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For years, Western Digital has fueled this trend by offering its My Book line of book-shaped external hard drives, giving consumers cloud-scale storage capacity of up to 4TB for as low as $180.
Some might wonder what a personal cloud is, and why it’s better for storage than a PC.
Among these devices, you may store many multimedia files, such as photos and home movies you’ve shot on your smartphones and video games, collectively consuming large space. My Cloud improves upon its My Book predecessor by adding more mobile integration, including a USB port for directly transferring digital camera files. If you are a tech geek and are up to date about the latest advancements in technology, then you might know that cloud computing and storage services are booming in the industry.
The concept of cloud storage is simple; you store your personal files and data on an internet storage server. One of the greatest benefits of creating an account with personal cloud storage servers is that you get to use the data from anywhere in the world and using any device. If you do have cloud computing enabled, you will be able to free yourself from the hassles of manually transferring data from one device to another for syncing. Cloud computing servers allow the users to select the files that they would like to backup regularly. This entry was posted in personal cloud storage and tagged Cloud Computing And Storage, personal cloud storage on October 1, 2014 by .
Home cloud storage systems are relatively new and only a selected few have completely ported to this new system.
First off, you will have to check whether the present internet connection is sufficient enough to manage a cloud system. Depending on the services you avail from the personal cloud service, you will have to opt between remote access and syncing.
Although there are several chinks in the systems that need to be ironed out, cloud storage is, without doubt, the future of computing.
This entry was posted in personal cloud storage and tagged compatible routers, personal cloud storage on September 22, 2014 by . Nowadays we can see that cloud storage and cloud storage facilitators are gaining importance like never before. The main benefits of having cloud storage accounts are that you can always access your online data from anywhere and anytime. Adding to that, cloud storage facility can always provide you with the advantages of enhanced accessibility, rapid deployment, disaster recovery purposes and reliability.  The best part is that you are able enjoy all these special features at a remarkably low storage cost. You can make your smart phones, tablets, laptop, etc compatible with your personal cloud space storage. This entry was posted in personal cloud storage and tagged Cyber security, personal cloud storage on September 16, 2014 by .
In the 21st century, information accessibility and its convenience are extremely important. With the advent of smartphones and other mobile computing devices, the dependence on cloud storage or cloud computing services has grown immensely. Actually, the wide-scale adoption of cloud services started when the use of email services increased. In the past, you could not have imagined setting up your own personal cloud, as it sounded daunting. This entry was posted in personal cloud storage and tagged App-Based Personal, personal cloud storage on August 1, 2014 by . My Cloud NAS personal cloud storage device is not equipped with a built-in fan for cooling. The key advantage of WD My Cloud NAS is that it gives you total authority over your personal data. Most third-party cloud storage providers charge you a certain amount on monthly or yearly basis. This entry was posted in cloud storage free and tagged Google Drive, personal cloud storage on July 14, 2014 by .
Online personal cloud storage solutions were expected to become the next big thing in the IT industry. Hackers are always looking for ways to steal user data from various websites online or from the user systems directly by infecting these systems, using a malware.
But, these online storage services are setup by some of the leading tech companies in the world like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc and they have the tech resources necessary to protect these data servers from hacking and malware attacks. All webmail services like Gmail, Outlook, etc also face the same amount of security risk, and they are all potential targets for hacking attacks.
You might have noticed many webmail services insisting the users to use a password that is more secure with a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, etc. Also, you will have to provide some password hints or other details, so that you can reset the password, if you ever lose or forget it.
These are just some of the tips you need to keep in mind for protecting your cloud storage account online.
This entry was posted in personal cloud storage and tagged Hacking Tools, personal cloud storage on July 7, 2014 by . If you are a user of several electronic devices, then you will definitely desire access to your information from multiple locations. This entry was posted in personal cloud storage and tagged Dial-Up Connection, personal cloud storage on June 16, 2014 by . If you browse the web, you will find numerous cloud storage options available with some of them having truly amazing features. Western Digital, one of the world’s largest computer hard disk manufactures has now announced its own external network attached storage device, My Cloud. This external hard drive comprises of a storage capacity of 2TB, which can be used to store ample information such as music, movies and other files. The Gigabit Ethernet interface allows simple connection using the Ethernet cable and helps to easily access the stored information. If you are looking for more storage option, there is also a USB 3.0 port that enables the users to connect a USB hard drive. My Cloud comprises of a dual-core processor to deliver fast file transfers and allow you to quickly access the files. With this, the users can easily upload their files from even their smartphones as well as tablets into this personal cloud storage service. WD has incorporated features in My Cloud that make it compatible with Apple Time Machine backup software.
