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The Medical Office Building Plans published at Sunday, October 28th, 2012 was a attractive and original design. Because we love to share everything about living space design, interior decor, furniture, and also architecture design idea. After view at the picture of Medical Office Building Plans in general we can categorized the design as Decoration Ideas , personally as architecture design enthusiast I was so fascinated. Having the right estimate helps the contractor and clients in their planning and helps to reduce tension alot during construction. As industrialisation and search for better ways of construction, the need to also look at the possibilities in using steel more can’t be over emphasised. 1-Sign that most papers have been legalised for you to have an approved building plan, especially in Lagos where you must have your C of O or governor’s consent, your survey is also registered with the government.
2-Time is also a big factor, you can move to site and start working the very day you buy the land. 3-Authentication of plan- Approved plan is a pseudo authentication of your plan to meet up with basic standard. 4-You are likely to save money because for a plan to be approved the petitioner probably knows more about his ways around building approving process, unlike giving it to an inexperienced person to do it for you. 7-Of course there won’t be any form of harassment from the town planning authorities. 8-The best price – the first properties released usually go for the cheapest, because the developers need fast early sales. 11-There are fewer delays in building because some tasks can be done in tandem when the same company is doing the both the developing and construction. 12-A developer takes a long-term, holistic view of the investment allowing cost-savings passed on to the buyer. Despite some disadvantages of storey buildings, the advantages far outweighs the disadvantages. Supervising your building or executing your building project without being shortchanged is always the greatest fear of a would be owner.
Understanding that building project costs a substantial sum especially when the taste is high for a salary earner, it is imperative to minimise lost from unscrupulous contractors and nothing can be as fulfilling seeing your house grows from conceptual stage through foundation and ultimately to completion.
For a businessman or a salary earner that can only affords a leave of one month, you can be a witness in the process of building your house, however you need good planning in time,money allocation,labour and materials. For this project we will discuss a storey building and we are assuming on a fairly stable soil that can allow for a strip foundation.
To get the program of work right you must atleast have an idea of the manpower required for each task because this will help you to request for the right numbers of people else artesans will always be shut in numbers thereby prolonging the time you could have used and work will spillover to the next day. For the plan above, we will consider tasks,materials,finance required and the labour for our planning.
There are tasks that can go independently, identify such and use it to reduce your time frame, this is important in program of work. For effectiveness, provide materials for each task two days before the task therefore money must be ready and the labour calculated before the task.
You have to realise to achieve this you must be able to give an estimate for labour required for each task,the project may also cost more due to speed. The most problematic of the stages are those of concrete and woodworks, so for every other tasks, give two days to order for material, for the concrete we may need 7 days to prepare for the task..
For the window lintels, know the dimensions of the windows from the plan, cast the lintel by using a board that can accomodate the length and the allowance needed seven days before you’ll need to place the lintel. DAY6=foundation blockwork-, a bricklayer is required to lay 100 blocks per day, so know the numbers of blocks you’ll need then divide by 100.
DAY7=filling-one labourer should be able to tip one tipper load of 20tons , so for 13 trips we will need 13 labourers for our plan. Is a loadbearing member of part of a building that is usually placed over entrances, windows,arcs and other openings in the building. Lintel can be of wood,concrete,bamboo,steel etc depends on the materials for construction, for our study we are working on concrete lintel which is commonly used in the tropical region like nigeria. The lintel must bear loads that rests on it as well as its own load without deforming or breaking. To cast the concrete lintel in a building you’ll need to consider the doors,windows, beam by the entrances, beam by the entrance porch between two or more columns, ars in the interior and exterior. For the plan above, we have two options, for a building with a lot of openings you can simply run the lintel as a beam round the entire perimeter blocks, but for others with less openings the conccrete lintel should be placed ontop of openings giving allowances on right and left for the beam to rest on the supports thereby transmitting load through the blocks or whatever the vertical supports to the ground. Calculating for windows and doors openings only, check opening in sides A,B,C and D dimensions.
For each openings remember there must be an extension to allow the concrete lintel to overlap both ways. Now planks will be used to support the concrete both sides and under the concrete which is the top of the opening. Now you need to add the base of the windows which the sum is 22.08m from previous calculations, we use this because planks will also be used to brace the planks at the base of concrete.
