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Stackable, and easily accessible from the front of the bin, so you don't have to shuffle things around to get at what you really need. You can buy these Rubbermaid® All AccessTM organizers at Walmart stores across the USA. Rubbermaid shed is the best storage solution Sheds constructed of durable plastic and installed on the reinforced frame will make you calm about those things that are stored there for the whole year. While it is the most frequently cleaned room in the house, it is the least favorite room on everyone’s list to clean.
The Rubbermaid 2-in-1 Scrubber is a great detail brush for cleaning small areas and tight crevasses such as faucets, grout, and shower door tracks. The Rubbermaid  Flexible Scrub Brush is an all purpose scrub brush that flexes to reach hard to access areas such as the curves and contours of your shower or counter. What is really cool about the Rubbermaid Switchable Pads is each pad fits three different Rubbermaid scrubbers so there isn’t a need to buy different pads for the different scrubbers.

These products are currently only available in the United States but will be coming to Canada in the future.
You can see that the bins don't match, and that to get to anything, I have to move everything else. The problem continues around the house in places like our dining room, the master bathroom, and our boys' bedroom closet.
In the past I’ve associated Rubbermaid with storage containers but they have so much more including bathroom cleaning tools. Most of us use sponges or towels or both and try to clean hard to reach areas in the bathroom while juggling and spraying our cleaning supplies all at once. The pole extend 24 – 40 inches but the head is also detachable for jobs you need put more arm work into.
The shower door track always gets so icky in our shower but this tool makes it a snap to clean. It also works with switchable pads for different types of cleaning jobs.

There is a variety of pads to give you flexibility in your cleaning surface such as scouring pad, sponge, bristle brush, and disposable pad. With the bathroom cleaning tools line, Rubbermaid gives you a solution for every bathroom cleaning issue. Luckily, Rubbermaid has made cleaning the bathroom easier by providing several clever solutions to these issues with its new line of bathroom cleaning tools. Alternate entry: Mail a postcard with the giveaway you are entering along with your name, address, and email to PO Box 14, Tipton, IN 46072.

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