These sophisticated features make My Cloud an inevitable external storage service for users. This entry was posted in personal cloud storage and tagged External Network, personal cloud storage on June 6, 2014 by . The evolution of smart cloud storage techniques has duly overshadowed the traditional data storage methods. American information technology research and advisory firm Gartner said that users are expected to spend around $2.2 trillion on content, devices, and services by the next year, and thus smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and PC manufacturers should act accordingly and stretch their provisions across their devices to allow users enjoy cloud benefits. Microsoft SkyDrive and Apple’s iCloud have already equipped their services with the latest technology.
No matter whether the stats are accurate or not, it is evident that all users love to be mobile at present, and cloud storage options give them that freedom. This entry was posted in personal cloud storage and tagged Cloud storage options, personal cloud storage on May 13, 2014 by . Cloud storage is not limited to office users or business oriented people alone; home users use it too and it is termed as personal cloud.
By different names such as mobile cloud storage, personal cloud storage and pocket cloud storage, personal cloud is called.
With the provision of a web interface, customers can easily transfer data and this facility is provided by PCS. External storage devices can be easily avoided with the arrival of personal cloud services and your existing data can be preserved. This entry was posted in personal cloud storage and tagged Home users, personal cloud storage on May 10, 2014 by . Save the whole thing in one place with twice the safety and Get right of entry to it from anywhere together with your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. Store, organize and back up your photos, videos, music and essential documents multi functional place. Use WD’s free apps to upload, Get right of entry to and share from anywhere together with your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.
Access from anywhere – Revel in your photos, videos, music and more from anywhere for your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Mirrored data protection – With Mirror Mode (RAID 1) as the default setting, one drive is used to store your data and the opposite is used for a duplicate copy.
Automatic file backup for Your entire computers – Easily back up the files from all of the PC and Mac computers in your house. Expand your tablet and phone storage – Upload photos and videos immediately in your personal cloud from anywhere. Unleash your media – Seamlessly stream your videos, photos and music in your attached TVs, media players, gaming consoles and other DLNA-certified devices.
Password protection for privacy – Your data is all the time secure and completely under your keep watch over. My Cloud personal cloud storage products work at the same time as with more than one operating systems including Mac OS, Win 8, iOS and Android with mobile apps. What’s within the box Personal cloud storage, Ethernet cable, AC adapter, Quick Install Guide. This item: WD My Cloud Mirror 4TB 2-bay Personal Cloud Storage - All your files saved twice.
Dropbox utilises a client-server based model, with code written in Python and supports change only updates. Amazon Cloud Drive offers much of the functionality of Dropbox, including clients for iOS, Android and Windows. Apple iCloud is Apple’s answer to the very tightly integrated cloud services Google has offered Android users, for some time. Box focuses primarily on sharing large files or groups of files between two people and as such, has become popular with businesses and other organisations who regularly need to share documents too large for email, easily. MediaFire attracts the users with their 50GB of free storage that you get, which is more than most. Google Drive, on Google based devices such as Android or Chromebook, is probably the tightest integrated service of them all.

Google Drive (or GDrive) also allows users to edit documents of varying types, natively, within the web interface and allows sharing with non GDrive users. Mega was born out of Kim Dot Com’s MegaUpload service, which grew to immense popularity a few years back, as it allowed users to share any kinds of files and was promptly turned into a haven for piracy. Unlike virtually all other services on this page, Mega is effectively just a web based file sharing and storing site and is very limited in functionality. Ubuntu One, despite its name is available to users of other operating systems other than Linux and it offers 5GB of free space.
After snagging almost 5 million in funding, last month, ownCloud is gaining popularity rapidly.
About the AuthorRodneyI'm a veteran of way too many years of IT (although I still love it) and I currently head up the techincal work over at Host One (major sponsor of this site), where I'm also a partner. If you would prefer your treasured photos, documents and media under your own control and not located on a remote cloud storage service managed by another company. The box has been specifically designed to provide users with a powerful mini server and personal cloud storage box that comes complete with embedded media management software.
The box system allows you to safely store your files and photographs and provides faster methods of locating that required image or document. The box project is currently over on the Indiegogo crowd funding website looking to raise $25,000 in pledges and still has 18 days to run on its campaign. Using you will always find the photos and files you are looking for, right when you need them.
Using you can share your photos with customers, colleagues and friends – quickly and securely.
As part of this shift, personal data storage has shifted to cloud services such as Dropbox, which grew from 100 million to 175 million users between November 2012 and July 2013.