Very good mixture for a 9” block will produce 30 pieces worst it should not exceed 50 on any account. Stone dust are also added in a proportion to give a stronger block, trying to save cost by using inadequate cement, sand ratio will weaken your walls and can lead to cracks. Laying the edge of one block on another causes cracking along the mortar line when is not broken by locking it up with other blocks, The vertical mortar line is the weakest point and should be broken by walls, straight line from top to bottom will cause cracking. One of the greatest Scourges associated with buying an Omonile land is this dreadful affliction called “OMONILE SIGNING FEES to sign a Deed of Assignment” so as to drain the pockets of Land buyers.
They invent all sorts of silly, idiotic and devilish fees to scare the buyer and make it mandatory to pay these fees no matter how absurd it sounds. These Omonile Signing fees to sign a Deed of Assignment are hardly used to develop the communities that they claim it’s for. Below is a Real Life Sample of an Omonile Demand list for Land Payments before you can take possession of your own land after you have paid Millions to Acquire it. The Lagos state Government is trying to pass a bill to stop these criminals hiding under the State Properties Protection Bill 2013 but I haven’t seen anything in the bill so far that will scare or prevent these people from extracting more money from buyers.
Bottom-line the prospects of beating this people at their game looks bleak but i have devised a way to thump them at their own game and that is playing on their Greed and employing the Divide and Rule Tactics the British used on Nigeria to Conquer us on these Omoniles so as to minimize the huge payments of these Omonile Fees. Any Omonile that holds a photocopy of a check or bank draft is already a Slave to you and is ready to do your bidding.
Also add an extra sweetener by telling the Selling Omonile that you will give him the contract to supply the blocks and cement to fence your land round but if he insists on collecting the Foundation Fee now, you would not give him the business. The reason why this method works so well is because you are working on their inner greed and the need for them to get paid immediately.

Fast Tip:Tell the Omonile that he would supply the Blocks like the ones in the picture below if he shelves the Foundation Fees now.
If it is a Seller who claims to have gotten the Omonile Signing Fees Receipt from the Seller, Force him to take you to the Omoniles to confirm the authenticity of that receipt and to introduce you as their brother or sister so that they don’t draw up a new bill. Lets all join hands to eliminate this Omonile Scams that are contributing negatively to the economy and pauperizing our wallets.
Author omionPosted on August 14, 2014Categories Uncategorized1 Comment on How To Avoid Paying The Dreaded Omonile Signing Fees Scam In Lagos And Ogun. For a tropical region, a cool interior with continuous flow of air is desirable because of high humidity and intense sunrays that generates a lot of heat which makes the occupant uncomfortable.
Providing a shade porch-A porch will help break the sunrays and reduce its penetration into the interior. You can make your windows tall on opposite sides of the room to give good cross ventilation.
You can also create a smaller opening directly up on top of the normal bigger ones in the room-This is called “stack effect” whereby hot air generated from the ground naturally moves up to be replaced by cooler air from the top this will make the air circulate better and will also reduce the temperature as new and fresh air enters from the smaller top windows into the room and replaces the hot ones closer to the ground.
High walls also help to reduce temperature, that’s why most buildings with high volume of traffic are always very high-mosque ,church , halls etc. Provide properly sized overhangs for your  windows and doors will also help in reducing heat in the home. You can also plant trees around home especially leafy or deciduous trees which will help to break the sunrays, gives cooling effect, and from your biology class emits oxygen which is useful for man and take in carbon monoxide. Use of very thick solid walls to slowly absorb heat during the day and slowly releases the heat out at night. Since sun rises from the east and sets in the west, you can easily minimize the wall space facing these sides and increase the wall space facing North and South especially when you are not limited by space. In design if block walls in the interior can be reduced to create room for  open space for air to pass.
Usage of reflective windows-You can ask specifically for reflective windows from your builder. You can also help yourself by minimizing heat generated indoors through your appliances- Select energy efficient appliances , for example energy saving bulbs will reduce heat in your home to the conventional type. By your actions too you can reduce the level of heat generated indoors by simply scheduling the use of your kitchen and laundry appliances in the cooler mornings and night. When you have  roof vents, gable vents etc in your building, the heat generated inwards will have a wider means of escaping and the cooler air too can be drawn inside.
So without further delay, here’s a list of 10 more apartment buildings either announced, proposed, or already under construction in the central, inner-city region announced in Columbus is the 41-acre Jeffrey Park community, located in Italian Village.
The George Eastman House has set up a website opposing the construction of a proposed four-story apartment building that would be built next door.
Wonderful modern apartment building plans – Modern Apartment Building Plans Design Decoration Ideas. Variations eats deep into budgets and can really destabilises entire projects when is on the negative side.
