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I use to sell alot of these sheds because they had front and back doors, do they still have front and back doors?
I would not recommend using it for storing a riding mower or tractor-unless you have it mounted on a solid base. So it was no surprise that when it came time to buy a large outdoor storage shed I chose the Rubbermaid Big Max Ultra. Ultra Storage Shed 7 answers Does this shed still have front doors and back doors so you can drive your riding mower through?

The floor otherwise flexes even when the average man walks across it (and I am using a solid base), so I don't see how it will hold up well to regular use with 500-600 lb lawn tractor.
Inside its roomy 7'w x 10' 6"d x 7' 11" h are my family's Christmas storage containers (Rubbermaid, of course), 3 bikes and most of my yard and garden tools. Constructed of durable resin, this sturdy shed includes a heavy-duty, impact-resistant floor. Before assembling it, I did my homework and had cleared the space in my backyard and built a subfloor made of compressed 2x 4's.

The only tools that I needed included my screwdriver drill set, a rubber mallet, a couple of step-ladders, a circular saw and tape measure.

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