This month, My Book received a major upgrade in the form of My Cloud, which brings personal cloud storage to a new level.
A single movie can run 1 to 2 GB, and Gartner predicts by 2016, the average consumer household will store 3.3 TB. By shifting storage from your PC or other devices to a cloud network, you expand your limits from your individual device to whatever the network’s resources allow.
Plus, if even four TB isn’t enough for you, you can sync My Cloud with services such as Dropbox for additional storage. Most of the ads that you see while surfing the internet will be related to cloud and asking users to create personal cloud storage accounts. However as a common man, you may have some doubts about the security of storing your personal data in a third party company’s server.
The data on each device will be synced automatically when you make changes to the files in the cloud. Like any other system, there are several advantages and disadvantages of running personal cloud storage system. Most internet service providers give away sufficient download bandwidth to its users, but is the upload limit good enough? By design, most routers are used to connect multiple devices on your home network to the internet. While syncing is the default choice when selecting small files, it may not be the viable option, when you need to have access 1 to 4 terabytes of space.
Before long, there will be phenomenal increase in the internet bandwidth and speed, and you will be able to enjoy true cloud experience from any terminal that is connected to the internet.
This will enable you to access your official and personal media files while you are on the go.
Accessibility of information was a difficult task earlier, but now, there are options to make information more conveniently accessible.
A network drive is physically connected to your router thereby creating a personal cloud over the internet. Thereafter, many customer storage products started offering the ability to access personal files from anywhere and on any device. Many prefer it to modern cloud storage services owing to its unique features such as higher-level privacy for data, security and affordability. If you do not want to pay the fee, you should be ready to be satisfied with the limited amount of data storage you are allotted. However, go for it only if you have to store a large quantity of data without the surveillance of anybody.
But according to cloud storage service providers, security concerns about storing data online are making many users think twice about signing up with them.
A personal cloud storage service online stands high chances of being targeted by hackers and throwing all manner of malware and virus attacks. But, you continue to use them assuming that Google or Microsoft has the necessary resources to protect your data from such attacks. Here too, you need to provide some complicated data making it difficult for someone to guess it. Before broadband, the internet available was through a dial-up connection, and if people wanted to share data or information, they burned discs, DVDs or used other physical media. Primarily, a person has the chance of accessing their data from anywhere there is internet available. As a result, it has become almost a necessity for everyone nowadays to use personal cloud storage service for storing data. With this, the users can save files through their existing cloud storage services such as Dropbox or SkyDrive here and easily access them from any device connected to their home network.
As mentioned earlier, with 2 TB of storage capacity, you can store loads of information in My Cloud and create a backup of them. Gone are the days when we had to sit for hours in front of a desktop computer to access information on any subject. Experts say that personal cloud storage is a rapidly growing sector, and it is believed that it would flourish everywhere in a few years from now.
Though data storage and backup over the cloud is not an entirely new concept, the growing popularity of the technology in the recent months hints that personal cloud storage services is on the verge of its greatest boom.
Let us wait and see how the manufacturers as well as the user community benefits from the cloud storage technology.
Users can easily store photos, videos and other items by availing the online web service by the name of personal cloud storage (PCS).
Upon completion of the upload, by availing internet connectivity and via a web portal, customers may access their files.
So now, home users have a better reason to use the internet and that is for accessing their data present on personal storage cloud. Every individual today has some precious data which needs to be stored somewhere safe and secured. Offer protection to your files with automatic file backup for Your entire PC and Mac computers. Offer protection to your own cloud from unauthorized Get right of entry to with password protection to be had for each and every user.
Being one of the earlier providers, Dropbox benefits from name recognition, a large user base and a simple and efficient user interface.
As with Dropbox, the client allows changed files to be synchronised to a centralised server and offers up to 5GB for free. Box offers good version control of documents but has also aggressively marketed itself to 3rd party apps, such as SugarCRM, gaining integration with other applications and platforms. Many Android users are pleasantly surprised to find that when they upgrade to a new phone or device, all their documents, contacts, settings, applications and even wifi passwords (among, many other things) automatically transfer to their new device – and this is in large part due to the very strong cloud services Google offers. After being shut down by American authorities, with a warranty issued for Kim Dot Com’s arrest, Mega eventually managed to find a home in New Zealand. It remains popular, however, as all files are encrypted in non-reversible encryption to which Mega does not maintain the keys, meaning users’ data remains (relatively) secure.
OneDrive is completely integrated with Windows 8 devices, offering Google like device content sharing – right down to wifi passwords and even user desktop backgrounds.
This individuals or organisations users to effectively offer as much capacity as they can afford to, on their own infrastructure.