Overall they help guide and keep you focus on your project, as they help to notify you of financial implications of every decision taken concerning the project before it is executed.
Consider flooding which can slow the work,destroy some materials and jerk up the cost of construction. Settling them may take unexpected delays, material could be lost which will affect the cost.
There are more construction activities in the dry season, hence higher demands on construction materials which also raises the cost of these materials. Hence you are sure that lots of legal works have been covered for you, of course you can spend a whole year processing these documents. For a fresh design that needs to go through the process of approval, the plan may be rejected if you aren’t meeting up with their regulations, but in this case that has been taken care of, so you have more time to engage in other tasks. Once they meet their financial requirements, they often up the purchase price on the remaining properties to make up for lost profits. Not only does the buyer know who to contact, a developer also knows they’re responsible for every step of the process.
When a developer knows they are going to be building and selling the properties, it’s often easier to make decisions about planning, architecture and even landscaping. For a two storey duplex, the bedrooms are taken up while the living rooms that are accessible to visitors are left downstairs, this is good for privacy and less noise around the bedrooms. For most storey building you will need it to help transmit load from upper floor to the soil. You can easily remove plumbing pipes and replace , unlike a multistorey building that may have pipes embedded in concrete. Storey building ca be quite complex, you need a lot of engineering input and cost for expansion. The objective is to be able to build your house during your leave off work which is usually one month. The longer the openings the longer the space you should provide for the concrete to overlap. Cracks could be horizontal or vertical, the horizontal requires serious structural remedy because that may be due to uneven settlements.
Caution needs to be taking when creating these holes which are used as scaffolding else you will have crack walls or you can go for total free standing scaffolds. Clay causes movement in foundation and when the foundation is shallow it will affect the blockwall. When you fill the foundation with laterite but you didn’t ‘rammer’ or compact very well the areas with loose soil will affect the blockwall on top of it and cause cracks. Nothing inflicts greater pain and evokes more emotions as much as this topic when it comes to buying Land in Lagos or Ogun State. Truth of the matter is that it’s nothing short of a day light robbery to frustrate a buyer for their own selfish means.
When an enlightened Buyer sees in between their scams, these Community leaders or Chiefs will do everything possible to intimidate you, send thugs to scare you or beat you up, destroy or break down your fence or foundation and generally make life very uncomfortable for you violently until you pay them the money they demand from you.
Even Without you even shelling out 1 Kobo on their Land, You are required to pay over N1Million Naira for very senseless and silly things. A paltry punishment sum of N200,000 fine or 2 Years imprisonment for any person found guilty of the section on forceful possession of land is ridiculous to say the least and I am sure the Omoniles will snigger at the bill in case any buyer uses it to threaten them. I have been involved in so many Omonile Transactions for so many years and I have studied their way of life, how they think and how they react when it comes to Omonile Money issues and 80% of them follow a particular pattern. Before you buy any Land at all, ask your Agent to find out the family or community that owns the property you intend to buy. When you have finished Verifying the Land you intend to buy, let them know of your interest in it but don’t show extreme desperation.

Trust me he would go and fight on your behalf for them to forgo the fee now because he doesn’t want to lose your business. It is also an advantage for you to forgo this fee right now because even if you pay it now and you leave your land unattended to in months or years, whenever you feel you are financially buoyant to start work, you will just see another set of thugs or Families coming to demand you pay them for a new Foundation fee. To be honest when it comes to the roofing or decking Money, there is very little you can do because they are monitoring your building for you so they see everything but there is still some light at the end of the tunnel. A small token should be given to them rather in the form of drinks or presents or Brown envelope. The same principle of hot air navigating and finding ways of escape from the building through several vents and other channels.
Reflective windows reflects some percentage of  the sunray thereby reducing heat in the home. Eastman House Director Bruce Barnes said it would drastically change the look of the neighborhood. An estimator and contractor that must cut costs by reducingonly rates without change in materials may run into such problems. If you already have a lower markup, the estimate will no longer be adequate, variations must be added which will overshoot the initial budget. The property is managed and constructed from one viewpoint making it easier for the buyer and more cost effective.
Add one labourer to a bricklayer as well, that is we need 10 bricklayers and 10 labourers to serve them.
Reason you need to introduce adequate iron rods in the concrete lintel to be able to resist the compressive stress of concrete and span longer openings.
These Omoniles have devised a method to establish an alternative Land taxation system whereby they do everything possible to grab as much as they want financially from a prospective buyer. These fees they coerce buyers to shell out end up in the pockets of Village Chiefs or influential members of the community to expend for their own selfish gain.
