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Call or email Jim for a COMPLIMENTARY package of Knoxville area information including a map.
Knoxville area mortgage rates surged this past week to a nationwide average 6.42% for the most common 30 year fixed rate. These levels are the highest Knoxville and nationwide mortgages have been to since September 27th of 2007!
According to the latest sales figures from the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors the median price paid for a 3 bedroom home in Knoxville was $184,700. If rates continue their rise as lots of savvy financial folks predict they will we could be seeing 7+% interest rates this fall. Tomorrow will almost certainly cost you more money not to mention the increase in the price of Knoxville and Farragut area homes. She wanted to have a special day to honor her single parent father for the selfless devotion he gave his family. The greater Knoxville & Knox County area current has 5,900 acres of land dedicated to 213 public parks. The City of Knoxville’s Parks and Recreation Division offers a wide variety of activities for each member of the family to enjoy.
A recent survey reveals (to no surprise) that over 80% of Knoxville & Knox County residents want more parks. April’s figures show a total of 1,144 closed sales in the Knoxville market versus 1,416 sales in April of 2007.
The average sale price in April of 2007 was $163,600 and $152,000 this April which goes along with the drop in the median sale price. It’s important to understand that both the drop in volume, median sale price, and average sale price DOES NOT translate to a drop in Knoxville home values although some of my buyers are getting some pretty awesome buys. On the average sale price end (160-165,000) however there are only 183 homes currently available. Sales seem to still be pretty brisk in the Knoxville area which I believe is being driven by the time of year combined with the very low interest rates still available (5.75-6% fixed, 30 year). Knoxville’s average days on the market (time to sell a house) is down 5 days, from 105 days in January of this year to 100 days this just past April. In honor of National Tourism Week many of Knoxville’s attractions offered free admission on this past Saturday, May 10th. The majority of these attractions are free every day but some have an admission charge so it was a good day to have a family outing with little expense.
Knoxville Museum of Art: The KMAA?a‚¬a„?s predecessor, the Dulin Gallery of Art, opened in 1961 in a beaux-arts mansion in West Knoxville. WomenA?a‚¬a„?s Basketball Hall of Fame: Last but certainly not least in the land of UT Coach Pat Summitt and the 8 time national championship UT Lady Vols. Knoxville has lots of free stuff especially around holiday times so residents and visitors alike need to do some research and take advantage of what our fair city has to offer.
Besides being a very healthful exercise, walking is also a great way to get places, especially if they’re nearby. Don Anderson, one of my fellow Realtors, during a recent hike we enjoyed in the Great Smoky Mountains; hiking is a great walking activity. Come visit Don Willis showrooms to see these beautiful solid wood genuine Amish bedroom pieces. The Mission Ridge collection revives the lost art of thru-tenon construction in the bed and night stand with drawer. This bed has 84" long tapered pencil posts and reversible side rails that allow you to use it either as a platform bed or as a traditional bed with box spring and mattress. His biodynamic architecture in Asia has earned him star status there too, where he conceived an entire city landscape. The ecological development of funiture is of particular importance to Jan Armgardt, a skilled carpenter and qualified interior designer, born in 1947 in Celle.

