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Are you sick of tripping over pots, gardening tools and all manner of other rubbish in your garage?
As even an amateur gardener will tell you, caring for lawn and plants not only requires hard work, but a whole arsenal of accompanying tools and peripherals. There are many different options when it comes to selecting a garden shed, some expensive and others not so much.
Keter also manufacture smaller, lower range garden sheds for those with less of a budget or garden. There are of course numerous other styles from BillyOh, including the quaint log cabin like Foreman shed, as well as the compact Bike Store shed. An assortment of tools and a riding or push mower needs a home by way of a garden storage unit. One choice when buying a plastic storage shed is a chest resembling a toy or linen chest, only it is a plastic storage unit. When considering what type of plastic garden storage unit to purchase, you may want shelving for storing trimmers, hand tools, gloves, and other items. When looking at large plastic sheds, the Keter shed manufactured by Keter Plastic LTD, is large enough to accommodate a riding lawnmower. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The accessories quantities are set to be the same quantities as the relevant prime products.
Lifetime 8x5 plastic shed is an apex roof garden shed, manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with heavy duty, powder coated steel reinforcements. Full details on preparing a base for all buildings will be sent prior to the unit being delivered. BASE REQUIREMENTS FOR BUILDINGSAll buildings must be anchored to a firm foundation to protect against wind damage. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is one of the most environmentally preferred plastics because it is 100% recyclable, does not create harmful emissions during production and does not leak toxic chemicals into soil or water.
Lifetime’s rust-resistant, powder-coated finish makes these plastic sheds resistant to chips, scratches, and regular wear-and-tear. All transactions with Shed Baron are safe, secure and insured so you can order with peace of mind.
We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our phone lines, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Apart from the basic tools, and if budget allows, you may like to consider the following investments. Access to water, and how easy it is to water your crops during the height of summer, is the most important consideration of all regarding planning your allotment. Bigger is not always better,  but my suggestion is to buy the biggest watering cans you are able to carry. Forks are indispensable for breaking up the soil, and are also great for lifting roots such as brambles and tap rooted weeds.
Hoeing on hot days is particularly effective as the weeds quickly dry out on the surface of the soil. One of the star tools of the allotment – important for tasks like transferring muck, taking weeds to the compost heap, or best of all, transporting heavy crops like potatoes or beetroot back home.
My two best tips are to remember to store a wheelbarrow upside down so that rain water does not collect inside and rust the body. The more muck, the bigger the crop, and the better return for all the effort of watering and weeding. If your local allotment does not offer a similar service, my tip would be to visit a local stables to see if it’s possible to take away their muck (often for free). Its uses are numerous, from acting like a hoe to weed from within a row of crops, to loosening the soil around carrots before pulling them up. There are certain tasks that strong scissors are not strong enough for, like cutting the heads off lettuce or cabbage. I like to grow a lot of fruit at my allotment, and good bypass secateurs make a cleaner cut when pruning fruit stems, canes, and branches.
Perhaps best of all, garden twine is a natural product that will rot, avoiding the need to worry about needing to throw away or tidy up old twine at the end of the summer.
Having just written about garden twine, it is natural to also include a tool to cut it with! Scissors are extremely useful for tidying up crops before taking them home, for example cutting the stems off beetroot or the leaves off carrots. Allotment plots are often surrounded by grass paths, and it is likely to be your responsibility to maintain those around your plot. Wireless electric strimmers are portable, light, and relatively easy to transport to and from an allotment plot (if you are worried about storing it in your shed).
Well, a garden storage shed can do a lot to solve this problem and for much less money than you might think. Everything from rakes, pots, the lawnmower, shovels, gloves, and other dirt covered items, needs to be stored somewhere. Of course, for the do-it-yourself adventurers among you, it will make more sense to simply build your own shed. If you simply want a place for storing your shovels, rakes and other tools, not your lawnmower or hedge trimmer, then the small 6×4 feet Apex at around ?250 and a fourth the price of the Summit will do nicely.
Whilst plastic garden sheds are easy to maintain, they can sometimes be something of an eyesore.
What all of the products have in common, in addition to their wood material, however, is a 10 year warranty.

Metal offers a number of advantages for any outdoor shed, including, most of all, increased durability.
