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Pressure Treating Beyond CCA My friend Sharon Thatcher is the editor of Rural Builder magazine. While it is impossible to get around the fact lumber is an organic substance, and therefore has inherent variability, it has always been used as the primary raw material of the residential construction industry.
Convoy For those of you not old enough to remember, or those of us too old to remember, the late 1970’s were a time of 55 mph speed limits and C.W.
Almost Anything Can be Sold as a Benefit Over the years I have noticed one thing about sales people (and sales organizations), almost anything can be run up the flag pole as a benefit (oftentimes it is actually a feature) and if it is touted highly enough, a certain number of people will believe it.
Hansen Pole Buildings’ Designer Rick has been working with a client who has a nose for knowledge – and I thank both of them for sharing information with me, so I can pay it forward. MSDS In the olden days, we were taught to look both ways before we went out in the street to play for the quarter dad offered us. I’ll never be mistaken for either Jamie Hyneman or Adam Savage of the Discovery Channel’s popular and long running series MythBusters, however I can occasionally do some debunking of urban (and rural) legends. Preserving Wood Columns Beyond Code Requirements The Building Codes (IBC – International Building Code and IRC – International Residential Code) specify minimum requirements for pressure treated lumber used to structurally support buildings. We Don’t Always Do Things Perfect, But We Do Listen Part IV Last summer Hansen Pole Buildings Supplied a pole building kit package to a client who experienced a few challenges and took the time to address them.
My first exposure to tongue and groove lumber was when I managed the prefabricated metal plate connected wood truss manufacturing facility at Lucas Plywood and Lumber back in 1979. Craig Webb to the Rescue Yesterday I wrote about what has become known as the “Lowe’s 2x4” judgment. Incising My former wife (mother of my two youngest children – Allison and Brent), was by training an RDH (Registered Dental Hygienist). In the construction of Eric’s new self-storage pole building, my son got to experience first-hand the effects of wane!
Walk into your local lumber dealer – whether a big box store (aka The Home Depot® or Lowe’s®), a national lumber dealer (think ProBuild®, Stock Building Supply®, or 84 Lumber®) or the local mom and pop lumber seller and pickup any piece of dimensional lumber. My readers will recognize my 19-year-old son Brent’s name from recent articles on the construction of a pole building storage building here in Browns Valley. Some days it seems there are nearly as many possible design solutions for pole barn “poles” as there are pole barns! The recent National Frame Building Association (NFBA) 2014 Frame Building Expo was a reunion event for me with several long-time friends.
Great Ideas May Not Always Bring Great Results Much ado has been made about alternatives to CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) pressure preservative treated lumber. As a teenager I worked for Blaine Johnston Construction in the Spokane Valley twice, the summer after my freshman year of college, and again after I was out of school. Hole depth is determined based upon the frost heave in your area, wind speeds, wall size, building dead load and other factors. While continuing to check for plumbness nail a temporary brace from the inside of the corner post (at the top) and secure to the ground near the stakes. Repeat the above steps for each post between the corner posts, bracing and plumbing up as you go.
DEAR POLE BARN GURU:Why are concrete piers not recommended for pole buildings in earthquake areas? DEAR YELLING: Part of why I love what I do for a living is I get to learn new things every day.
Post frame (pole) buildings perform admirably in earthquakes as they are very lightweight, as well as flexible, compared to most other construction techniques.
DEAR POLE BARN GURU:I'm building a Barndominium 36x40 and I wanted to know how should I insulate the walls? DEAR BOB: As for R-values, without knowing where you are geographically, I can’t speak to what level is appropriate for your specific climactic conditions.
Walls - I would housewrap the outside of my framing, use BIBs insulation, cover the inside with clear plastic for a vapor barrier.