Configuration is incredible easy and will run on shared hosting environments, making it very simple to set up. If you’re a heavy gamer or work in a field such as graphic design, you may store even more, but average PCs only provide upwards of 250 GB. Here, a vendor with large network resources rents digital access to their servers’ storage space for a flat periodic rate or a scalable fee proportionate to usage. If you believe the content on this post violates your copyright, please send us a mail for removal. We provide you with hot technology information, tools, and suggestions that help you to know the ever growing techy world better and better.
However all the devices need to be connected to the internet to get the changes seen on them. If you are interested in migrating to this system, you have to look into making certain changes before you make the jump. If you are looking for a new router, it is better to purchase a router that support Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) feature.
Since you will be dependent on the cloud service most of the time, your system and your cloud needs to be online most of the time. Be on the lookout for new breakthroughs in this field because it is just around the corner.
However, the two basic factors that make cloud storage more popular are the cloud space itself and the cyber security. You do not have to worry if your computer crashes down since your online data will always be secured in the cloud space. They are known as personal cloud storage, public cloud storage, private cloud storage and hybrid cloud storage. Now it is possible for you to store and share unlimited number of folders irrespective of their file size with your dear ones. With the increase in the number of mobile phone users now, app-based personal cloud solutions were also made available for accessing information. With the abundance of beneficial features like faster access, remote access ability, and nearly unlimited storage space that you can expand it using external storage media, setting up a personal cloud is an option worth considering.
They are now trying to convince potential customers about the excellent security features included in their cloud storage service.
By creating a very complicated password, you are adding an extra layer of security to your account.

Always, remember to use the virtual keyboard instead of the physical keyboard to protect your password from keystroke monitoring hacking tools. So, technology is advancing quite rapidly, and even the number of people who have electronic devices to store information have increased exponentially. One of the major advantages of opting for such services is that you would no longer need to worry about the storage capacity of your personal computer, smartphone or tablet. Today we live in a smart world where the option to access the required data is in our fingertips. In a recent research, it was highlighted that consumer cloud services, which facilitate users to save, synchronize, stream, and share their data over the internet, will be incorporated by over 90 percent of devices across the globe by 2015. It is interesting to note that experts are quite confident about the figures estimated by Gartner’s research despite the fact that at present only a mere 10 percent of consumers employ cloud services for data storage and synchronization. Users may avail the storage facility without paying any money but it will be valid for only limited storage and for more space, users will have to pay additional charges. From practically anywhere, if you are connected to the net, then access to your precious cloud data is possible. And with direct file uploads out of your mobile devices, Your entire essential data is safely stored for your dual-drive personal cloud, freeing up valuable space to your tablets and smartphones. Mac users, utilize all of the features of Apple Time Machine backup software to offer protection to your data.
Offering both free and paid services with a variety of plans, Dropbox has a large and loyal following, which in turn allows their marketshare to grow. Unlike Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive is integrated with other Amazon products, such as Amazon Cloud Player, allowing users to store their Amazon purchased music in their drive. Administrators can control user access controls and quotas via a web interface and it scales very efficiently.
Additionally, you can filter your media by date, GPS coordinates, size, orientation and many further characteristics. Most of the multinational companies and leaders in the IT industry are all providing cloud storage services acknowledging the scope of the sector.
It does not matter what device you are using as long as there is a high speed internet connection with the device. The cloud storage servers also allow the users to customize their service according to their specific personal computing habits.
It’s because your upload speed will throttle down the speed of your personal cloud data upload. There are times when our computers might crash down and we might not be able to retrieve back our important data. You do not have to worry about online phishing or any unauthorized cyber intrusions to your confidential data provided you have stored it on cloud space. With the advent of cloud storage service, you can see that now there is only a thin line that differentiates between work and pleasure.
One of the best advantages of personal cloud solutions is the fact that you can access the data on your home computer from anywhere in the world via a cloud server. As you can store your important data, pictures, videos and other files at one place, sharing them is as easy as connecting to the internet. You need to follow the same guidelines while creating a password for your cloud storage account.
The obvious thing is, as the number of electronic devices increases, before long their interconnectedness does too.
The stored data is regularly backed up, and will not be affected if your device is on the fritz. These cloud storage services also provide you options to access the information from any other device you wish to. Hard disks can be full with no storage space left and majority of the customers will have to sacrifice their existing data to pour in new data. Well the best to say about it is that personal cloud allows easy and quick storage of the important data along with ease of accessibility. The main purpose of a personal cloud storage service is to store personal data and allow sharing them when required.This personal data mostly includes photos, music, videos and work documents. None the less, the integration with recent iOS and OSX operating systems has improved and the product is making headway.
