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Big max rubbermaid shed accessories - Rubbermaid's big max shed is great for storing riding mowers and other lawn and garden equipment. Rubbermaid Big Max shed is great for storing riding mowers and other lawn and garden equipment. I did, but be sure to brace when you screw in the top triangles and the bars that connected them. The floor and walls are pretty straightforward; the challenge comes when you start working on the roof and that is when the second set of hands comes in very handy.

My husband and I did it but I know the roof would have been impossible without a second person - even a 3rd would have been helpful for that one part.
MAde of sturdy, high grade rubber resin, this high quality storage shed can fill all your needs. I secured mine to a cement slab and have watched it withstand the very worst of storms and wind. The thick walls protect your goods from being damaged  should tree branches or thye likes fall on it or against it.

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