Attic - make sure to order trusses with an "energy heel" - deep enough to allow for the full thickness of the insulation to extend to the outside of the building sidewalls. As for HVAC - your local HVAC experts can recommend the proper size unit for the cubic footage of space you will be conditioning. This entry was posted in Columns, Concrete, Footings, Insulation, Pole Barn Questions and tagged bardominium, housewrap, pole barn concrete, pole building concrete footing, pole building insulation on July 28, 2014 by admin.
It isn’t very often I get to meet one of our clients, and even rarer when they are still building – so this was great fun for me.
He related to me how he was originally intending to order his new pole building kit package from Sutherlands® Lumber in Grand Junction. The Sutherlands® plans (which were approved by the Building Official) had a foundation composed of throwing a 90 pound bag of Quikrete® in the bottom of the hole.
In my humble opinion, what is being purported to be adequate by Sutherlands® (whether the Building Official approved it or not) is close to criminal.
Our client’s building has 40’ span prefabricated wood roof trusses, with a double truss every 10 feet.
The International Building Codes (IBC) require footings to be a minimum of a nominal six inch thickness. Talking with a building kit supplier (such as a Sutherlands®) who is recommending bags of Quikrete® to backfill the bottom of a column hole? When people such as Sutherlands® provide under designed buildings, it gives our entire industry a bad name. This entry was posted in Concrete, Concrete Cookie and tagged code conforming building, concrete cookie, pole barn concrete, pole barn holes, pole building foundation, Quikrete on April 25, 2014 by admin. Resisting uplift - the columns, their encasement (the concrete attached to the base of the column) and the "cone" of soil above the concrete bottom collar, must have sufficient mass to keep the building from being literally "sucked" out of the ground. Keep the building from settling - while you state your building has no snow load, the information on your order has your building designed for a ground snow load (Pg) of 35 pounds per square foot. In areas where frost is a consideration, the column encasement (footings) must also extend in depth below the frost line, in order to alleviate frost heaving. An engineered post frame building might appear to be “just another pole barn”.  They are, in reality, highly complex structures. This entry was posted in Concrete, Footings and tagged concrete footings, pole barn concrete, pole building foundation on February 28, 2013 by admin. The Hansen Buildings vision is to be the industry leader in post frame building kits as solutions to personal living, storage and agricultural needs while making great service a priority. This article, written by her, was published in the December edition of Rural Builder and is so well done, I felt it was well worth sharing.
The problem with math equations is, not very many people can actually do them – at least not when they fly a desk at the local lumber dealer. He has arrived at a pole building jobsite where the materials have been “on the ground” for some time.
Basically, we had personal responsibility – if we did something stupid, it was our own fault.
For those of you who have read the post regarding lumber nominal sizes versus actual dimensions – you’ve probably been left in wonderment over the article! In order to keep her registration current, she had to obtain CEUs (Continuing Education Credits). One part of the stamp which is not in the five “required” designations (grading agency, producing mill, product grade, species and moisture content) was the “HT”. After two weeks of working together, I have learned something important (yes, 56 year old Dads can learn new things). Even if your building will be fully enclosed nail some uplift cleats to the post with 4" nails. I’d never heard of concrete piers not being recommended for pole buildings in earthquake areas – and have researched it highly, without finding any data to back up the premise.

The heavier a structure is, the more it will be impacted by seismic forces. Most pole building construction relies upon wooden columns which are embedded in the ground (usually in concrete). If you intend to run the boards vertically on the inside - you can use bookshelf style wall girts to create both the insulation cavity and the support for your inside finish. It was a special moment, when a gentleman came up to me (having perhaps recognized the red Hansen Pole Buildings shirt I was wearing) and told me he had purchased one of our buildings, and was constructing it now! They had even provided him with plans, which he had submitted to the local Building Permit issuing authorities to acquire his Building Permit. The pressure preservative treated column would then be placed, and another bag of Quikrete® dumped in around the post.
His only complaint at all with a Hansen Pole Building was the size of the holes and amount of concrete it took.
In his 30 psf (pounds per square foot) roof load, it results in each truss bearing column having to support 6860 pounds of load.
If this was all poured to a nominal six inch thickness as a footing pad beneath a column, it would roughly form a two foot diameter footing.
Multiplying by the 1500 psf allowable foundation pressure, a pad such as this would support 4710 pounds….when it needs to support 6860 pounds – it is overstressed by nearly 50%!!! Prepare for the possibility of a roof line with some humps and bumps in it, at a future date. The concrete piers must be able to support the dead weight of the structure PLUS any live loads which would be applied to it.
All of the components of the building, down to the last screw or nail, are placed through an extensive series of calculations.  They must ensure adequacy against the myriad of conditions which a building must resist in order to be Code conforming.
It is painted with the new Synergy Paint System which has a high performance resin formulation. Loan institutions may require customers to own at least 10 acres of land to obtain financing. It is now August, in Central Washington – where temperatures over 100 and humidity of next to nothing are not unusual. For the sake of brevity, I will limit this article to only applications where the columns are embedded in the ground. German researchers are working on a quick-setting construction tape which can bond lumber members together.
A true concrete pier (a hole entirely filled with concrete) with a bracket to attach a column to the pier could prove to be a different story.
Should I wrap what type of plastic wrap around the outside of 2x6 outer walls between R-panel? Now granted, this is not how Sutherlands® would like to see it done, however we are going to give them the benefit of the doubt. This ensures excellent color durability, better gloss retention and improved fade resistance.
If you qualify, we look forward to showing you a Barndominium home on one of our Friday tours. This is one of the marketing ploys frequently used by producers and builders of non-wood framed buildings. They’ve developed an adhesive tape, which sets in under a minute to reliably and durably bond together individual components. Any roof truss design with this type of load must be designed to support a 10 psf (pounds per square foot) dead load across the entire truss bottom chord (12,960 total pounds on your 36' x 36' building) by Code.
If I wanted to put tongue and groove piney knot boards on inside walls what should I put up over insulation and 2x6 studs to nail the tongue and groove boards up to?

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