Whether you are a hobby snapper, a professional photographer, or working as a marketing & communications manager in a SME. When managing or editing your data, you can use the batch bulk processing function of Furthermore you need just one click to integrate a watermark in all the pictures, no matter if you are sharing five or 500 files. The main feature that cloud storage servers provide is that they allow the users to store any kind of data and provide access to the same from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection. Otherwise, you will find yourself having to configure the port settings and whatnot, every time you pair a new device to your router. This is one main reason why leading corporate companies are nowadays switching over to cloud space. Both your official and personal files can now be stored at one place and in a much secured manner. When you use other cloud services like Google Drive or SkyDrive, your data is stored on servers somewhere in the world.
Once you buy the device paying the price, you don’t ever have to pay anything additional for the cloud service. The irritating problem is that if the file needs to be modified, that would have to be done on every device, or the changed file later transferred to the same. In fact, in some of them you also get the option to edit and share your files with other users. There are so many cloud storage services offering storage plans for these files, that it’s not possible to choose a single service and claim it to be the best. Online forums are the best place to search for compatible routers that work best with personal cloud storage. On the other hand, while using WD My Cloud NAS, you have complete authority over your data because your data are stored on the cloud storage device at home. Personal cloud storage or just cloud storage is the latest technology, specifically developed to tackle this problem.
However, I’m sharing my user experience and have picked up 5 of the best personal cloud storage service you could opt for. Hackers are on the constant prowl on the internet to trespass into other’s pivotal online data. These electronic devices are PC’s, laptops, e-readers, tablets, smart phones, netbooks, smart TVs, video game consoles, MP3 players, etc. Information can be stored over the Internet and this information storage forms the basis of cloud storage. Personal cloud storage is something in which an individual purchases a certain amount of storage space for a predetermined fee; this is usually paid monthly for the maintenance of that space at a distant location, and to be able to use it from all of their personal electronic devices.
JustCloud is a UK based company which have been around for more than six years and is not just another random backup brand. JustCloud means quality service.JustCloud allows you to backup videos, music, images, documents, emails and practically any type of data.
Since they have no restriction on file type, you can store the rarest file extension with ease. JustCloud allows sharing data over multiple devices including your computer, smartphone or tablet.How did JustCloud make it to the top of the list? They offer 6 different pricing plans including 100 GB and 200 GB storage plans.The USP of Google Drive is integrated with Google Docs.
This allows you to create office documents such as spreadsheets, presentations, reports, forms or drawings right from Google Drive. If you want, you can keep these files private or expose them publicly or even share them with a specific set of contacts.Google Docs has made Google Drive absolutely free from any hassle. Google Drive is available for downloading and is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Microsoft SkyDrive offers 7 GB data storage for free along with options for further upgrading.
Just like Google Drive, SkyDrive features client software for both computer and mobile platforms. This includes Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.SkyDrive is easy to use and a very good value storage service from a highly experienced company.
Despite a little non-snazzy interface, SkyDrive can be a great personal cloud storage expanding with time beyond Windows desktop and mobile OS.
It has an extremely simple user interface and avoids all forms of complexities an advanced user might opt for. Dropbox offers 2 GB free storage upon signing up.They have a referral program using which you can increase your storage quota up to 18 GB. The best thing about Dropbox is that it offers applications for all available operating systems.
Apart from the popular OS like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Blackberry, they also support Kindle and Linux platforms! Although mostly loved by advanced users, newcomers can easily understand how to use Box with just a couple of glances.Box is one of the most widely used cloud services today and features rich collaboration tools for sharing files, organizing digital data and data access management.
The only flaw featured by Box is that it’s not a traditional backup service and can only be used for storing data, not backing up.If you’re a user requiring file syncing service and not necessarily a data backup software, Box can be an excellent choice.
Put in all your important photos, music, videos or documents in your Box account and access them from anywhere anytime. Box is an awesome service and even though it’s not one of those traditional cloud storage and backup services, it does its job pretty well.When I’m looking for a personal cloud storage service, the first and foremost thing I’d look for is convenience. Find your answer in the battle of these 4 cloud giants.Best Cloud Storage for BusinessFor maintaining an on-site data storage for your business, you need a big budget and also the right IT professionals who can manage the storage system. You'll get incredible performance for your money and benefit from unlimited cloud storage space.
We warmly invite you to our Top 10 Chart that we've crafted carefully for our friends and we thought: hey, why not publish our finding on the web!ComparisonStop looking for the right cloud storage service - Use our comparison chart!

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