For the DIY inclined among us, it might be both less expensive and more rewarding to simply construct your own garden shed. Whether you simply need an outside storage closet for your garden tools, extra garage space for storing your bikes, an outside DIY workshop, or a garden house for enjoying the summer, there is a garden shed to meet your every need. The most economical and maintenance-free type is a plastic storage module available in many styles, colours, and shapes. The chest is an ideal size for storing outdoor furniture cushions, pool supplies, garden tools, and sports equipment. A tall plastic utility cabinet measuring 75x44x158 cm opens up to reveal two shelves and a sturdy bottom which supports heavier objects.
The polypropylene resin shed has double, swing-out doors with a high-arch roofline, a window, and a skylight. If you require different accessories quantities we can accommodate you, please call us on 0161 430 3347. This shed is not only an attractive addition to your garden, but is the ideal solution for your outdoor storage needs.
Apart from the high grade of HDPE, they have a 1.8m high wall height, screened vents, a skylight included and strong powder coated steel bracing throughout. This is Lifetime’s material of choice because HDPE is known for its strength, durability, and resistance to chemicals and moisture. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) grade plastic that includes premiere UV-Inhibitors and light fast pigments to make these sheds very resistant to heat and extended exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Powder-coating prevents rusting, corrosion and protects steel parts from UV-damage, making it a great all-weather finish.
The line of thought is something like seeds are very cheap, perhaps ?2 a packet, and from this it is possible to grow a year’s supply of any particular crop. My experience is that allotment growing is like many types of business, where investment is needed to get going. Tools should last for many years, an experienced gardener will learn to grow more with less, and perhaps just as importantly, an allotmenter will learn their favourite crops and ways of storing them over the winter months.
Over the years this is the tool I use the most at the allotment, from preparing new beds to turning the soil over to suppress weed growth at the end of summer. This was a stupid mistake, as I wasted a huge amount of time on my hands and knees picking weeds out of the ground by hand.
The important trick is to allow sufficient spacing between the crop rows to make it easy to get a hoe into. At my local allotment there is a communal supply of muck that we all share, and that is paid for out of our annual subscription. Large quantities make sense if you need to pay for delivery – and you can simply pile it up in a compost heap and let it rot down for when needed. My recommendation is to purchase a hand trowel in as bright a colour as it is possible to find. My favourite hand trowel task is carving the shallow channels in the soil that I use for planting seeds. These will last much longer and will be able to cut thicker stems without fear of breaking. I like to use weed suppressing fabric at the allotment to save my time, and scissors allow me to cut this to the required width and length.
You may want to purchase a spare battery or two for an electric strimmer to ensure you have enough cutting time.
Obviously the clean and carpeted house itself is not a storage option, so all your used gardening tools and supplies inevitably end up being stored in the garage, along with all the other clutter. The ultimate garden storage shed from Keter is the aptly named Summit, which offers the peak in reliability. For people who want their garden shed to look more like a rustic cabin than a plastic outhouse, BillyOh with their wooden sheds are the people to turn to.
Not only do metal sheds completely stop any insects or pests in their path, unlike wooden sheds for instance, they are also more likely to hold up in bad weather. Doing so obviously requires some level of expertise, but isn’t as difficult as you might think. Before buying your plastic shed, get a handle on your buying possibilities, and then review listings by eBay sellers to find the perfect storage space.
Measuring 140x62x72 cm, the all-weather plastic box is beige, mocha, or another colour with a contrasting lid shade.
The maintenance-free shed is UV resistant to fading, has a woodgrain finish, and does not rust, warp, or dent. It is what makes Lifetime’s garden sheds lightweight, while maintaining superior strength and durability.
This UV protection is the best on the market and ensures that our products will not crack, chip, or peel.
Second step is to rake, to create a lovely level surface that will make it as easy as possible for seedlings to burst through after germination. Hand weeding is then only required to pick out weeds growing close to the plants themselves.
This will avoid needing to pump up the tyre (a flat tyre requires much more effort to push), and the frustration of needing to fix a puncture. The mud dried around the shape of my hand whilst wearing it, and I was able to take this picture, hand free, by simply placing the glove on the handle of my wheelbarrow. On numerous occasions I’ve needed to walk around my allotment wondering in which crop I had left my hand trowel.