If you go to the police to report, the police will tell you to go and settle with them, if you become stubborn, these people would forcefully take over your land till you pay up.
Some of these Families are famous for their notoriety in extorting money from innocent purchasers that runs into their Millions a times. These People are not interested in you or your well being, only the smell of your money matters to them. Tell him you still have to pay agency fees, legal fees, survey the land and this Omonile fees are a big hindrance to the transaction because it is over shooting your budget. The Smart ones amongst them will quickly tell you that you must pay the foundation fees once you attempt to construct a Fence. Your protestation that you have already paid this fee to the accredited representatives of the Family will fall on deaf ears and you must pay this new set of people before you can start work. This tip applies to buyers who are buying it from an Individual who has bought from the family previously. De la Pena said in an interview that Boston “like New York, has many residents who don’t own a car and rely on public transportation.” The proposed building is close to the Green Line of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority The architect Sebastian Mariscal begins his plans the building on top of it (again, no green space). The most chilling image in MoMA’s essential and long overdue Le Corbusier show is an aerial view of Paris from 1937, with all of the ­inconveniently tangled bits ­between the monuments neatly whited out. They are merciless, cruel, bloodsucking, greedy and downright selfish and they are not remorseful about their ways. Fuel their Interest and water their throat that you have the money to pay for the land but you are interested in negotiating the total cost of all the fees you are to pay unless you would walk away because you have other options. The Omonile at this Juncture will personally revise the Omonile fees either through a drastic reduction or outright cancellation of the Signing Fees because they don’t want to lose the full figure of the land compared to the Omonile Fees they were craving for previously.
This form of Omonile Double Taxation is very rampart and you should learn from this to avoid being their next victim.
Demand from him the receipts he previously paid to the family with regards to Omonile Fees.
Mariscal is explicitly attempting to build a green development, and so neither of these options looks like a good one. To leave room for the Louvre and Notre-Dame to HACKENSACK — The start of construction at the Meridia the Upper Main Alliance held a business expo where board member Eric Anderson announced a new Main Street project. The enlightened ones amongst them see this as a get rich quick avenue to buy new clothes, buy flashy cars to pose around town, wear swanky clothes and generally show their mates they have arrived. These Families are schooled in the Art of demanding for everything under the sun excluding the cost of the Land itself and until you do your house warming, you’re a Slave to them and a human ATM Machine.
If they are still adamant not to concede anything to you, issue them a photocopy of the check or bank draft for them to hold and tell them you are waiting for your lawyer to come and help you draw up the agreements for you.
If an Omonile or a disgruntled section of the Omoniles decides to still demand for that Omonile Signing fee, it would lead to an internal squabble amongst themselves to coerce the person or group to see the bigger picture with respect to the full cost of the Land they are about to miss if they stand their grounds for that Omonile Fee. Tell them you will never buy a land and leave it unattended to without fencing it and if they want to bully you to pay Foundation money to them as Fencing Money, then know they don’t wish you well and you can take your money to another place. Only pay the reduced and agreed Omonile fees once and pay it only when you want to start serious work on the land so that you know you’re paying to only one family instead of 2 or more Fictitious Families.
If he says he has lost them or he didn’t pay the Omoniles, use that as a veritable bargaining chip to cut the price he intends to sell the land to you because he is pushing you into the Lion’s den alone.
He said his realty company, Alexander Anderson Real Estate Group, had worked with a project that brings modern design to the oil patch. This stirs up some form of jealousy in the other communities and they quickly set up a committee to draft a higher price list that should cripple the buyer financially who is interested in buying a land in their community. If they don’t hear from you after a day or 2, they will bombard you with phone calls asking you when you are coming to pay. Because he wants to close the deal, he will concede to the price so that you use that amount saved to settle the Omoniles. Design an James Scalo says there are many important facets to marketing an apartment building other than providing a place to live.
David Monnich has started construction in Encinal, between Laredo and Cotulla off of Interstate 35, on what will eventually be a 70-unit apartment complex made from recycled shipping containers. That belief is why he seems oddly happy when he stands in the two-level garage at Brix on 26, a new 87-unit apartment building in the Midway through the restoration of a stately old top-floor apartment in one of St Petersburg’s fashionable neighbourhoods, the owner swiveled to adopt an entirely new plan. If you can avoid buying in those areas that have a checkered past please look for alternatives. Mensik said HomeWorks manages more than 250 single-family rental homes in the area for Menora.

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