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Spare Roomis Australia’s largest purpose-built storage facility, with 25,000 square metres of spotless secured storage space incorporating easy drive-thru access (under cover) and is open 7 days for your convenience. We offer a wide variety of storage units, so you won’t have to pay for unnecessary space and can also act as the perfect extension for your business premises.
We couldn't find the page you were looking for.Please try another search or go back to the home page. In fact, some of those items might just be of practical use and there is a good reason to hold onto them. You can’t turn back the clock but you can find a convenient, secure place to accommodate all those items and it’s as close as your local self storage rental facility.
At a very reasonable cost that’s a lot less than adding another room to your dwelling, you can rent a clean, dry, and secure space to safely store your useful items and thus reclaim a wide open room that beckons you to put it to good use.
Cincinnati storage units come in a variety of sizes designed to let you choose just the right sized area to store your possessions. A storage unit of this size can hold the following: sofa, chair, dining table and chairs, mattress and box spring, and other smaller items and boxes. This uncertainty can be dispelled rather easily by simply visiting your local self storage facility.
Perhaps it’s the thought of spring cleaning or a New Years Resolution to get organized that has you thinking about attacking the clutter junking up the space that was once an extra room. I recently visited an Extra Space self storage facility in Cincinnati, OH in order to learn more about the industry and interview the manager and they had a sign that said it best…YOU DESERVE EXTRA SPACE! Travelers need ample storage space, but a common rental design mistake is misjudging the type of storage. DiPiero has one lighting non-negotiable when designing a guest room: The color must be right. When styling your space, consider what short-term travelers in your area might be looking for.
A few personal touches could mean the difference between a beaming review and a mediocre one. Sign up for our newsletter and receive exclusive stories, breaking news, sale alerts and much more straight to your Inbox! Suburban residents are turning their households into commercial property by cashing in on a new trend to rent out parking spots and spare rooms as storage units. The new form of commercial property has been fuelled by demographic changes, which have squeezed storage in some high-density areas, while ensuring space to spare in the growing number of single person households. And it could become a bigger business if the State Government acts on a discussion paper by the Planning Department that calls for free parking at shopping centres to be phased out. The Department of Transport warned that it was already monitoring the fledgling trend to rent out parking spots to ensure it did not breach regulations.

It said the practice was illegal in the central city area unless the site’s planning approval allowed it, it had been specifically approved by the Transport Minister, or the building received planning approval before July 1999. Legal rentals were typically in apartment complexes, usually on the outskirts of the city or in the suburbs. Filmmaker Alice Ross said she decided to rent out her undercover parking spot at her Northbridge investment unit when her tenants told her they would not need it. Rather than waste the space, she is offering it for $50 a week through Gumtree, a free local advertising website. Residents are also turning spare rooms, garages and sheds into commercial units by renting them out as storage space, usually for $200 a month. Andy Henderson, technical director of the Space Out website, said increasing density had put a premium on space, turning it into a handy profit-earner. He said empty-nesters were embracing the trend, clearing out spare rooms to rent for storage. Websites that advertise storage space offered options, including sea containers, indoor rooms, or outdoor sheds. There was a premium on indoor facilities and rooms that could be locked and rooms that the renter could get access to independently.
Why not store goods off-site where they’re secure from vandalism and loss and free up that additional space. With a wide range of boxes, tape, protective covers and locks we have all your packaging needs wrapped up. Use the Spare Room Space Calculator and you’ll find it easy to work out the right size storage unit for your goods. When you store with Spare Room, you know your goods or personal possessions are in safe hands.
If your house or apartment has one, don’t feel like the Lone Ranger.  Nearly everybody has one.
If you live in Cincinnati, OH or anywhere in the country for that matter local self storage facilities will help.
Storage unit facility managers will tell you that the primary thing that deters most customers from using their facility is that people find it difficult to estimate how much storage space they are going to need.
The folks who run these businesses are experienced pros who can discuss with you what you want to store and give you a good idea how much space you’ll need.
I enjoy writing about interesting stuff for rent, equipment rentals, traveling, fishing, and getting back to nature.
Short-stay guests will likely leave their belongings in a suitcase and hang a few select items.
Airbnb host Scott Shatford says he stays in his own rental every few months to make small improvements.

A gender-neutral palette is ideal and allows you to experiment with striking colored or patterned pieces. The paper calls for a cap on parking at retail and business centres across metropolitan Perth to promote public transport.
It’s the catch-all room that starts with one box but ends up collecting all the items you’re sure you’ll just have to use someday, but just don’t happen to need now or in the foreseeable future.
They’ll also be happy to show you some units first hand so you can actually see the spaces that are available. Whatever the reason, now that your motivated to put an end to the junk room take my advise and plan a visit to your local self storage facility or their website. Rather than take up space with a big wardrobe, opt for a modern, minimalist clothing rack or small closet. Something as simple as a well-lit side table that doubles as a makeup space (or a dining table styled with stationery as a work desk) makes the room far more versatile.
To maximize the space, the design team elevated the bed and used a transparent fabric screen to visually segment the kitchenette from the bedroom. Rugs are easy to clean (or replace) if a tenant is messy, and if you have wooden floorboards, they will help curb noise.
Start with a neutral or monochrome palette and enhance it with bold accents that add personality. Go beyond guidebooks and travel pamphlets, and style a side table with chic coffee table books, games, and a basket of travel essentials like spare chargers and earplugs. After all, when you moved in it is highly unlikely that you visualized that room in its current capacity.  Travel back to the day you were shopping for a new place to live and walked through with the realtor or landlord. Self storage is a surprisingly easy, convenient and affordable option that bears exploring.
A nightstand with bench space and a catchall for jewelry and valuables will give the room a homely touch. Did you really look in that room and say to yourself: that’s where I’m going to pile all my castoffs, standbys, and seasonal items until I can barely open the door?
Scroll down for five fuss-free ways to turn your spare room into a stylish, versatile rental.

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