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Portable Horse Corrals — Corral Panels for Travel with Horses & Llamas — Simple, Durable & Lightweight — Corrals 2 Go! As we work to make your portable corral panel ordering process easier, we have started  using Paypal to process credit card orders. We are able to process your payments using credit cards as we normally do, where we get your payment details over the phone and run your credit card manually. Top Travel Corral Panels Made in America Our business is making the best portable horse corrals that you can find in the USA. Horse Travel, Corrals & Friends on Facebook Like the rest of the world, or so it seems, we are finding Facebook to be a fairly convenient and simple way to stay connected with friends and fans.
Gail DeStefano is a Certified HSA Instructor who emphasizes on Natural Horsemanship using the Parelli method. Why Portable Corrals?If you don't already use corrals that you can take along to an event, show, or trailride—you're really missing out. Would you rather be tied up all night beside the trailer, or have the freedom to move around, roll, poop—all in a space the size of a normal 12' x 12' stall, just like at home?
Your horse will perform better, travel safer, and generally be much happier with the comfort, safety and security of a portable corral. Hi-Hog’s portable horse corral is the perfect answer for those looking for temporary penning for their pony, horse, or llama. You and your horse will appreciate the superior powder coated steel construction and simple thoughtful design. Your horse will be much happier in a portable pen then tied up to the trailer and you can rest comfortably knowing your horse is safe and secure.
With a length of 6’-9” these portable corral panels store neatly in your trailer for travel. Portable horse corrals come in a number of designs but none compare to Hi-Hog’s when it comes to durability, performance and security. Materials such as aluminum, light walled nominal dimension steel, and even plastics are used to produce some portable horse corrals. To ensure your equine partner is safely housed each element of the design has been reviewed for potential danger.

This modern portable horse stalls are made for temporary commercial uses such as exhibitions and fairgrounds. We manufacture  portable horse fence out of galvanized steel tubing as our high-grade panels and gates.
If your interest lies in endurance, polo, eventing or any type of showing and travelling overnight, our yards are perfect to keep your horses safe. This simplifies the process for many of you, as most people are familiar with Paypal, even if you don’t have an account.
But now we can also send you an invoice with your corral panel total, including the freight charges. These portable corral panels are designed to be easy put together and to take along with you when you’re traveling with your horses. Gail teaches at Highwind Farm, on Long Island and also writes a monthly column for the Horse Directory, a Long Island equine publication.
If you’re roping, penning, racing, showing, guiding, training, or riding, these portable horse corrals will help ensure your equine partner is happy, comfortable and secure. When you get to your destination you’ll also appreciate how quickly and easily you can set-up this freestanding horse corral.
Durability, performance and security are  at the core of Hi-Hog’s simple and thoughtful portable horse panel design.
All components have been prepared to ensure your horse will not be exposed to any sharp edges.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The post and rail fence system is the perfect solution for continuous fencing of uneven terrain,We Haotian is one of the China professional portable horse fence manufacturer. Then you can simply click the link in the invoice and be taken directly to a secure page on Paypal’s website. One popular conversion is a portable round pen (or round corral) when you’re back home or at your barn.
We often get asked why we don’t set-up our portable horse corrals attached to the trailer.

For example four panels can be set up to create a stable freestanding 13’-6” x 13’-6” square pen or a 16’-2” diameter round pen. Each panel is constructed with heavy duty 1.5” OD steel tubing and is then given a protective industrial grade powdercoat paint finish for a long life. In addition the latch brackets and hinges are aligned with the top rail to ensure there are no leg traps in between the panels. Here are a couple of her recent tweets about our corrals, and a photo…which we appreciate seeing, of course! If you have a Paypal account you can log in and use your preferred payment method (funds in Paypal, a bank transfer or credit card).
Each folding panel has three legs providing excellent stability which makes it easy for one person to set up. No need to worry about where to install a gate as each panel section can be used as a gate.
All you get is a safe portable horse corral that will perform every time for years to come.
And here’s a link to her Facebook page Marvel & Ty — check her out and follow her on Twitter, too! If you don’t have a Paypal account you can simply enter your credit card details and make a secure payment that way. The panels latch to one another with a simple and secure integrated shepherds hook latch (this means there will be no pins or small parts to keep track of). The latch secures both the top and bottom of the panel for superior stability on any surface.

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