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All our sheds, workshops or garages are manufactured in our own workshops to the highest of standards in the old fashioned way. Framing: Heavy duty framing of 2"x2" (50 x 50mm) as standard with top and bottom rails of 2"x 1?" (50 x 38mm).
Floors: Manufactured using 12mm tongue and groove boarding as standard or 16mm boards for extra durability.
Windows: All our windows are hand made in the old fashioned way using mortice and tenon joints and secured with high quality wood glue and star dowels. Doors: Standard doors are 5'10" high x 2'6" wide (1554 x 792mm) made from 12mm tongue and groove boards on a fully framed, ledged and braced structure and hung on three galvanized tee hinges. If you are interested in a bespoke shed then please contact us to discuss your own requirements such as the layout of the building, as many permeations are possible. We are very proud of our knowledge and experience, if you have any questions on this product please let us know and we'll be pleased to help. High quality materials and clever design makes this a shed which is going to be with you for a lot of years. You might also like to see the top 20 shiplap sheds currently on sale in the UK by visiting the WhatShed shiplap sheds awards league table.
The solid sheet boarding which has been used for the pent roof is 8 mm thick which is what we would expect from a shed in this price range. This is one very smooth and high quality looking shed and that is because of the 12 mm thick, shiplap cladding that has been used for the walls. Behind those walls there is a very robust frame, actually the frame which has been used in this series of sheds is far more sturdy than we thought it would be given the price range. Windsor always give their sheds a generous coating of wood treatment, but this is just for short term protection. Like they do with the rest of their sheds, Windsor give you a ten year, anti rot guarantee with this shed. There is one large window on the shed which is a very interesting size it is also made from anti shatter styrene which if you have kids is going to be something you greatly appreciate. The door will be kept tightly shut thanks to the pad bolt, but there is no actual locking mechanism included with the shed which is something we really would have liked to have seen included. This is one of the best looking sheds that we have seen from Windsor, but it does lack privacy thanks to that gorgeous looking large window.
By using coloured wood treatment, you are ensuring the wood stays protected, but also that you are giving the shed a little bit of personality.
Windsor do not really offer any hidden extras with this shed which we appreciate, but you will have to buy a padlock if you want to be able to lock up the shed.

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our phone lines, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Each building is lovingly hand made by trained carpenters with selected, 5th grade redwood cladding on a substantial heavy duty frame. You may have additional requirements such as alternative cladding, security hinges, double doors, stable doors, heavy duty locks, security windows or skylights. If you would like to have a building built to your dimensions or specifications whether it be a small kennel or a 6 bedroom log cabin then please contact us to discuss your requirements. The walls are 12 mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding and the frame behind this is far more robust than you would expect from a shed at this price.
This type of boarding may lack the good looks of say, tongue and groove boarding, but it does its job very well and they also help keep the cost of the shed down. We really do love the look of this shed as it has such a classy and elegant look to it that will make it really stand out in your garden. It is 28 mm x 28 mm and it really does make this one very secure and strong shed that is going to be able to take quite a bit of punishment over the years from the weather, the kids and even you giving it the odd bash with the mower as you are cutting the grass.
Look we know this is not the most high quality floor in the world and while we would have loved to have seen some tongue and groove boarding, we understand the financial and design choice of selecting this floor. It will be fine during construction and perhaps even for a couple of weeks after, but you will want to give it a good coating of wood treatment shortly after you have built it. Kept in its place with top quality door hinges, the door is single braced and it is not going to start sagging on you after a few months as it is made so well. We feel that the size of this window is going to allow for plenty of natural light to get inside the shed. We feel that if this is something which is going to bother you because you plan on storing expensive things or perhaps even, you will be thinking about working inside here then a set of blinds would give you the privacy you desire. There are a number of different colours out there for you to choose from so have a little fun by making the shed a colour you like. The only thing they offer is their own installation service which is a very pricy, ?319.99.
However, following the instructions, taking your time and trying to enjoy it will make it a more pleasurable experience all around.
The dimensions of the windows are usually 18" x 24" (approx) but you can choose from other sizes. Every building is made specifically for a customer on order and is tailored to your own individual requirements. Our roofs are then covered with 20kg green roofing felt as standard however a higher quality, heavy duty felt is available as are bitumen felt tiles.

Several other options are also available; strengthened floors, partitions, and even roll on - roll off roofs. The walls have a very sleek and smooth look to them, making this something that really is going to stand and look great in your garden. The pent roof will keep your items well protected from the weather and the flooring has been backed up with some very strong, pressure treated floor joists. The room available to you inside here is just staggering with the width being, 11 feet 9 inches and the depth, 7 feet 6 inches. Covering the boards is roofing felt which is going to protect the boards and your items inside from rain and actually the boards will be able to take the weight of a lot of snow so the roof is very well weather protected.
This type of cladding has been very well made by the fine folks at Windsor and it is not going to allow any rain inside, all the while looking awesome in the process.
We must also tell you that annual treatment is required to make sure the wood stays strong and free from rot. This is not a huge expense to be honest, but it still would have been preferable for Windsor to include one with the shed. Also when you are building the shed, you can place the door and the panel with the window on it on any location on the front which is something we think is really cool about this shed. Windsor say that it should take you around 4-5 hours to build and this is what we would expect. The price of ?699.99 makes this one of the lowest priced, large sized sheds out there and this is what we feel is going to make this a huge seller for Windsor.
The amount of space inside the shed is just incredible and will allow you to use this for a number of uses ranging from general storage of items that are cluttering up the house and garden to being an actual workshop. You see this flooring is very strong in its own right, but Windsor have also used pressure treated floor joists which as well as allowing you to store many heavy items, lifts the floor off the ground. If you are a person who loves to do DIY and who enjoys pottering around the garden and has more tools than B&Q, you will be happy with this shed. This is a shed that has a very friendly and inviting appearance, this is because of the lovely looking door and wide windows which you can actually choose where they are placed on the front of the shed.
Also for a family that is sick and tired of tripping over bikes, footballs and has more toys in the house than the local toy store, you will also find this shed amazing.
6 feet 8 inches is the highest point of the shed and 5 feet 7 inches is the lowest, this we feel is more than enough.

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