural structure into the context of your outdoor area. In the example above you can see that a garden shed perfectly fits into the surrounding landscape and it contrasts with the lush greenery, which hides it. Alternatively you can bring unique charm to the garden shed by painting it like a house from a fairy tale, like in the example below. For example, some designers create unique garden sheds that can be used as garden home office, like the Archipod or even garden hideout for a whole family, like Polyhedron Habitable. If you think that garden shed project is quite an investment, you can make an easy project, as garden sheds don’t have to be expensive.

So, as you see there are many different ways to add charm with a garden shed to the landscape.

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