Wigwams made from branches or canes would not be possible without garden twine to hold them together. Some kind of dry storage is vital to preserve the life of your tools and to shelter in on the odd(!) occasion when you are caught in a rain shower.
Many of my fellow plot holders opt for a garden shed – an outlay usually double the cost of a storage box. Adding a garden storage shed outside, however, will not only free up space in the garage or elsewhere, but allow you to be a more productive and happier gardener. Those who want to save the time and get a professional quality shed by spring before the gardening season begins, can choose from a number of sizes, materials (wood, metal or plastic) and of course manufacturers. And finally, like all Keter garden sheds, the plastic Apex is completely maintenance-free, meaning you won’t ever have to repaint anything, whilst the chance of something breaking is also rather slim. The BillyOh Lincoln Tongue and Groove Apex shed, for instance, looks almost like a wooden cottage and will perfectly complement even the most beautiful of gardens. Another advantage of these wood sheds is that they can be easily painted any colour you desire. Take the latest metal sheds from Yardmaster, for instance, which are designed to survive nearly any external influence. The lift-up lid is lockable and when closed serves as temporary seating positioned on a deck or patio. Other units have three adjustable shelves holding up to 20 kilogrammes per shelf made from recycled material in a grey and black plastic. The floor panel means you do not need to put down concrete, and the gable vents help cool the building during summer. All Lifetime garden sheds have steeply pitched roofs for efficient water drainage, are very low maintenance and UV- protected to resist fading or cracking. The doors are fitted with a unique button catch opening mechanism and separate internal bolts allowing access to all your stored items through a double or single door opening. Lifetime’s sheds are UV-protected, resistant to extreme heat and cold, and will not fade or crack. My quick calculation is that this is an investment in the region of ?200-?500 – not including your time investment and cost of seeds! Plastic sheds are often the easiest to set up and care for, wooden sheds look the best, whilst metal sheds are the most durable, but each different type comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. Complete with two real windows for letting in sunlight and ventilation, a side door, plus ornamental door handles, the Summit will make you want to spend your time inside it.
So named because of its tongue and groove walls, the BillyOh garden shed is more durable as a result of its outside design. And finally, whilst the BillyOh garden sheds must be assembled upon delivery, like most any garden shed you order, the company has simplified the process.
Whether bugs, frost, ice, wind or anything else, the Yardmaster garden sheds made from metal will definitely prevail. The storage unit never rots and has wheels and handles for moving easily to another location in the yard. The structure reinforced with steel includes two shelves, is set up to include a lock, and has a storage capacity of 11.8 cubic metres. All of which makes Lifetime sheds a durable storage solution for a minimum warranty period of 10 years. Some of the biggest standouts in making high quality garden storage sheds, meanwhile, are Yardmaster, BillyOh, and Keter, and nearly any model from the aforementioned companies can be considered reliable. One side of the shed has three large windows, and you choose what side to make this when assembling the shed.
Of course, even with windows, metal sheds can often get a little hot in the summer and they are also pricier and harder to construct. As far as tools are concerned, nothing overly elaborate is required, only saws, a hammer, screwdriver, measuring tape and other simple DIY tools. Look for a Keter unit with an additional access door for ease of use when removing objects, such as a stepladder or gas grill. Its wide double doors, plus 13.3 m3 capacity, can fit large ride-on lawnmowers, in addition to weed blowers, garden trimmers and any other miscellaneous junk you need to store.
Moreover, the BillyOh wooden shed comes with a large double door on its side to accommodate even the largest outdoor machines and power tools. If keeping insects out of your garden storage shed is a major priority, however, then nothing will do better than a metal garden shed. You use essentially the same materials as you would for constructing the frame of a house, including plenty of wood for the skids, floor joists, flooring, roof sheathing and other parts. Despite its windows and plentiful ventilation, however, the Keter Summit will effectively keep both bugs and rain outside. In fact, the Summit will actually do better than simply shielding your contents from the rain, as its inbuilt water collection gutter collects, and stores, rain waiter that you can use in gardening. So, with enough time, expertise, DIY tools, the correct plans and a lot of lumber, you can simply make your own shed for a fraction of the cost of purchasing one. Of course the monstrous size and impressive features do come at the substantial cost of around ?999, and buyers need to be aware that they will still have to assemble the Keter Summit after purchase.

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