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Pole barnsĀ and similar post and beam buildings are the ideal construction method for low cost applications.
Wooden trusses are simply the best way to go for a pole barn of any size greater than 20 x 30.
For steel trusses, the layout needs to have the post right on 40′ from outside to outside. If you have elected to use wooden trusses, and the posts are in good shape with the bands and top plates nailed on good and straight, then you are ready to set the trusses.

Whether you use a boom truck or elect to set the trusses by hand (good luck), you will start the process the same. Steel trusses are give more headroom and are cheaper, but they are a hassle to set if you are not experienced with them. This means that from the outside of the corner posts to the center of the next post is where 10′ needs to be.
Even thought the cost for the truck is high, it makes such a difference in setting the trusses, you almost Have to have it.

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