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Unfortunately, the 2 x6 legs are inherrently more unstable than a 3x3 or 4x4 post would be. Can you tell me what other adjustments to the measurment and cuts would be neccessary to accomaadte 3x3 post legs insead of the 2x6 as listed in these plans.
Hi Cristina, I haven't had any complaints about sturdiness from anyone else, so I think the plan is fine. If there is still a wobble, you can corner brace the legs with either metal 90 degree corners or a piece of wood cut at an angle (check out the underside of a table to see how corners are braced).
It should come as no surprise that I used plans from the queen of furniture building, Ana White. October 19, 2015 By Beckie Leave a Comment A few summers ago, the Shanty 2 Chic sisters built a large farmhouse style outdoor table with a fancy x-design base.
This is called the Fancy X Farmhouse Table, which was inspired by the Anthropologie Modern Farmhouse Table.
I built it over the course of a week, starting one weekend, doing a few minor things during the week, and finishing up the following weekend. I was excited to try, but I was definitely worried it was going to turn out crooked or wobbly!

We just bought a house and I can see so many possibilities for furniture now that I found your blog. And the answer is yes, I am 'supposed' to be, but at this stage, I'm a total wannabe, and I have pretty much no experience and no idea what I'm doing. I'm not going to share a step by step process, since you can just take a look at the actual plans.
This could be completed in a single weekend though, especially if you know what you're doing already! This was definitely a big confidence booster once I saw the end product was actually sturdy & usable! While she didn’t need a farmhouse table, Meg did want a console table and modified the plans from Ana White to make it happen. Other than that it looks good but I don't want it to wobble (its level but the legs don't feel strong). Everyone else who has done it listed the cost at about $150 - $200 but your $50 pricetag is telling me that I can afford to do this!
We only moved from our condo to our house a couple months ago, and this was the first big project I tackled.

The estimated cost listed was $65, but I was skeptical that would be the case for us here in the (expensive) DC area.
At the end of the process, I spent some time beating the table up a little bit, so it would look like an antique with some history.
With the exception of the drill that was a gift (and is amazing!), I picked out all of these because they were low cost and had high reviews - so they're good for beginners who don't want to spend a ton. My only request that you do a post just for beginners to give simple instructions on some of your terms or directions, ie how do I predrill holes?
You might also be thinking, umm but you already built another table - so why is this one such a big deal? It basically just involved screwing together 4 pre-assembled crates, so it was about as simple as any furniture build could be. This table, on the other hand, involved working with raw lumber and using multiple power tools.

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