1Premium American natural hardwoods that are handpicked, built using the finest premium products that create top quality, long lasting custom furniture and at well below retail prices. 2Every piece of furniture is 100% all natural  solid wood that will last for many years with little or no maintenance. 3You can purchase quality made furniture, save hundreds of dollars off of retail, and apply the perfect finish to create something truly custom. 4With our rock bottom online store prices you are asured at getting the best price on exceptional quality piece of furniture.
If you buy the median priced home with FHA financing and pay the minimum 3% down that means you would be getting a loan for $179,100. It was conceived and first celebrated June 19th, 1910 by a young lady named Sonora Dodd in the state of Washington while listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in church. Both were brief because they each have their own families now and things to do but I look forward to the annual calls and cards.
One of the main goals for the Division is to improve recreational opportunities for all Knoxvillians and they do a fine job. Here Knoxvillians can buy locally grown produce directly from the farmers that produced it. The survey also said that walking trails, followed by bicycle and nature areas are the most used park features. Seven Islands has a rich diversity of wildlife with over 150 species of birds including a pair of bald eagles.
For instance we just closed last week on a sale where the house was listed for $164,900, we bought it for $156,000 and it appraised for $165,000!
There are currently 1,137 single family homes priced at $500,000 and above in the Knoxville area market.
There were 78 closed sales this past April so that’s only a little over a 2 month supply. Painstakingly restored in 1977, the interior is authentic 18th century furniture and artwork. He had fought in the Revolutionary War and was given a land grant of 1,000 acres for his service. By the middle 1980s the Dulin had outgrown its quarters, and a major community effort raised $11 million for a new museum in downtown Knoxville at the site of the 1982 WorldA?a‚¬a„?s Fair. Besides the wonderful fresh air and exercise you get walking, it’s a great way to meet your neighbors and others. One reason we love our new West Hills home is because it’s so conveniently located to everything. Ask our furniture experts to show you other Borkholder bedroom pieces to create your own bedroom set. In thru-tenon construction, the adjoining cross rail passes through the post and is pegged through the post and tenon to hold the tenon in place. After studying aerodynamics in Sorbonne, followed by a period in America with the aircraft manufacturers Douglas, where he worked in the area of new materials, he went on to develop the Colani GT, a small sports car which later became an icon of sixties lifestyle. Inspired by rattan as a renewable raw material and “magically drawn to the endless formability and complete roundness that this material offers” he joined the Schutz Company in 2005. He has already been awarded numerous designer prizes for his work, for example the “Interiors Innovation Award“. The creative Austrian star first studied architecture before completing his design studies during which he spent 2 years working for the world famous designer Ron Arad in London. Before becoming honorary professor at Aachen University of applied Sciences, he was assistant professor at Coburg University of applied Sciences and taught at the Wicker School of applied Sciences in Lichtenfels.
President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the 3rd Sunday of June as Father’s Day.
The French Broad River which borders the park contains over 50 species of fish which is more varieties that are found on the whole European continent.

24 homes over $500,000 sold and closed this past April so there is still a very, very plentiful supply in that price range.
The average time on the market has dropped 4 days to an average time now of 100 days to sale. James White laid off part of his land in October 1791 to establish a town which would become known as Knoxville, named for Henry Knox, president Washington’s Secretary of War. The Knoxville Museum of Art opened in March 1990 in a state-of-the-art, 53,200 square-foot facility designed by renowned museum architect Edward Larrabee Barnes. His intuition, his excellent technical knowledge and his many years of experience have made him one of the most sought after and successful product designers. Experimentation still takes absolute priority in his design techniques, his ultimate aim being to create the highest levels of comfort possible. During this period he also developed plastic furniture making him a world famous pop star of design. Under the motto “Back to Nature” he wants to put the Schutz Company which, in his words, is the “leading company in the rattan furniture branch” back on the map with new and unexpected features, and regaining its well-earned reputation in the branch of lifestyle furniture. Apart from being a designer Yos Theosabrata is also a successful businessman and runs several designer furniture galleries.
As designer for top national and international companies he is not only the creator of well-known classics like the Tattomi Armchair, but has also been honoured with numerous accolades and was the winner of diverse awards like the Chicago Good Design Award or the Red Dot Design Award. But it did not become an official day of recognition until 1972 when President Richard Nixon signed a law which made it permanent. In addition there are lots of great hiking and walking trails along the ridges and the waterfront and a boat launch ramp. At that absorption rate that translates into almost a 4 year supply of homes priced over $500,000!
The Italianate gardens are a combination of terraced levels, classic fountains, and thousands of colorful blooming plants. He has sold millions of products the world over and has received several prestigious industrial awards. The results of which is a kind of furniture that is often ahead of its time or even timeless. In the course of his career there is very little that he hasn’t designed from ballpoint pens to space shuttles. Among others he has won the much coveted Red Dot Design Award several times and was also awarded the innovation Prize for Architecture & Office. Closed most weekend afternoons during the spring and summer for weddings so please call ahead to confirm that it is open. His success stories not only reveal some of the top brand names, but also include major accolades and awards both nationally and internationally. His biodynamic forms inspired by nature and his visionary studies have made Colani one of the best-known designers of the western world. Inspired by a whales skeleton that he found in front of his house in Java, he went on to develop the “Whale“ chaise longue.
He has not only been nominated as designer of the year but also for the Design Prize in the Federal Republic of Germany and for the Austrian State Prize. This was the impetus for a whole series of extraordinary furniture, which followed the same principles of design. To implement his ideas in rattan is a real challenge and leads to solutions that only Schutz are capable of producing at such quality.

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