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For many dogs, there is nothing better than waking up to a fresh coating of new snow, waiting to be explored. Winter hiking or snowshoeing— If you love being outside in the snow, there’s no reason why your pup can’t come with you. Create a maze in the snow— When you are finished with the driveway, shovel paths in the snow to create mazes and run through them with your dog. Join the Naturally Well Pet Community to receive helpful pet articles, fun contests, new product alerts, special offers, and more. Tell Bella„? is a specialized dog training device that permits a dog to "tell" his owner when he needs to go outside to be a good doggy.

Keep an extra Tell Bella„? in your vehicle to use as guests in hotels or in the homes of your friends and family. I want to purchase a tell bell for my puppy Fonzi, can you please advise how I go about doing this, I live in the UK, Surrey. About Take My Paycheck is an online catalog dedicating to bringing you the latest gadgets, apparel, gifts, electronics, geeky things, toys, and more! Many cold weather breeds like American Eskimos, Shiba Inus and Huskies are in their element when it snows- but this doesn’t mean that other breeds can’t have fun in the snow as well. Dogs love new spaces and smells, so take them along the next time you go for a hike or go snowshoeing. When your dog presses down on the paw print of the Tell Bell, it rings, telling you that your dog needs to go outside.

Form snowballs from soft snow (don’t pack them hard and make sure there are no rocks or twigs), then gently toss them at the dog. Just make sure you bring plenty of water for both of you as you’ll probably work up a sweat. If you have a short haired or small dog it might be a good idea to buy him a coat or sweater to help him to stay warm while playing in the snow.

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